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Cell Phones for Kids

Parents are concerned about what type of cell phones that is suitable to be given to their children. There are number of reasons why they want to provide the best cell phones for their kids. Cell phones are meant to be the medium to communicate easily between both the parents and the kids. However, kids tend to have a different set of issues with handling the cell phone itself as well as making the most out of the cell phones. Unfortunately, the cell phone markets for kids are not as gigantic as the cell phones for business and adults. Therefore, it is hard to find the right cell phones for kids.

First of all let’s take a look at few questions that parents should ask themselves first before deciding to buy a cell phone for their kids:

- What is the main reason you want to give your child a cell phone?
- Have you trained your child about responsibilities that he or she should take once he or she gets the cell phone?
- Have you thought about the issues that might arise after you get your kids a cell phone?
- When would be the times your kids can use the cell phones?
- Do your kids spend most of their times at school?

Based on the feedbacks I received from parents, I have concluded that there is one important reason why they gave their kids cell phones. They want to provide their kids a secure and easy-to-access way for the kids to contact the parents during emergencies. This is the main factor. For instance, if you regularly pick your children from school, you want them to be protected all the time while waiting for you to arrive. You want to ensure that they inform you in any circumstances where they are and what are their activities.

Getting a cell phone for your children is an easy task but the real task is to teach them the responsibility to take care of the cell phone. You have to teach them not to abuse it in any possible ways. The kids have to learn how to use the cell phone in a good manner and they must also learn the reasoning behind giving them one. There’s no point giving the kids a cell if it simply because they ask to have it.

Why would your kids ask for cell phones? Well, it’s all about influence. There are families out there who can afford to provide their children with cell phones for no apparent reasons whatsoever. So when your kids see their friends with cell phones, they would also want to have one.

A child is a child and they normally acts like a child should. Seeing another friend of his or her toying with their cell phone, probably a smart phone like Android cell phone or even iPhone triggers that feeling of wanting to have one of his or her own. They know how expensive that gadget is, yet the urge to hold one and the excitement of keeping one in their pocket has clouded their judgment.

Well, it happens to us adult too :-) Get what I mean?

So is it good to give my child a cell phone? I mean a real cell phone?

Yes and no.

Why don't you make a list of both pros and cons of giving a cell phone to your child?

If pros reasons are way more than the contras, then save some bucks and give them a durable cell phone - a decent one but not necessarily expensive one. While saving your money to buy that cell phone, tell your child that you are saving some money so you can buy a cell phone for them. Tell them how you come to your decision and how hard it is to keep some money to buy his or her needs. Let them know that you know and you do care.

On the other hand, if cons are more, you may choose not to buy one for your child. However, keep in your mind that the list you made is relevant during the time you prepared it. Reasons might change as time flies. Spend some time every month to re-check the list. Add in new things in either sides; or minus any that are no longer relevant. At the same time, stash some of your money away every month as preparation; just in case if one day the weight is more to pros, then by the time you may already have enough money to buy one cell phone for your child.

Remember; you are not just buying a cell phone for your kid, but you also have to keep maintaining the bill. This may also be a time for you to decide which cell hpone plan you would like to subscribe; prepaid or post-paid? That calls for another discussion another time but you may look around ask around. Somebody somewhere knows what is best and probably has the right experience to share with you.

Should I give my child an Android cell phone? Why not, if you have the moolah. Spend your time around cell pohne shops; ask the phone promoter the goods and bads of any phone you are interested in. Find out if it's good for your kid (not for you!). An android phone has all the features people want today; calling and receiving calls, sending and receiving text messages (SMS), exchanging multimedia message or pictures, and you know what's the best part? They usually come with wifi feature. Your kid can go online and access various things on his or her phone.

Buying an android phone for your child means you are giving your child the freedom to access social interactive websites such as Facebook. At the same time, they can access other things you don't want them to; so give it a super deep thought before you decide on buying one. Sure, you can block certain things but you can't block everything.

Okay, I'll buy an iPhone then for my son?

Whoa you must be one rich guy who likes to spoil their children haha no I'm just kidding. Well, like I said earlier if you can afford it, by all means just go and get one for your son. Again, just like an Android phone, your kid can access the Internet and it is very hard for you to supervise everything they do.

Give your beloved child a gadget that is useful and good enough for him or her to facilitate everyone needs; efficient communication. I think that's the main reason why a cell phone was invented in the first place.

Later guys... :-)

Mobile Phones Around The World

Mobile phones have been used by people all over the world simply for its capability to let us communicate easily anytime and anywhere. The rapid technology advancement has let the usage of mobile phones to be something that you shall not miss at all. Landline phones are becoming obsolete these days though they are still widely used for business purposes and mainly in offices and workplaces.

The trend these days is to have a good-looking mobile phone and also what are special features added to the mobile phone. It is very common these days to see a mobile phone that has integrated auto-focus camera into it as well as the capability to play music and songs. From polyphonic ringtones to MP3 ringtones, mobile phones have been massively integrated all trendy features and therefore it is hard not to miss the opportunities to have a mobile phone and enjoy all these entertainment.

This blog is dedicated to provide you all information that is relevant to mobile phones. If you take some time to read the blog, you may find articles on these categories:

- Prepaid mobile phones plans - "prepaid plan" is a term that is widely used to describe mobile phone plan that needs you to pay for the service and the mobile phone first before you can use it. Other terms are pay-as-you-go mobile phone plan and also flexpay mobile plan.

- Post-paid mobile phone plans - "post-paid" is a term used to describe contract-based mobile plan where you are bonded to a contract for at least a year whenever you subscribe to the mobile plan.

- Business mobile phones - communication amongst employees are important as well as among your business partners. There are many benefits to be gained when you choose the right busines mobile phone plan.

- Smart mobile phones - fondly known as "smartphones", these type of mobile phone are usually integrated with a lot of tech features that allow you to have a computer-like mobile phone in your hand.

- Camera mobile phones

- Music mobile phones

- 3G mobile phones - the term "3G" is used to simply identify the mobile phone capability in various type of communication. The first time mobile phone was introduced, it can only receive inbound calls and make outbound calls. Later the 2G mobile phones has the ability to send and receive short message service (SMS) as well as picture messages. 3G mobile phones can be used to receive and send video messages as well as video calls.

- International phone cards - whenever you travel abroad, it is a good move to get yourself to get an international prepaid phone card where it can be used with your current mobile phone so you won't have problem to contact your business colleagues or your family.

- International mobile phones - Can you still use your mobile phone outside of your home country? I've discovered a lot of information on this question and I will try to explain about it in my own way.

- Satellite mobile phones - these type of mobile phones are just the excellent choice where you don't have to worry at all about the network coverage. You can get reception from almost anywhere with satellite mobile phones no matter where your location is. If you travel abroad, then maybe you should rent one of these mobile phones.

- Comparison between mobile phone plans - reviews are given on various mobile phone plans available. If possible, I will also try to include personal reviews given by the mobile plan users.

-"How to" information on your mobile phone - I will try my level best to share my knowledge on mobile phones. Tips and tricks to be used to tweak your mobile phones are given here. Yes, the information provided here are for free.

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