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Site Build It Scam Reviews-Reviews Collection

Updated on April 2009 - If you want to learn how to make money online, you are welcom to read my post on how to make money online with Adsense for beginners.

Have you ever heard of Site Build It? Do you know that the site has helped many people to earn money online? I am not posting this to provide you with either positive or negative reviews about the site but rather to help “balancing the reviews”. There are just too many of Site Build It reviews out there that are not contributing to the online world at all. People search the net for information and it is just unethical to mislead people through false information.

Site Build It has built its reputation for many years but throughout all that time, none of the members were given a chance to voice out their negative opinions. If they failed, they have nowhere to go. If they voice out their bad thoughts about Site Built It in forums or blogs, they will be bombarded with "Site Build It Special Teams" vicious responses. Retaliation is a wrong way to defend your product. If your product is good, you should be calm and react rationally to any comments or suggestions and eventually people will know that your product is a great one. Another thing that the Site Build It members should take note is suggestions from others. Listen to them. If they are good suggestions, don’t you think you can implement it to your product to make it better? The more features you put into your product, the more valuable the product becomes. When the product becomes a great one, then many would simply flock to the site and join. There is no need to retaliate and acted like scumbags.

Like Griz have said in his post Site Build It Review, there is no point being a bully simply because someone criticized your product. Listen to these people to improve your product. Don’t find ways to topple them down. We are not here to sink another Titanic (if you know what I mean). We are here as a team to help beginners making money online the right way the honest way.

Note: I am in no position to say that Site Build It is a waste-of-money product as I have never tried the product before. If you have tried it and it works for you, then that is good for you and I congratulate you for that. However, to SBI members, don't try to say that the product is the only product that can help you to make money online. Don't be so fanatic about it. What is so wrong with listening to others? If you can't take the heat, then leave the place and reanalyze the product. See where it goes wrong and how you can improve it.

If you are looking for honest reviews about Site Build It and SiteSell, below are some places that you could go to get a different set of reviews about Site Build It.

Vic from BloggerUnleashed has posted a great review on Site Build It at Site Build It Noobs are Funny.

Steve did a superb unbiased review too at Is Site Build It a Scam?

Splork from LostBallInHighWeeds said that Site Build It is a waste of money. See Another Online Scam from Site Build It.

AdTracker poked me in the stomach and made me laugh with his witty and humorous review at Site Build It Reviews.

Fiar from RadioActiveLiberty did an excellent post on why is this campaign a successful one at Site Build It Scam Trolls.

Bruce has his own opinion about Site Build It at What Constitutes a Scam?

Vic did the review on video! Check out Site Build It Scam - Exposed Video.

Lastly, the one who triggered this war, Lissie's post about Site Build It scam at Site Build It Review.

This special campaign is another proven method by the Niche Support that if you know the right technique ( and of course, the right community), then you can easily make money online. If you really want to make money onine using the right techniques, then join the network for FREE. Yes, it is FREE.

The community that we have is not about taking down others. We don't do that. We don't go and slap others. We don't humiliate people. However, the way that the so-called "SBI Rapid Response Team" responded to the article wrote by Lissie is unacceptable. That is not how professionals work. Only a troll works like that. We hate trolls and bullies. Hope that they have learned a good lesson from this exercise that retaliation and intimidation are not the way to let people trust your product, SBI. Remember, Site Build It is not a thaumaturgy and Evoy is not a thaumaturge in "make money online" world.

If let say for instance Griz's method to make money online is no longer working and someone pointed about it, then I am sure enough that Griz would nod to that and quickly embrace newer methods. An Internet Marketer like Griz will always do that. Read his "make money online encyclopedia" and you will see and learn many techniques he preached to make money online; some still work and some don't work anymore.

P/S- If you are looking information about prepaid cell phone plans, I am sorry that this post does not help you. Please feel free to roam around in this blog. Thanks for visiting.

Updated on March 30 2009 - Update: It seems like everything goes well with the campaign. However, there are few notes to be taken and they are the reasons why this is a "war". No one had ever intended (at least not from our side) to turn it into a battle. Unfortunately, there are pyshophantics in SBI who couldn't help but came to Lissie site and put up vicious and threatening statements in the site.

At least from that post, beginners who want to make money online who found out about SBI will learn something about SBI. At least, a fraction from the truth. We can't deny that. It is hard to find other reviews about SBI out there that are giving unbiased review of the product. Of course, it will take hours to read all of the comments there but hey, if you are going to spend USD$300 or more on something, would you mind wasting a few hours to study about it first? I don't think so. I believe that most of us are now more educated and well-informed about the scams in this world and we hate to be cheated by others.

I am not sure why were the SBI'ers so angry when Lissie wrote the scam review. Why didn't they jump when they google "site buid it scam" before and we see their Google sponsored affiliate links titled Site Build It Scam? or Site Build It Exposed?. Because those are how they "lure" you into reading their sites and instead of being told that the program is useless, they told you how the great the product is and they ask you click their affiliate link.

We notified about this in the discussion, and according to some sources, the company owner's had instructed that those advertisements with that sort of titles to be taken down from Google Adwords.

The campaign works. At least to avoid people from falling into booby traps.

Today I have tried to googel for site build it scam and I still see few of these titles.

"Don't Buy Site Build It" - The Good, Bad and Ugly? Any alternatives? Read More... - from SiteBuldIt-Review.com/special.

"Site Build It Exposed" - Check out my site build it review and read my important message first! - from revealingreview.com/sitebuldit

"Site Build It Revealed" - How true are their claims? Find out secret today - from www.federalreveiws.com

All these are "excellent" reviews to get you into joining SiteBuildIt without thinking twice. Yes, without thinking twice. They won't tell you anything negative about the product.

Is that what you call a review?

A review goes about telling you the pros and cons of a product. Therefore Lissie's review is the best reference for that purpose. You will become confuse sometimes but eventually you will learn about the product from both SBI users and ex-users. I tell you what, this is what you can do to properly interpret the discussion; Open your Excel make two columns. One column for whatever good things about Sitebuildit you have read and another column is for any negative things about the product. It doesn't matter if the points are more at one side. What is more importat is to gather relevant points. The more relevant points you have, the more wiseful your decision will become. Good luck!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Satellite Phone Rentals

Many have found that the usage of satellite phones is a smart choice whenever they go for traveling abroad. The perceptions are the satellite phones are better in terms of their receptions and coverage. However, due to the fact that using satellite phones will cost you more than using the standard hand held devices or normal phones is not allowing many of us to enjoy the great service offered in satellite phones packages. Today we will look into few of packages that are offered worldwide for those who are in needs of high quality services.

Traveling outside from the country requires a lot of preparation and it is common amongst travelers to leave out few things that are important to bring with. One of them is cell phone. However, some claimed that the reason why they left their mobile phone behind is due to the fact that their phone services are not available out of the country or that the phone that they have is not from GSM type and therefore can’t be used to insert other carriers SIM card. What are the options then if you need to travel out of the country and the same time you want to keep in touch with your loved ones as well as your business associates?

Yes, you can have a great and sophisticated mobile phone such as BlackBerry Bold 9000 mobile phone or Nokia N97 mobile phone but all these phones are useless when you travel abroad if they can’t be used at all. Most phone carriers in the United States require you to buy their phone plans with the mobile too and therefore the phones are locked. They can’t be used for other carriers even if you try to change the SIM card. Do you know how to change your SIM card? I bet that some don’t even know how to their SIM cards which are located most of the time beneath your mobile’s battery at the back side of the phone.

Whenever you travel abroad one of the most important things that you should bring is certainly your mobile phone. The mobile should be your mean to communicate with your family back in the home country and also an effective mean to communicate with your business colleagues. Of course that some may prefer to communicate using emails or video conferences as these mediums may appear cheaper than any other communication mediums. However, thanks to rapid technology advancements, mobile phone these days should be able to be used either within the country or also outside of the country.

There are times when the mobile becomes useless when you travel abroad. This is usually the case when the phone is locked by the phone service provider in order to avoid the clients from running away with the mobile phone. If you are one of those who have this kind of locked phones, then don’t worry too much since there is another way to communicate with your loved ones anytime anywhere. You can use satellite phones.

Satellite prepaid phones are available for rentals anywhere in the country. You can rent this satellite mobile for days or weeks and impressively this mobile can be used anywhere without much hassle. As you know, since they are satellite-based, the phones are powerful enough in terms of the signal reception as well as the quality of the voice calls. The satellite phones are certainly the alternative to bringing your mobile abroad. Renting the satellite phones is a breeze since you can just look up for any available mobile rental shop near your location and you should be able to easily rent one of these satellite prepaid phones.

Phones that are satellite-based are phones that can’t be denied for their excellent performance. If you travel at places that are located in mountainous areas or full of forests areas, then I suggest you to use satellite mobile. How good a satellite phone is? Well in order for you to find out why a satellite phone is always a better choice, you should first understand the concept behind a satellite phone. Most satellite phones these days use LEO or Low Earth Orbit satellite technology. The technology of this satellite system has a lot of advantages where it provides worldwide wireless coverage where the receptions are virtually unstoppable no matter what obstacles you have in the surrounding areas such as mountains or if you are somewhere in low altitude areas.

Since satellite phones are the best choices when traveling abroad, many companies have emerged to reap the money that can be gained from this business. Some companies provided crap services. These companies are just trying to earn some easy money out of us. However, there are still some good companies out there who are committed to provide great satellite cell phones.

We will take a look at some of these satellite phones that can either be rented or purchased from these reliable companies.

Iridium Satellite Phones Rental

You can actually get this satellite phone for rental from SatellitePhoneStore.Com. From what I read in some discussions in cell phone forums, the site is offering you a wide range of satellite phones for rental. Therefore I can say that this company has quite a reputation in satellite phones industry. You can rent the satellite phone from as low as $24.95 a week. The Global Iridium satellite phone is claimed by the company to be the only truly global satellite phone network. If you rent the phone, you can make long distance calls to United States if you travel to any other countries. There will be no long distance or roaming charges for that. All the usual basic functions such as voice calls, text messages (SMS), and also the capability to make local emergency calls is available in this satellite phone.

If you prefer to send out text messages or SMS using this satellite phone, you will be charged only 59 cents for each outgoing SMS. To me, that is considered cheap since if you just bring your normal cell phone and activate the global roaming capability, you might be charged for more for that same purpose. This is what is best about renting satellite phones. Each approved rental will be given the full package including two batteries and then you will be given a brief lecture on how to properly use the satellite phone. You will be told that the satellite phone can be used almost anywhere. For instance, if you are supposed to be working at the ocean, you will be told on how to get the best reception and coverage. If they don’t tell you, then make an effort to ask them.

If you frequently travel abroad and tend to travel at hilly places, I recommend you to get yourself a satellite phone. Instead of renting the phone, you should buy one for yourself. The company does have a great satellite phone for sale. The latest satellite phones that they have in stock are Iridium 9555 portable satellite phones, Iridum 9505A satellite phones, Motorola 9500 satellite phones, and Kyocera SS66K satellite phones.

The 9555 portable satellite phone is a small and light satellite phone. It is built and designed to be stronger than any other Iridium satellite phones. The company also claimed the satellite cell phone is the smallest satellite phone ever created. If you purchase this phone, you will be given a phone charger, an international plug kit or travel kit, a car charger, a rechargeable lithium ion battery, a USB to mini-USB data cable for connecting to laptop or PC, a hands-free headset, a cell phone holster, a manual (of course you need that), and an auxiliary antenna and its adapter.

Let’s take a look at the satellite phone’s specifications. The phone has a dimension of 143mm by 55mm by 30mm and weighs about 266 grams. The standby time is up to thirty hours and talk time can go up to four hours. The display however does not a wide screen and definitely not my choice if I want to get myself a normal cell phone. Since this is a satellite phone, it is designed to be rugged for all kinds of weather conditions, therefore the keypad is weather-resistant and it is illuminated. The satellite phone is also pre-programmable with international access codes, so you easily navigate for any international code that you would like to dial to with this handheld phone. Apart from that, this unique satellite phone also has other standard features like voice mailbox, ringtones and alert tones, internal phonebook, and SIM-based address book with 155 entry capacity.

The Iridium 9505A portable satellite phone is similar to Motorola 9505 but this latest invention is smaller in size and lighter in weight. The complete package can cost you less than $1400 but if you prefer to have the demo satellite phone, you can get it for less than $1200. The demo version is subject to available stock and they are actually a collection of rented satellite phones. So don’t be shocked to see these phones with some flaws since they have been rented for many times but overall the demo satellite phones are still in good condition. I am pretty sure that they have refurbished the cell phones to be qualified to be sold again.

Motorola Iridium 9500 satellite phone demo version on the other hand is also a great choice if you don’t have the budget. If you purchase the Motorola satellite phone, you will be given a warranty of six months. The “Motorola Iridium 9500” satellite phone comes with high capacity battery, lather case, portable auxiliary antenna, and other necessary travel kit. The Kyocera SS66K satellite cell phone is by far not really a great choice (to me at least) but the phone is still reliable. It is an alternative version of Iridium phones.

Globalstar Satellite Phones

The company also has a few Globalstar satellite phones for sale. According to them, the Globalstar GSP-1700 satellite phone is not anymore in stock. The Globalstar satellite phone is a small satellite phone and the designs are great. The phone has an antenna at one end which communicates with the constellation of Globalstar satellites if held in a vertical position. Since it is very light (about 200 grams) and small, the “Globalstar satellite phone” is a smart choice for light travelers.

Another satellite phone from Globalstar is GSP-1600. The GSP-1600 satellite phone meets the needs of any users working in areas where the normal cell phone’s coverage is either unavailable or inaccessible. The Globalstar cell phone is designed to extend the capability to communicate from remote areas and therefore a perfect choice for travelers especially businessmen.

If you are interested in renting the satellite phones for travel purposes, you may contact the company for more information. They have many locations scattered all across America. They have satellite phone stores in Florida, Alaska, New York, and California.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Refurbished Cell Phones

While running through a bulk of emails in my secondary email account I noticed that there are a few of them offering me to buy refurbished cell phones. Out of curiosity, I checked one of them which had a good offer on refurbished cells so I decided to give it a look. Unfortunately, the site that I went to was a horrible one and full of affiliate stuffs which I immediately turned away from. I just can’t accept a site like that since to me, that would means that the site is nothing more than phishing websites. So I go on and searched the web on where to find a legit place to buy refurbished cell phones.

During the search, I have encountered few sites that are selling refurbished cell phones and one of them is AT&T. What I really like about AT&T refurbished cell phones is only because I love the fact that the cell phone carrier is one of the most reputable companies. I don’t have to worry about being scammed though the possibility is still there. Furthermore, I can’t expect to get a refurbished cell phone that is 100% good in condition since the cell phone is a refurbished one. If you want to get a 100% quality, then I suggest you look for new cell phones and not refurbished cell phones.

Before I go further into our discussion, I would like to discuss more about the concept behind getting a refurbished cell phone instead of the new one. Apart from discussing about the price which is the main factor that drives people to buy refurbished cell phones, it will be great if we know few things about refurbished cell phones and what does it really mean by refurbished. In order to do so, I have done a short survey on this topic and the question that I asked the participants is “Is Buying Refurbished Cell Phone a Good Idea?”. Out of 100 participants, almost 90% of them are refurbished cell phone owners and therefore the result can be considered almost accurate since almost all of them have the experience of using refurbished cell phones.

Refurbished cell phone owners claimed that the refurbished cells are as good as new which I consider as a serious claim. They couldn’t have claimed something as bold as that unless they have totally test the refurbished cell phones on their own. Well the best part is each and every one of the refurbished cell phone owners owns a different model of cell phone. Therefore, the result is an interesting one to be discussed about. I took the effort by checking all of their refurbished cell phones and I have to agree with them that they are in good condition and the flaws are minors.

You see, most of the time the refurbished cell phones are actually cell phones that were returned by the first users to the carrier or to the store within 30 days due to many reasons. Once returned, the cell phones are no longer available to be categorized under new cell phones. Unfortunately, most of the reasons that the cell phones were returned are only due to dissatisfaction with the cell phone’s features. Therefore 90% of the returned cell phones are still in good condition since they are no damages whatsoever. Of course, there are few scratches here and there but they are minor scratches and most of the time the sellers would more than likely to slash down few more dollars and thus the price of refurbished cell phones are significantly lower than the new ones.

That comes up to the next reason why people look for refurbished cell phones instead of the new cell phones. Refurbished cell phones are cheaper than the new cell phones and therefore those who are interested to save some money but still want to have a good cell phone, the refurbished cell phones are the best alternatives. Perhaps this is also the fact that makes the refurbished cell phones popular and I can say that they are gaining popularity day by day. However, being cheaper does not mean that the refurbished phones have lesser capabilities than the brand new cell phones. Remember, refurbished cell phones are cell phones that were used by someone else in a short period of time and if they were returned to the sellers within thirty days, there are less than likely to find any flaws with the cell phones.

Some people are just latecomers. While many of us gossiping about the latest LG cell phones in the market, they might not show any interest at all at the time. A few months later, when the news is no longer news, they might jump to their feet to get the LG cell phones for themselves when they see some of us carrying the cell phones around. By the time, the cell phone’s price might have dropped a little. However, when they go out and shopping for the cell phones, they also found out that there are few cell phone stores selling the refurbished LG cell phones. Since the price is a far cry from the new cell phone, they are more than likely to purchase the refurbished one.

These people are those that might be the ones that hype the reputation of refurbished cell phones. They have no interest at keeping up with the latest trends whilst they are still hot but when the popularity is going down, that’s when they go out and do the shopping. Lucky for them they are the ones who found out first about refurbished mobile phones. Other types of people who found out first about refurbished phones are those who don’t have the budget when the cell phones first out. They just have to keep their desires to own the cell phones for a while and when they have the money, they go out to shop for the cell phones and again, they would find the refurbished cell phones too.

Some people are just strict when it comes to money spending. They don’t go for stylish trends nor do they go for luxury. They prefer to keep their money and spend it only during emergencies or whenever their needs arise. They don’t spend their money on sporty cars or diamonds. And certainly they won’t spend few hundred dollars to buy a cell phone. They are the people who will always find a way to have things like everyone else in a cheaper way and also legit ways. Therefore they are also one of the major clients of refurbished cell phones.

I have another reason why people choose to buy refurbished cell phones but this reason might be a little bit illogical to some people. Some environmental activists believe that buying refurbished cell phones would help to clean up the environment from unused cell phones. Some morons would just throw their damaged cell phones out and they don’t realize that they are actually damaging the earth and the soil as well. Therefore the concept of refurbished cell phones can be considered as one of the efforts to save our planet since it is also another version of recycling things.

There are also those who don’t believe at all at refurbished cell phones or used cell phones. To them, these cell phones are craps that are not supposed to be sold for any reasons. If you are one of these people, I assume that you regularly buy cell phones as you want to keep up-to-date at all times. You like to own latest gadgets and since cell phones are items that are constantly being manufactured with more and more features, they are one of the items that you are craving for.

Buying refurbished cell phones means buying used electronic devices and therefore you should consider taking all crucial inspections before you decide to buy them. You should never buy refurbished cell phones from unknown sources such as Ebay unless the seller has a reputable and sound track record. Same goes when you go out shopping for refurbished cell phones out there. Your first choice should first be the reputable companies. There are a few reputable companies selling refurbished cell phones and we will go into that later in our discussion. A little bit of homework has to be done before you jump into conclusion to buy a refurbished cell phone.

If you see refurbished cell phone that has a lower price, you should first ask the vendor of the seller why is the phone being sold at such a price. They should be able to tell you the accurate reason of the cheap refurbished cell phone as there are many factors to be put into consideration before they tag the refurbished cell phone with that price. For instance, there might be some scratches on the cell phone’s screen or a few on the body and thus the lower price. Once you know the reason, inspect the cheap refurbished cell phone thoroughly to check if the scratches are deep or not. If they are just normal scratches, then check the cell phone’s operating system.

Refurbished cell phones are normally still in good condition in terms of their functionalities and their operating system. So check the menu, the built-in camera (if there is one), the 3G capability, and so on. Don’t hesitate to inspect the refurbished cell phones meticulously and trust me the sales rep won’t stop you from doing so. Another thing that you should also check when buying refurbished cell phones is the cell phone’s warranty. Most of the time the refurbished cell phones come with 90-day warranty instead of a year in the case of new cell phones but that is more than enough to convince you that if you found out later that there is something wrong with the refurbished cell phones, you can still return it and get yourself another one that is better in condition.

Now that you have already know about refurbished cell phones, let’s take a look at some of available refurbished cell phones in the market offered by established companies and other cell phone vendors. Keep in mind that these cell phones are refurbished to look like new cell phones so a thorough and detailed examination has to be made at all times. If you are lucky, you might get a refurbished cell phone that is as good as new yet the price is a far cry from the new ones.

AT&T as you all know is a very established cell phone carrier and therefore the refurbished cell phones that they sell might be a lot more convincing than other sellers. There are few cell phone brands and cell phone models available at AT&T and though they are refurbished phones, they are still great in terms of their manifestation and also their functions. One of the brands is refurbished Apple iPhone 3G from AT&T. You can get either an 8GB refurbished iPhone or even the 16GB refurbished Apple iPhone and currently the company is offering a $100 discount on the refurbished Apple cell phones. You can choose either the black version or the white version.

If you are a Nokia fan, you can also get refurbished Nokia cell phones from AT&T. At this time they only have refurbished Nokia 2600 cell phone in two different colors; black and red. Though the refurbished Nokia cell phone is lack of few modern features, it is still a good refurbished phone as it also has a VGA camera and you still store your favorite MP3 ringtones. The refurbished Nokia cell phone can also be used to surf the Internet and as far as the price is concerned, the refurbished phone is still a great investment.

Some people might be more interested to have a clamshell type of cell phone. If you are one of those, then maybe you will be more interested to get the Samsung’s refurbished cell phones from AT&T. The model that is currently available is refurbished Samsung A237 cell phones and currently there are three colors available which are black, red, and blue. You can get the refurbished discount up to $30 for these Samsung A237 cell phones. Another clamshell cell phone model that is available at this company is refurbished Sony Ericsson Z310a and the discount is up to $130.

A girl might be more fascinated to get a refurbished cell phone such as the refurbished Nokia 6085 cell phone. The refurbished phones are still in tip-top condition and that could be the reason why the refurbished pink Nokia cell phone is being offered at a price which is only few dollars away from the new cell phone. If you are more into smartphones, then you also might take a look at refurbished Moto Q Global cell phone which is a Windows Mobile based cell phone. The refurbished cell phone offers versatile 3G communications, productivity and multimedia services that meet the needs of those who are tech savvy.

Most of the time you can buy refurbished cell phones with confidence at a great price since these refurbished cell phones have been tested by the vendors before they resell them as refurbished phones. Since the mobile market has expanded vastly and people are more aware of the refurbished cell phones, many companies have taken initiatives by meticulously refurbished the cell phones that they purchase from other sources. So if you are in the market for refurbished cell phones, I wish you all the best and happy shopping.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Cell Phone Chargers

The days are running at a very high speed and I am under the impression that the days are changing faster and faster day after day. I don’t know why. Could it be due to the fact that I’m getting older and older? Or could it be due to everyone seems to be walking fast all the time? Are they all running from something or are they trying to catch up something? If they are running from something, what could it be? If they are catching up something, what could that be anyways? Are they scared that they would get caught up in the traffic? Are they all running away from the city’s hectic and hassles? Seriously, I have no idea.

Seeing everyone moving and charging towards their respective destinations are not anymore something that is uncommon to me. It used to be when I was still young and live somewhere far in the suburban area. Hardly saw more than twenty people on the street around seven or eight in the evening. It’s even harder to see someone walking in the street in the middle of the nights. Frankly, all these businesses are making me dizzy all the time. However, I’m here for something. For survival. To take care of myself now and forever. To take care of my family too. I’m here for work. Yes, for work and survival.

So do the rest of those who live here in the city. We are all looking for ways to survive. Some would be working in companies and patiently wait for the paydays. Paydays are the days that we all love so much. Some prefer not to be employed by anyone else, so they have their own businesses. Some have groceries stores, cell phone stores, or maybe own a nightclub. All of us are trying to make ends meet at least. All of us know that if we don’t work hard, we are going nowhere. However, if we keep on doing the same routine every day, we tend to get bored easily. There are things that we need to do charge back the desire to work harder. We need the motivation to keep moving forward.

Yes I know it sounds funny to express my feelings about life in a cell phone blog. But I have to let it out. I don’t care where I should let it out. I don’t go to shrink since I found other ways to let out all of my feelings. Since my blog here is part of my world, I think that there’s nothing wrong if I want to let it out here.

Ok, let’s get back to work. Today we are going to take a look at one of the most important accessories that a cell phone can’t live without. We can’t live without the cell phone and the cell phone can’t live without it. We sleep every night to rejuvenate our body and heart. Cell phones do the same – they sleep every night to recharge its “heart”; the battery. So we need our bed, and the cell phone needs its charger. Without our bed, we’ll be sleeping either on couch or somewhere uncomfortable and will wake up feeling uneasy. If the cell phone’s battery is not charged properly, it will then have a short lifespan.

A cell phone charger is used to charge the cell phone (or the battery lol) and normally it takes less than three hours to charge the phone. Few years ago a charger has a different way to charge the cell phone and it was not like how we always see today where we just connect the jack on the cell phone to the charger and let it there for a while. Last time, the charger has its own holder where we have to place the cell phone on it. Some chargers did not have that facility so we have the take out the battery from the cell phone.

That is not the case these days. These days the cell phone chargers are more advanced and I will list down few cell phone chargers on the market. Most chargers are original chargers which are manufactured by the same cell phone manufacturers. For example, Samsung cell phones have its own cell phone chargers, Motorola cell phones have their own chargers, LG phones have their own chargers, and so on. Each one of the brands usually comes with the whole package where the standard package has a cell phone, a cell phone charger, and a headset. Some would include the Bluetooth accessories as well as part of the standard package.

Taking care of the cell phone’s batteries is as important as taking care of the cell phone itself. You can’t take it for granted. Never. There are many reasons why we have to take a really good care of the cell phone. I have explained one of the reasons above where the battery is the heart of the cell phone. Without the battery, the cell phone just can’t work. Therefore you have to keep the cell phone battery’s contacts clean all the time.

How many times do you recharge your cell phone battery in a day? Two? Three? Do you know that you can’t simply charge the cell phone? Yes, you can’t. That is wrong because if you do, the battery won’t last as long as what is stated in the cell phone manuals. To maximize the life of the cell phone battery, you should only recharge the cell phone when you are not using it or when it is about time to recharge it. Usually the battery’s life is indicated by a bar displayed in the cell phone’s screen so it is best to wait till there is only a bar left or wait till the cell phone automatically alerts you by popping out the message “Battery is low”.

Charging the cell phone is another thing. You can’t just use any cell phone chargers. There are possibilities that the cell phone can explode if you use unapproved cell phone chargers. Unapproved cell phone chargers are usually sold at lower price tag and that could be the reason that they are popular. Well for your information, there are already many cases reported when the cell phone exploded during recharge session and after deep investigation, most of the time it is due to the cell phone charger where it was an unapproved charger. Remember, using an unapproved cell phone charger is dangerous and can cost you your own life if you are nearby. Sometimes the chargers are not made up to the standard and it could also cause power trip which eventually could cause fire.

These days, cell phone chargers are using USB port where you can just connect it to the cell phone. They are easily retractable and thanks to technology, these days it only takes a while to recharge the cell phone with these chargers. The whole thing has been made a little bit more interesting where some companies have specialized into producing cell phone chargers and therefore you will have more choices.

Modern cell phone chargers can cost you around $7 up to $40. There are many types of chargers.

Home Cell Phone Chargers

Home cell phone chargers are standard chargers and the reason why you will be looking for one is usually because the original cell phone charger is no longer working or you have lost it. Don’t worry, there are a lot of these chargers on the market and you can just let the worries go away since most of them are certified and approved. Certified home cell phone chargers usually are 120V or 240V. Depending on your cell phone models, you have to state your model first before you will be given choices of cell phone chargers that are suitable for your cell phone. Never ever simply buy any cell phone charger or you might damage your cell phone.

I keep three home cell phone chargers for various reasons. One for my bedroom, one to be kept in the living room and another one is just the spare. I love the idea of keeping of spare of anything and keeping a spare of your home cell phone charger is a good idea. We never know when we will be using it but I’m certain enough that some time some day it will prove to be a good investment. My wife hates that idea though about keeping a spare of the home cell phone charger since she prefers me to buy her something else for her lol.

Car Cell Phone Chargers

Car cell phone chargers are the ones we use in our cars or our vehicles. Usually we plug the charger to the car cigarette lighter socket (modern cars have a different socket and some even have built-in USB port). If your car is the old one, or if you are worried about recharging your cell phone using the car’s own power connector, you can buy a different set of device which is called the inverter. The inverter is used to convert the current to alternating current and it can transform the current up to 120V or 240V AC.

Using a car cell phone charger is dangerous though if you are a careless person. Do not make it a habit to recharge your cell phone while your vehicle is switched off. It may drain out the power and it may cause damages to the car’s battery. So be careful if you want to recharge your cell phone using the car cell phone charger. Furthermore, if you have more than one car or vehicle, it is also a good practice to keep more than one car cell phone charger. Keep one for each car and if you have the budget, you can also keep a spare of the car cell phone charger in one of the cars for emergency purposes.

Other Cell Phone Chargers

There are other types of cell phone chargers available these days. There are charger stand, AC/DC adapter, DC power splitter which can turn one jack to two, and also the emergency cell phone charger.

Emergency Hand Crank Cell Phone Charger

The emergency hand crank charger is a device that is universal where it works with your car charger plug. The charger is designed to work different types of cell phones. This type of charger is absolutely a handy one since you can recharge your cell phone almost anywhere. In other word, the emergency cell phone charger is certainly the charger during “emergency” times when you really need to charge your cell phone and there are no sockets available anywhere. Most businessmen use the emergency cell charger since they are mobile and they don’t spend much time at one place. They don’t have the time to recharge the cell phone at the office and wait till it is done. So they use this charger to keep them as mobile as usual.

Another thing that is good about the emergency cell phone charger is it can be used to generate power anytime anywhere without a power source. If let say that you need to recharge the charger and at the same time you want to listen to your favorite MP3 songs in your cell phone, you can just plug it in and then crank it to recharge your cell phone. However, as I have mentioned it earlier, it is best to recharge your cell phone during the times when you are not using it to keep the lifespan of the cell phone batteries.

You can have as many cell phone chargers as you want but one thing that you should always keep in mind is to switch off or plug off the charger after each use. Keep that as a habit as we never know what could happen next. We can’t predict what happen but we can always prevent bad things from happening by disciplining ourselves. Think about it, if you left the cell phone charger on without a cell phone attached to it, and then your kids play with it and try to “imitate” your action of connecting it to the cell phone by “connecting” it to something else. Imagine what could happen next.

There are certainly many manufacturers out there producing cell phone chargers. Some produced approved chargers and certified cell phone chargers. Always use the approved ones. Better to be safe than sorry.

That’s all for now. Oh yes, I would like to remind some about my offer in my last post. I have made it sticky by pasting the offer in the sidebar of this blog. If you are wondering what I’m talking about, you can read about Prepaid Cell Phone Owners or Prepaid Cell Phone Stores.

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Prepaid Cell Phone Stores in California

Hey Californians, are you looking for a prepaid cell phone store near your residences? Well, here I have listed down few cell phone stores scattered all over California states. If you are from New York, you may read my previous post on Prepaid Phone Cards in New York City. Feel free to contact me if you think that any of the stores listed here are no longer in service. If you found out any new store at your place, you may contact me too and I will certainly the new information here so that all of us can share it.

Why do I want to list down all the cell phone stores in California as well as in other states across the country? Well, I am actually promoting the advantages of prepaid cell phone plans against the contract-based plans. Though I have nothing against those who are using contract-based phone plans, I believe that prepaid plans are way better in terms of their benefits and the flexibility of the plans. Therefore I have no remorse to list down all of the available stores though I won’t get anything (not even a dime) from the shop owners LOL. So if you are cell phone shop owner, and your store is not listed here (provided that your store is located in California), you may as well contact me at joharin.mymode@gmail.com with title “Cell Phone Store Owner” and I will list it here for free. I repeat, for FREE. Don’t worry, I won’t charge you anything at all. Just make sure you write down the full address of your store (if possible provide me with industrial address). Those who have cell phone stores in other states, you may email me too with title “Cell Phone Store Owner – your state”. Kindly bear with me till I post list of cell phone stores in your respective states or cities.

Akop Communication
7301 1/2 Broadway Avenue, Los Angeles, CA - (323) 753-6440

Wireless Activators Incorporation
8808 S Sepulveda Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA - (310) 641-5000

United Wireless Communications
5403 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA - (323) 962-3720

Simplicity Express
2441 Jamacha Rd, El Cajon, CA - (619) 579-7500

Oxnard Prepaid Wireless
2655 Saviers Rd, Oxnard, CA - (805) 487-8401

Loco Prepaid Cellular
300 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, CA - (213) 621-2090

Prepaid Wireless
895 Dove St, Newport Beach, CA - (949) 851-4725

Prepaid Land
3707 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA - (213) 387-4270

American Prepaid Incorporation.
10100 Thistledown Ln, Bakersfield, CA - (661) 587-6100

Best Prepaid Wireless
14501 Victory Boulevard, Van Nuys, CA - (818) 901-0290

Mundo Prepaid
2105 W Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA - (213) 381-6883

Prepaid Communications
1171 W San Bernardino Rd # B3, Covina, CA - (626) 858-5600

Prepaid Communication LLC
652 S 2nd Avenue, Covina, CA - (626) 331-9837

Omni Prepaid
8111 Long Beach Boulevard, South Gate, CA - (323) 588-4334

Prepaid City
2295 Palm Avenue # E, San Diego, CA - (619) 429-9013

Unlimited Prepaid Store
38 W 4th St # 14A, Calexico, CA - (760) 357-6001

Nextlink Wireless
12512 Avenuenue 416, Orosi, CA - (559) 528-9999

1050 Shaw Avenue, Clovis, CA - (559) 323-4253

Sprint Store-599
3530 Wilshire Boulevard, Ste 145, Los Angeles, CA - (213) 368-7300

699 Market St, San Francisco, CA - (415) 395-9920

Radio Shack
1128 N La Brea Avenue, West Hollywood, CA - (323) 464-4720

Virgin Mobile USA
2185 N California Boulevard # 300, Walnut Creek, CA - (925) 927-6800

T-Mobile To Go
5180 N Palm Avenue, Fresno, CA - (559) 225-3745

5000 Lakewood Boulevard, Lakewood, CA - (562) 602-8978

6825 N Willow Avenue Ste 106, Fresno, CA - (559) 325-6103

3289 E Shields Avenue, Fresno, CA - (559) 225-7535

T-Mobile To Go
4592 N Blackstone, Fresno, CA - (559) 226-5774

7090 N Blackstone Avenue, Fresno, CA - (559) 449-1438

4360 W Shaw Avenue, Fresno, CA - (559) 276-9428

3927 W Caldwell Avenue # D-E, Visalia, CA - (559) 749-0456

79485 Hwy 111 Ste 1, LaQuinta, CA - (760) 564-3195

FX Verizon Wireless
24635 Madison Avenue, Murrieta, CA - (951) 461-0800

T-Mobile To Go
1 Southland Mall, Hayward, CA - (510) 783-3654

T-Mobile Rated 4.7 out of 5.0 6 reviews
2701 Ming Avenuenue, Bakersfield, CA - (661) 397-1801

Total Communications Plus
3720 Gosford Rd, Bakersfield, CA - (661) 398-6100

3621 California Avenue Ste A, Bakersfield, CA - (661) 323-7624

5677 E Kings Canyon Rd # 101, Fresno, CA - (559) 252-9600

3401 Panama Ln Ste 200, Bakersfield, CA - (661) 827-1005

5525 N Golden State Boulevard, Fresno, CA - (559) 271-9412

3401 Dale Rd, Modesto, CA - (209) 521-2362

3202 N Blackstone Avenue # 163, Fresno, CA - (559) 225-9616

T-Mobile To Go
5110 N Blackstone Avenue # 101, Fresno, CA - (559) 241-7045

510 Showers Drive, Mountain View, CA - (650) 559-9153

N11A, 1350 Northridge Shopping Ctr, Salinas, CA - (831) 444-7037

Unit 6, 645 E Shaw Avenue, Fresno, CA - (559) 229-1100

322 E Shaw Avenue, Fresno, CA - (559) 228-0595

252 Sun Valley Mall # 1, Concord, CA - (925) 680-8762

3181 W Shaw Avenue # A, Fresno, CA - (559) 222-1006

T-Mobile To Go
1705 East Capitol Expressway, San Jose, CA - (408) 270-1733

21000 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Cupertino, CA - (408) 252-9711

2003 Camden Avenue, San Jose, CA - (408) 559-3525

2726 Castro Valley Boulevard, Castro Valley, CA - (510) 728-0565

2855 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Santa Clara, CA - (408) 244-9034

2023 W Prosperity Avenue, Tulare, CA - (559) 688-2700

T-Mobile Prepaid Store
2031 S Mooney Boulevard, Visalia, CA - (559) 624-1300

1720 Story Road, San Jose, CA - (408) 929-2182

925 Blossom Hill Road, San Jose, CA - (408) 365-5515

2114 W Grant Line Rd, Tracy, CA - (209) 839-8157

43325 Christy Street, Fremont, CA - (510) 490-2070

595 Coleman Avenue, San Jose, CA - (408) 995-6681

T-Mobile Prepaid Store
5308 Pacific Avenuenue, Stockton, CA - (209) 476-1363

3540, 3200 Naglee Rd Spc 3540, Tracy, CA - (209) 839-0227

505 East Hamilton Avenue, Campbell, CA - (408) 370-2910

T-Mobile 3 reviews
1019 - 101 West Avenue L, Lancaster, CA - (661) 726-7491

796 Northridge Mall Spc K06, Salinas, CA - (831) 443-4947

T-Mobile Prepaid Store
3936 Rivermark Plaza, Santa Clara, CA - (408) 486-9705

490 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA - (650) 366-4976

165 University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA - (650) 838-9636

25 Crescent Dr, Pleasant Hill, CA - (925) 681-2458

789 E El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA - (408) 736-7145

30186 Industrial Parkway SW, Hayward, CA - (510) 475-0883

T-Mobile Prepaid Store
545 L Street, Sacramento, CA - (916) 447-8327

1 Curtner Avenue Ste 30, San Jose, CA - (408) 287-1756

2180 W Cleveland Avenue, Madera, CA - (559) 673-4300

5060 E Montclair Plaza Ln, Montclair, CA - (909) 398-4622

24201 Valencia Boulevard, Santa Clarita, CA - (661) 753-9894

5779 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA - (925) 754-8348

T-Mobile Prepaid Store
795 Lemoore Nas, Lemoore, CA - (559) 997-0725

3030 El Cerrito Plaza, El Cerrito, CA - (510) 525-4733

T-Mobile Prepaid Store
25838 The Old Rd, Santa Clarita, CA - (661) 753-9520

4049 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA - (925) 978-0898

Cellular City
2719 Broadway, Sacramento, CA - (916) 451-2288

7221 Elk Grove Boulevard, Elk Grove, CA - (916) 478-2018

4701 Madison Avenuenue, Sacramento, CA - (916) 338-3166

39172 Argonaut Way, Fremont, CA - (510) 505-9186

3980 Douglas Boulevard, Roseville, CA - (916) 788-9660

1 Stoneridge Mall, Pleasanton, CA - (925) 924-0799

601 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA - (415) 552-7731

4621 Mission St, San Francisco, CA - (415) 334-7562

6600 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Canoga Park, CA - (818) 346-2460

Wireless 4 Life
2919 K St, Sacramento, CA - (916) 443-1839

20473 Hesperian Boulevard, Hayward, CA - (510) 259-0941

1030 Park Pl, San Mateo, CA - (650) 571-6326

1151 Galleria Boulevard, Roseville, CA - (916) 788-1820

1093, 2086 New Park Mall, Newark, CA - (510) 793-0483

9308 Elk Grove Boulevard., Elk Grove, CA - (916) 714-8033

1701 Willow Pass Rd. Ste B, Concord, CA - (925) 363-4597

1248 W Olive Avenue, Merced, CA - (209) 724-9301

50 Powell St, San Francisco, CA - (415) 391-4623

1233 West Rancho Vista Boulevard, Palmdale, CA - (661) 274-9184

309B N Sepulveda Boulevard, El Segundo, CA - (310) 524-1338

4524 Century Boulevard, Pittsburg, CA - (925) 522-8656

1480 Van Ness, San Fransisco, CA - (415) 561-0566

415 W Ventura Boulevard, Camarillo, CA - (805) 384-2225

Boost Mobile LLC
8845 Irvine Center Dr # 200, Irvine, CA - (949) 789-4800

1290 E Bidwell St Ste 100, Folsom, CA - (916) 817-4645

809 Paseo Nuevo, Santa Barbara, CA - (805) 962-7580

15555 East 14th St, San Leandro, CA - (510) 278-5693

7311 W Stockton Boulevard Ste 110, Sacramento, CA - (916) 681-5066

3301 E Main St, Ventura, CA - (805) 658-1048

2830 Del Paso Rd Ste 100, Sacramento, CA - (916) 574-9398

1210 9th Avenue, San Francisco, CA - (415) 682-9953

1224 Hilltop Mall Road, San Pablo, CA - (510) 758-4760

920 Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Roseville, CA - (916) 784-7079

Verizon Wireless
2981 Michelson Dr # A, Irvine, CA - (949) 756-3515

2251 Riverbank Place, Carmichael, CA - (209) 869-4184

429 W Main St, Merced, CA - (209) 723-0900

8460 Edgewater Drive, Oakland, CA - (510) 635-1337

3333 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA - (916) 486-3675

16906 Devonshire St, Granada Hills, CA - (818) 366-9530

1150 El Camino Real Suite 216, San Bruno, CA - (650) 872-2298

40033 10th St w Ste A, Palmdale, CA - (661) 267-2513

1441 Howe Avenue Ste E, Sacramento, CA - (916) 564-1028

9301 Tampa Avenuenue, Northridge, CA - (818) 349-2434

1617 Glenwood St, Delano, CA - (661) 721-9600

165 Plaza Drive, Vallejo, CA - (707) 554-9120


1350 Travis Boulevard, Fairfield, CA - (707) 434-8460

225 East 4th, San Mateo, CA - (650) 375-0817

1743-A E Palmdale Boulevard, Palmdale, CA - (661) 272-5642

104 Serramonte Center, Daly City, CA - (650) 997-3015

3201 Lakeshore Avenue, Oakland, CA - (510) 893-3817

1055 South Oxnard Boulevard Ste 200, Oxnard, CA - (805) 385-8497

12166 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, CA - (818) 760-3726

2257 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA - (510) 649-7899

1300 Broadway, Oakland, CA - (510) 986-0874
447 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA - (310) 274-1773

4371 Glencoe Avenue, Marina Del Rey, CA - (310) 577-1950

1142 Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA - (310) 209-1888

1145 S Victoria Avenuenue, Ste A, Ventura, CA - (805) 639-0971

347 West Esplanade Drive, Oxnard, CA - (805) 485-9837

2950-A Cochran St, Simi Valley, CA - (805) 577-9218

6047 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Woodland Hills, CA - (818) 716-5688

173 S Lake Avenue, Pasadena, CA - (626) 395-9333

1975 West Texas St, Fairfield, CA - (707) 426-2418

335 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA - (310) 393-9071

2708 Pinole Valley Rd, Pinole, CA - (510) 223-3672

186 West Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA - (805) 557-1228

17301 Ventura Boulevard, Encino, CA - (818) 788-2583

51 Colma Boulevard, Colma, CA - (650) 755-8696

33 E Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA - (626) 844-4651

400 South Baldwin Avenuenue, Arcadia, CA - (626) 462-9625

333 South VIncorporationent Avenuenue, West Covina, CA - (626) 338-3264

8720 Garfield Avenuenue, South Gate, CA - (562) 806-4661

4181 Tweedy Boulevard, South Gate, CA - (323) 564-8322

2155 Towne Center Plz Ste E120, West Sacramento, CA - (916) 371-0120

9044 Corbin Avenue, Northridge, CA - (818) 341-8037

2919 Los Feliz Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA - (323) 666-3488

5055 Main Street Ste 104, American Canyon, CA - (707) 644-0508

8401 Van Nuys Boulevard, Panorama City, CA - (818) 895-8799

3660 Grand Avenue Suite G, Chino Hills, CA - (909) 591-5643

5419 E Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA - (323) 962-1430

3111 West Century Boulevard, Inglewood, CA - (310) 671-6055

490 Plaza Dr, West Covina, CA - (626) 480-1562

1702 Montebello Town Ctr, Montebello, CA - (323) 726-8773

10800 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA - (310) 470-6825

3747 Foothill Boulevard Ste Q, Glendale, CA - (818) 957-2013

6064 W Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA - (323) 932-1749

750 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA - (213) 614-1812

3629 E Foothill Boulevard, Pasadena, CA - (626) 351-0585

15350 Nordhoff St Ste A, North Hills, CA - (818) 830-3807

6900 Pacific Boulevard, Huntington Park, CA - (323) 589-7501

9400 Firestone Boulevard, Downey, CA - (562) 803-1082

1318 Huntington Dr. Suite B, South Pasadena, CA - (323) 256-2789

6375 Van Nuys Boulevard, Van Nuys, CA - (818) 997-9563

5300 N Lankershim #125, North Hollywood, CA - (818) 505-1434

3829 Crenshaw Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA - (323) 291-7452

26650 Western Avenuenue, Harbor City, CA - (310) 326-9856

3564 Rosemead Boulevard, Rosemead, CA - (626) 573-8345

1815 Hawthorne Boulevard, Redondo Beach, CA - (310) 921-2112

10831 Foothill Boulevard, Rancho Cucamonga, CA - (909) 948-7162

6952 Katella Avenue, Cypress, CA - (714) 893-2521

Atwater, CA - (209) 357-8700

1639 E Montevista Avenue Ste 101 (Bldg L), Vacaville, CA - (707) 447-4250

541 S Grand Avenue, Glendora, CA - (626) 857-1839

12422 North Main Street, Rancho Cucamonga, CA - (909) 899-2874

7288 W. Sunset Boulevard Ste 102, Los Angeles, CA - (323) 874-1217

9028 Los Cerritos Mall, Cerritos, CA - (562) 924-7602

Boost Mobile
9060 Irvine Center Dr, Irvine, CA - (949) 748-3200

7164 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA - (323) 934-4851

11925 Wilshire Boulevard Ste 101, Los Angeles, CA - (310) 473-5182

501 B College Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA - (707) 523-7576

1075 N Western Avenue Ste 101, Los Angeles, CA - (323) 463-8939

5035 W Rosecrans Avenue, Hawthorne, CA - (310) 978-1114

211 Stonewood St, Downey, CA - (562) 622-2783

3183 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA - (213) 389-4771

8986 Huntington Dr, San Gabriel, CA - (626) 309-9634

17003 Bear Valley Rd Ste E, Hesperia, CA - (760) 947-5740

1013 W Foothill Boulevard, Upland, CA - (909) 981-2211

3110 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA - (310) 396-3284

259 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA - (213) 613-9523

7540 Orangethorpe Avenuenue, Buena Park, CA - (714) 521-5918

1905 North Campus Avenuenue, Upland, CA - (909) 931-1695

F10, 248 Fox Hills Mall Spc F10, Culver City, CA - (310) 391-6070

8112 Talbert Avenuenue, Huntington Beach, CA - (714) 843-6559

2510 S Figueroa St Ste H, Los Angeles, CA - (213) 745-8683

4545 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA - (562) 986-9070

2130 E 17th St, Santa Ana, CA - (714) 835-8430

218 South State College Boulevard, Anaheim, CA - (714) 776-1888

21710 Valley Boulevard, Walnut, CA - (909) 444-6803

4725 East 2nd Street, Long Beach, CA - (562) 987-1250

Cricket Communications
Ste 46, 3430 Tully Rd, Modesto, CA - (209) 557-1880

10845 Valley Mall, El Monte, CA - (626) 448-8099

22501 Crenshaw Boulevard, Torrance, CA - (310) 539-2697

2251 Claribel Rd # E, Riverbank, CA - (209) 869-4184

2800 N Main St Ste 1024, Santa Ana, CA - (714) 547-3734

137 N Montebello Boulevard, Montebello, CA - (323) 728-6754

738 W Arrow Hwy, San Dimas, CA - (909) 394-2092

1 Mills Circle, Ontario, CA - (909) 581-1100

235 N Citrus St, West Covina, CA - (626) 331-7927

1065 Brea Mall Ste 1110-B, Brea, CA - (714) 672-0780

3100 W Imperial Hwy Ste A, Inglewood, CA - (310) 355-0680

8937 Washington Boulevard #303, Pico Rivera, CA - (562) 801-0298

146 South Main Street, Orange, CA - (714) 938-0779

120 W Base Line Rd, Rialto, CA - (909) 874-5648

7360 Carson Boulevard, Long Beach, CA - (562) 627-5895

10900 Long Beach Boulevard Ste 102, Lynwood, CA - (310) 608-1996

Ok...there are few other cell phone stors here.

3900 Pelandale Avenue, Modesto, CA - (209) 545-7800

13526 Whittier Boulevard, Whittier, CA - (562) 693-7565

1600 S Azusa Avenue # 119, City of Industry, CA - (626) 581-0221

17407 Crenshaw Boulevard, Torrance, CA - (310) 515-0476

T-Mobile (Place closed)
290 East 5th Street, Long Beach, CA - (562) 590-9900

2163 W Rosecrans, Compton, CA - (310) 635-7530

Boost Mobile
5953 Sunrise Mall, Citrus Heights, CA - (916) 962-3988

12059 Imperial Hwy Ste A, Norwalk, CA - (562) 864-4291

15915 Bellflower Boulevard, Bellflower, CA - (562) 866-5135

20700 Avalon Boulevard, Carson, CA - (310) 527-6421

1865 E 4th St Ste D, Ontario, CA - (909) 395-5074

1216 S Idaho St Ste 3A, La Habra, CA - (714) 526-3215

1273 North Tustin Street, Orange, CA - (714) 633-4668

25912 La Paz Rd, Laguna Hills, CA - (949) 458-3785

1025 Westminster Mall, Westminster, CA - (714) 892-3942

215 S. Brea Ste 4-104, Brea, CA - (714) 990-3169

4323 Ontario Mills Parkway, Ontario, CA - (909) 481-1052

16184 Foothill Boulevard Ste A, Fontana, CA - (909) 823-2857

20 City Boulevard W, Orange, CA - (714) 704-9266

299 E 17th St, Costa Mesa, CA - (949) 646-1934

2020 E Carson St, Long Beach, CA - (562) 424-5838

1997 W Malvern Avenue, Fullerton, CA - (714) 446-0478

1500 W 6th Street, Corona, CA - (951) 371-9235

905 N Avalon Boulevard, Wilmington, CA - (310) 518-2456

261 S Euclid St, Anaheim, CA - (714) 991-1464

2303 S Bristol Avenue, Santa Ana, CA - (714) 754-7460

12435 Limonite Avenue Ste 550, Mira Loma, CA - (951) 360-5943

3995 Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA - (949) 251-1576

1353 W Mill St Ste 101, San Bernardino, CA - (909) 384-9409

T-Mobile Prepaid Store
422 S Gaffey St, San Pedro, CA - (310) 521-8747

1419 S Broadway # B, Santa Maria, CA - (805) 925-6498

2424 East Katella Avenuenue, Anaheim, CA - (714) 939-7593

T-Mobile To Go Prepaid Plan
1047 Harriman Place, San Bernardino, CA - (909) 478-0572

7821 Edinger Avenuenue, Huntington Beach, CA - (714) 799-1707

141 Commerce Avenue, Manteca, CA - (209) 239-0305

1431 Knox St Shops at South Bay, Ste 1500, Torrance, CA - (310) 328-2560

T-Mobile Prepaid Store
26741 Portola Parkway, Foothill Ranch, CA - (949) 588-8071

344 N McKinley St Ste 103, Corona, CA - (951) 280-9885

2200 Eastridge Loop # 2062, San Jose, CA - (408) 528-9554

1788 University Avenue, Riverside, CA - (951) 788-6300

13226 Jamboree Rd, Irvine, CA - (714) 368-0341

22500 Country Gate Road, Moreno Valley, CA - (951) 656-3871

3200 Naglee Rd, Tracy, CA - (209) 839-0227

1621 Edinger Avenuenue, Tustin, CA - (714) 258-7982

23645 El Toro Rd # D, Lake Forest, CA - (949) 707-5915

605 Mangrove Avenue Ste 140, Chico, CA - (530) 566-9376

12510 Day Street, Moreno Valley, CA - (951) 653-3234

5205 Prospect Rd # 150, San Jose, CA - (408) 252-7619

Tracy, CA - (209) 476-1363

Tracy, CA - (209) 521-2362

7910 Lower Sacramento Rd, Stockton, CA - (209) 472-0300

780 Montague Expy # 208, San Jose, CA - (408) 432-1676

12602 Amargosa Road, Victorville, CA - (760) 843-0048

40820 WIncorporationhester Road, Temecula, CA - (951) 296-0172

Suite 110, 24155 Laguna Hills Mall Space 1105, Laguna Hills, CA - (949) 768-4392

639 W Central Avenue, Lompoc, CA - (805) 735-3600

2086 Newpark Mall # 6515, Newark, CA - (510) 793-0483

186 The Shops at Mission Viejo, Mission Viejo, CA - (949) 364-7276

32391 Golden Lantern Ste b, Laguna Niguel, CA - (949) 443-0765

T Mobile
26353 Gading Rd, Hayward, CA - (510) 782-9359

Metro PCS Communications
2256 Las Positas Rd, Livermore, CA - (925) 373-7100

San Jose, CA - (408) 273-8900

2355 Gold Meadow Way, Gold River, CA - (916) 631-0355

1855 Gateway Boulevard, Concord, CA - (925) 969-9324

550 Hacienda Drive, Vista, CA - (760) 631-8474

San Jose, CA - (408) 273-8900

Verizon Wireless

72840 Highway 111, Palm Desert, CA - (760) 837-9336

3430 Marron Road, Oceanside, CA - (760) 729-8214

Prepaid Phone Cards in New York

Previously I have written a post on available prepaid cell phone plans in the United States. Today I’m going to list down places where you can get prepaid phone cards in one of the busiest cities in the United States, the New York City. I have to warn you though that some of these stores may not be selling prepaid cell phone cards but instead selling prepaid phone cards. If you do have any information of a new cell phone store near your place, kindly contact me at joharin.mymode@gmail.com so I can update it in the list. Those from other states or cities, kindly bear with me and I will try to list down available cell phone stores at your places.

There are also some cell phone stores that are located in New Jersey. Sorry about that because I was just too lazy to take it out from the list LOL. However, I will try my best to pull it out in the future once I have a list of available cell phone stores in New Jersey. Oh yes, one more thing, if you find any that is not anymore available (shutdown or any other possible reason), do contact me as well.

Verizon Wireless
636 Rockaway Tpke, Lawrence , NY – (516) 371-3000

Verizon Wireless Cell Phone Store
1201 Broadway, Hewlett, NY – (516) 374-1100

Latin Summit LLC
692 Madison Ave, New York, NY‎ - (212) 752-6555‎

Dr Phone Communications
401 Broadway # 2504, New York, NY‎ - (212) 431-9336‎

Motivations Inc
1170 Broadway, New York, NY‎ - (212) 447-6844‎

Paramount Global Marketing Inc
37 E 28th St, New York, NY‎ - (212) 696-9605‎

Dr Phone Communication Inc
500 E 77th St, New York, NY‎ - (212) 772-1219‎

Enterprise America
120 W 97th St, New York, NY‎ - (212) 666-5418‎

Global Phone Card
817 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY‎ - (718) 609-9430‎

JCB International Credit
70 E 55th St, New York, NY‎ - (212) 751-9307‎

Sole Phone Card
6421 Hudson Ave, West New York, NJ‎ - (201) 758-2701‎

NJ Power Phone Card Corporation
4612 Bergenline Ave, Union City, NJ‎ - (201) 864-9979‎

Tricom International
1 Exchange Pl # 311, Jersey City, NJ‎ - (201) 324-0078‎

Chamunda Swami Inc
3743 77th St, Flushing, NY‎ - (718) 898-8842‎

Locus Telecommunications
111 Sylvan Ave, Englewood Cliffs, NJ‎ - (201) 947-6100‎

Phone Card Atlas
6801 Fresh Pond Rd, Ridgewood, NY‎ - (718) 628-6764‎

Right Choice Calling Cards
724 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY‎ - (718) 469-1314‎

Diamond Phone Card
8720 Queens Blvd, Flushing, NY‎ - (718) 507-5452‎

Discount Phone Card
3770 74th St, Jackson Heights, NY‎ - (718) 205-2342‎

Nanak Telecard USA
789 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ‎ - (201) 876-7920‎

Sohel Phone Cards Center Inc
1091 Yonkers Ave, Yonkers, NY‎ - (914) 476-2073‎

Serviefectivo International
3932 62ND St, Woodside, NY‎ - (718) 396-6370‎

Phonecard 4 Sale.Com
57 Watermill Ln, Great Neck, NY‎ - (516) 482-4610‎

STX Communications
7519 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY‎ - (718) 507-7000‎

A1 Money Transfer
7307 37th Rd, Jackson Heights, NY - (718) 205-9601

7422 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY - (718) 205-9811

Coleccion Latina Inc
4210 Bergenline Ave, Union City, NJ - (201) 902-0515

Tellecard Land LLC
6004 Bergenline Ave, West New York, NJ - (201) 869-2861

Optimax Communications Inc
3930 61ST St, Woodside, NY - (718) 672-3333

NJ Power Phone Card
690 Main Ave, Passaic, NJ - (973) 574-0600

Dr Card Inc
4721 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY - (718) 618-0270

Nettel Distribution
1214 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY - (718) 467-2130

MTD Group
341 Utica Ave, Brooklyn, NY - (718) 953-9800

Reliable Telecommunications
Apt 10C, 9229 Queens Blvd, Rego Park, NY - (718) 896-6517

Verizon Wireless
636 Rockaway Tpke, Lawrence, NY - (516) 371-3000

Tmax internet cafe
7551 Bergenline Ave, North Bergen, NJ - (201) 590-8002

Popular Phone Cards Inc
1276 Gerard Ave, Bronx, NY - (718) 588-9508

Telecom King Inc
303 Webster Ave, Brooklyn, NY - (718) 854-0707

Intl Express Telecom Telecommunications
1503 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn, NY - (718) 282-0761

IPsmarx Technology, Inc.
48 Wall Street, Suite 1100, New York, NY - (212) 918-4990

Verizon Wireless
1201 Broadway, Hewlett, NY - (516) 374-1100

Time Machine Enterprises Inc
4188 Main St, Flushing, NY - (718) 888-2121

Time Machine Enterprises Inc
4144 Main St, Flushing, NY - (718) 888-1840

Best Price
1973 Bay Ridge Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY - (718) 259-9699

Mejia Travel & Service Inc
10213 Jamaica Ave, Richmond Hill, NY - (718) 846-5928

Ambe Sportscard Inc
19211 Union Tpke, Flushing, NY - (718) 736-1100

Vision Phonecard
763 Allerton Ave, Bronx, NY - (718) 644-0013

Union Telecard Alliance-Bronx
1530 University Ave, Bronx, NY - (718) 731-0001

Corona Cards Inc
10220 35th Ave, Flushing, NY - (718) 205-1507

East Coast Telecards
200 Main St, Orange, NJ - (973) 672-5100

New Jersey's Best Phonecards III
590 Main Ave, Passaic, NJ - (973) 773-9844

Sohel Distributor Inc
2076 Jerome Ave, Bronx, NY - (718) 329-5860

Premium Customer Care
4403 13th Ave, Brooklyn, NY - (718) 972-6300

Seleh Ali
1850 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY - (718) 287-1097

Vision Phonecard Distributors
763 Allerton Ave, Bronx, NY - (718) 798-7900

King Telecom
1122 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY - (718) 434-7200

Phone Cards & Communication
451 87th St, Brooklyn, NY - (718) 439-5060

Telecard Center USA Inc
535 Lexington Ave, Clifton, NJ - (973) 340-7878

3509 Ditmars Blvd, Long Island City, NY - (718) 726-5780

Truechoice Telecom
562 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY - (718) 436-5913

Poonam Goel Inc
378 Bedford Park Blvd # A, Bronx, NY - (718) 584-6000

Clifton Prepaid Corporation
1390 Main Ave, Clifton, NJ - (973) 478-8883

Datawave Service USA Inc
231 W Parkway, Pompton Plains, NJ - (973) 774-5000

Telefuture Phone Cards Corporation
775 Bloomfield Ave # 2, Clifton, NJ - (973) 614-2200

East Coast Telecard
730 Broad St # 4, Clifton, NJ - (973) 773-5002

Phone Card Network Inc
481 E Westfield Ave, Roselle Park, NJ - (908) 620-9738

Munti Global
603 Frank E Rodgers Blvd, Harrison, NJ - (973) 350-8872

Mamu Phone Card
2411 7th Ave, New York, NY - (212) 694-9280

Telenations Inc
77 E Halsey Rd, Parsippany, NJ - (973) 781-1070

Mak Tel
1030 Clifton Ave, Clifton, NJ - (973) 574-0011

Contacto Latino
672 Main Ave, Passaic, NJ - (973) 340-8650

Cash Express Corporation
946 18th Ave # B, Newark, NJ - (973) 399-8900

Union Telecom LLC
77 Tarrytown Rd # 201, White Plains, NY - (914) 285-1800

Super Star
165 Main St, Orange, NJ - (973) 414-6141

Rainbow Heaven Distribution
19 Meridian Rd, Edison, NJ - (732) 548-6455

Maruti Communications In
Fairview, NJ - (201) 941-0200

AT-Communication Inc
181 Elmora Ave, Elizabeth, NJ - (908) 352-3838

El Socorro Del Inmigrante Multiservice Inc
439 Main St # 105, Orange, NJ - (973) 395-2742

Haque Prepaid Phone Card
26 Lackawanna Ave, West Paterson, NJ - (973) 837-1564

OA Bah Phonecard
2494 8th Ave, New York, NY - (212) 234-4469

Deep Phone Card 1 review
1405 Oak Tree Rd, Iselin, NJ - (732) 283-3300

International Express Telecom
2916 Beverley Rd, Brooklyn, NY - (718) 284-5529

VN Communications
396 Smith St, Perth Amboy, NJ - (732) 826-9119

Cardsmart Inc
331 South Ave # C1, Garwood, NJ - (908) 232-2314

Nagle Phone Card
123 Nagle Ave, New York, NY - (212) 304-3740

International Telecard Service
467 North Ave, New Rochelle, NY - (914) 355-5091

Millenium Telecard Inc
148 Smith St, Perth Amboy, NJ - (732) 826-7113

Phone Cards
107 Eleanor drive, Kendall park, NJ - (732) 821-2304

International Telecommunications Group
279 Smith St, Perth Amboy, NJ - (732) 442-8001

Martine Fruit Farm
173 Martine Ave, White Plains, NY - (914) 448-2363

Tri State Phone Card
271 Lincoln Hwy, Iselin, NJ - (732) 283-0144

Telesmart Communications Inc. Phone Cards
768 East 93rd St Brooklyn, new york, NY - (866) 220-1122

ITA Prepaid Phone Cards
Clifton, NJ - (973) 772-7755

RMR Broadway Inc
1225 Broadway, New York, NY - (212) 532-5271

Smart Distributor Inc
100 Wood Ave, Iselin, NJ - (732) 321-8666

Inc Superstar
6 Deforest Ave, East Hanover, NJ - (973) 503-0782

Smoke N Stuff
1 Suffern Pl, Suffern, NY - (845) 369-0653

Atlas Phone Cards
730 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY - (718) 383-0546

A1 Telecard Inc
506 Us Highway 46, Garfield, NJ - (973) 546-0666

Calling Card Plus
613 Van Houten Ave, Clifton, NJ - (973) 767-2954

Prepaid-Guy Com Inc
101 Us Highway 46, Montville, NJ - (973) 439-7030

Pure Phone Card Co
2005 State Route 35, Oakhurst, NJ - (732) 531-6000

Express Uni
253C Lafayette Rd, Edison, NJ - (732) 662-3011

Future Prepaid Calling Cards Inc
964 Main St, Paterson, NJ - (973) 247-1114

DCT Distribution Center
500 Oak St, Copiague, NY - (631) 691-1842

Dollars Phone Card
232 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY - (718) 302-9016

Intercard Corporation
19 Scenic Dr # V, Croton On Hudson, NY - (914) 271-4583

Union Phone Card Distributors
9925 Horace Harding Expy, Flushing, NY - (718) 592-2500

Nadel Prepaid Phone Cards
77 Broadway, Paterson, NJ - (973) 523-8555

Jahitacom Discount Phone Card
2206 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY - (718) 434-8024

International Express Telcom Corporation
1122 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY - (718) 363-5983

Rumor Phone Card Inc
15416 23rd Ave, Flushing, NY - (718) 321-0370

STI Phonecard Warehouse
4315 Main St, Flushing, NY - (718) 321-9777

A-Tel Enterprise
3720 Broadway, Astoria, NY - (718) 626-8098

Ampak Communications Inc
2016 Williamsbridge Rd, Bronx, NY - (718) 409-5000

Prepaid Solutions
102 Mercer St, Hightstown, NJ - (609) 448-2129

Pepe Phone Cards
7601 Bergenline Avenue, North Bergen, NJ - (201) 868-0014

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

There is no doubt that prepaid cell phone plans are gaining steam in the United States these days. People from Bakersfield in California to Minneapolis in Minnesota have been talking about the advantages of prepaid plans and some even have decided to switch from the usual contract-based cell phone plans to the prepaid one. The number has increased significantly all across the country and this could be the reason that more and more cell phone carriers are offering prepaid cell phone plans that are more attractive and more affordable. I believe that this is a very positive progress since I have long promoted the advantages of using prepaid phone plans.

For those who have missed my previous posts about the advantages of prepaid cell phone plans, you may read it here at Pros and Cons of Prepaid Cell Phone Plans. Though I had elaborately explained the benefits, I would like to recall some of them as I see that those are the main benefits of using prepaid plans. The best part about using prepaid cell phone plan is the power that you have as the user. You control how much you are going to spend on the cell phone usage in terms of calls and text messages (SMS). You are the one to decide on how much you are going to refill your prepaid airtime. No one and not even the cell phone carrier can stop you from refilling as much as you want or as low as you want.

Apart from that, prepaid cell phone plan is a good way to educate yourself as well as your family members on saving the amount you use to refill the prepaid airtime. Since most of the prepaid cell phone plans available these days offer more and more features that are specifically designed to fulfill our needs, you can’t go wrong by switching to prepaid plans. In fact, if you know the principles behind using this plan, you will eventually notice that the cost would be much cheaper than you thought or at least better than some negative comments about prepaid cell phone plans.

A prepaid cell phone plan is quite easy to apply since you won’t be asked to produce your credit card. The store won’t check your credit background since prepaid plan is all about how much you are going to pay every month to refill your prepaid credit airtime or your prepaid minutes. Just go to the cell phone store and get yourself a low cost cell phone, get some discounts for few of the cell phone’s accessories, and then get yourself a SIM card. Then you are good to go and enjoy calling out on a prepaid cell phone.

I can see the reason why some people don’t even know that a prepaid cell phone works differently than the normal cell phones. A prepaid cell phone has a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card located under the cell phone’s battery; slotted nicely there. The SIM card looks like a miniature version of a credit card with a cut-off at one corner. The SIM card is considered as the brain for the prepaid cell phone which is used to identify the subscriber. In other words, the cell phone itself is not prepaid (as in most cases) but the SIM card is. Without the SIM card, the cell phone is virtually useless.

If you are using contract-based cell phone, you are more likely not to find any SIM card in your cell phone. This is because the cell phone itself has been locked to the specific cell phone carrier you subscribed to. In other words, the cell phone can’t be used for prepaid plan unless you unlock the cell phone. That’s why you see few websites offering to unlock your cellphone. There is a possibility that the cell phone still has a slot for the SIM card so you can switch to prepaid plan. Even if there is, the cell phone’s IMEI number might has been locked by the carrier. I do not have idea how some managed to unlock the cell phones but if you do know how, perhaps you can leave a comment down there so we can help each other.

Our aim today is provide you with the list of prepaid cell phone service carriers available in your state. I will try my best to list down all the cell phone carriers at all the states in the United States. The list is an extensive one but might not be exhaustive. So if you find any of the cell phone carriers that are not listed in any states, please do tell me so I can update the list from time to time. There are more than ten cell phone carriers in America and most of them are still considered new to me. Some are just the usual phone carriers such as AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Another thing is, if you see any carriers that are not offering prepaid services in the listed states, please tell me as well so I can correct them.

Ok, shall we start? Let’s see what’s in Minnesota.

In Minnesota, we have several cell phone carriers that are offering prepaid cell phone plans. They are T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Cingular, Alltel, US Cellular, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile cell phone plan, Tracfone, STI Mobile, and also Net10 cell phone plan. T-Mobile famous prepaid cell phone plan is known as T-Mobile To Go. T-Mobile To Go cell phone plan can be used for long distance calls, for instance, a call made from the Minnesota to Canada will cost you 40 cents surcharge per minute. I hope that you by now have already known how the cell phone service carriers charge you per minute.

Prepaid Cell Phone Plans in Arizona – we have again T-Mobile cell phone plan, Verizon Wireless, Cingular, Alltel prepaid, Boost Mobile prepaid, Virgin Mobile, Tracfone prepaid, STI Mobile and also Net10 prepaid.

T-Mobile cell phone plan is available in many states such as Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, and Florida. Apart from these states, T-Mobile can also be subscribed to at these states and cities – Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, and Kentucky.

Verizon Wireless cell phone plan can be subscribed at these states or cities – Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, and Kentucky.

In Arkansas, there are also a number of prepaid cell phone plans offered by several companies such as T-Mobile, Tracfone, STI Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile, Cingular, and also Boost Mobile.

Few of the major cell phone carriers which offer prepaid cell phone plans are available throughout the country. They are T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Cingular, Boost Mobile, Alltel prepaid, AT&T prepaid, Cricket prepaid, Earth Tones, Jump Mobile, Kajeet, Liberty Wireless prepaid, Locus Prepaid, Metro PCS, Mojo Mobile, Net10 prepaid, O2 Wireless prepaid, Omni prepaid, Page Plus Cellular, Simple Freedom, STI Mobile, SunCom Wireless prepaid, Total Call Mobile prepaid, Tracfone prepaid, US Cellular prepaid, Venture Mobile prepaid, and also Xtreme Mobile prepaid.

If you live in Arizona, you can also find out more about prepaid cell phone plans at local stores and branches. We have Verizon Wireless prepaid cell phone plan in Glendale and we have Cricket Communications in Peoria Arizona. To find out about Alltel prepaid cell phone plan, you may visit its store at Lake Pleasant Pkwy Peoria Arizona. There is also a company called Mobicel Systems Inc located in Scottsdale.

T-Mobile prepaid cell phone plan and Verizon Wireless can be found at almost all states and cities. Some of the cities include Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, and Nevada. Prepaid cell phone plans from both carriers are also available in New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York (of course), North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virgin Island, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and also Wyoming.

Apart from all the 50 states, some major prepaid cell phone plan providers have also expanded their services to Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. But that is not what we are supposed to be looking for when finding the right prepaid cell phone plan for us. There are few other things that you need to check out first. For instance, you should check whether the prepaid plan has a good coverage area at your particular location. Even if the carrier is popular at your area, it does not mean it has a good coverage. Sometimes the popularity is just the hype created by some cheerleaders hired by the cell phone carriers.

Apart from that, what decides whether the prepaid cell phone plan is great or not is also the reliability of the service itself. Check if the prepaid plan has any activation fees or not and if there is, how about the charges per minute for each call made using the plan. You should also find out if there is any expiration dates on the minute and if there is, how are you supposed to refill the prepaid airtime and where can you refill the prepaid card airtime. All these have to be considered and have to be kept in mind at all time to ensure that you will get the best out of the prepaid cell phone plan.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Mobile Phone Insurance

For the last two weeks I have been researching on few types on insurance plans that are designed to meet the needs of cell phone users. During that period, I have encountered few communities that believe that insurance for cell phones is not something that you really need and to them, cell phones are things or devices that have the same value like other daily utilities such as your shaver, electric toothbrush, or maybe your coffee maker. Since this topic is quite interesting, I dug for more stories and found out that there are also other communities that take cell phone insurance as something that you do need.

It is common to hear some sales pitch from the sales rep when you go shopping for a new cell phone. To be honest, it is not uncommon as well to hear them keep on advising you to buy their insurance. I am sure that you all have heard most of the common things about cell phone insurance; they will replace the cell phone whenever you lost it or it got stolen, they will repair the cell phone if the phone is damaged due to accidents, and so on. You will feel that the need to purchase the insurance is as important as buying the external memory card but instead of paying off one-time payment for the memory card, you have to pay extra $5 or more every month for the cell phone insurance.

Most of the time the cell phone insurance came from a third party insurer, in other words it is not something that is designed by the cell phone manufacturer. When this is the case, the policy is different than the manufacturer or the store’s own policy. This is where the trick is. When something happens to your cell phone, for instance the cell phone’s display screen is damaged; you will first call up the cell phone carrier. You will then be asked to call up the insurer since the policy is between you, the cell phone owner, and the cell phone insurer. The insurer will then explain to you that there might be a possibility that the cell phone model that you own is no longer being produced and they agree to send you another cell phone.

Does that sound like a good deal to you? Well, it is not to me. If I am using a Motorola V3x cell phone, which would also means that I love the cell phone more than other types. What’s the point of getting a replacement if I don’t get what I previously had? That is not fair, don’t you think so? But can you really argue when the cell phone is damaged due to your own negligence? And the most important part is, did you really read the policy first, thoroughly, when you purchase the insurance for your cell phone? Some did, and some did not. Those who read, they might not purchase the insurance in the first place. Those who did not, they might have missed a part or clause somewhere in the policy saying that the insurer has the right to replace the cell phone with any other different model.

Some people would think that it is a good investment when you insure your cell phone. Hey, why not, instead of buying a new cell phone, you will get a replacement which could be a better deal? Well, in this case, you should first understand how the insurance works. Why an insurance company would design a policy that will not bring them money? Insurance for your cell phone may be designed so that if something happen to your cell phone, you can make a claim for a replacement. There is a limitation to that; you can only attempt to claim once or twice a year. This is to avoid some greedy people from making fraud claims.

Making the claim is another issue. You might have to go through a lot of processes to ensure that the claim is considered valid by the cell phone insurer. There are times when you will feel that the process it takes to make one single claim is going to be a tedious one and you might end up not claiming anything. Imagine, the insurer might want you to produce a black and white proof that you have lost your cell phone. In order to do so, you may first lodge a police report saying that your cell phone has been stolen. After that, you may have to fax in the copy of the police report to the cell phone’s insurance company. And then you have to wait for maybe at least a week before you can get a confirmation from the office that your cell phone will be replaced and you will have to wait for about another week to receive the new cell phone. It will be a lot worst when the cell phone you will be receiving does not match the quality of your previous cell phone.

Another community that I have found during my research has thrown in an interesting suggestion about getting insurance for your cell phone. Whenever you purchase a new cell phone, please make sure that you ask the store about the cell phone’s warranty. There are possibilities that the manufacturer of that cell phone has offered replacement of the cell phone in the situation where the cell phone is malfunction. Most manufacturers do this as part of their initiatives to obtain feedbacks from the cell phone users about their cell phones in order for them to produce a better cell phone in the future.

Another way to save up your money on the cell phone insurance is by making sure if the store does have its own replacement policy. I bet that most stores have their own replacement policy though their policy might not cover for many months. This is good enough actually, and I will tell you later on how to insure your cell phone in a rather conservative method. I always love to find alternatives to what are offered by some people so that the methods that I use will always to my own benefits. Furthermore, I have more controls over what I am doing and I feel a lot more comfortable doing so.

Have you ever thought that you might have covered the cell phone lost or stolen issues in your other insurance plan? Think about it, if you lost your cell phone which you put in your car, that would means that it might has been insured in the auto policy? Have you ever thought about that? Why pay for more to protect your cell phone when it is covered elsewhere, right?

Getting insurance for your cell phone might sounds like a good idea, but the problem is, cell phones these days are not as what they used to be in the past. For instance, you might be buying a brand new Nokia N97 cell phone today. In the next six months, the cell phone is no longer something new and no one really cares about the cell phone since Nokia has introduced more and more brand new models and the furthermore, all the new cell phones have more great features and more stylish. So, let’s say that you lost your cell phone in about 20 months after buying it. If you paid $25 per month for the insurance, you have paid about $500. Of course, if you can get the same model as a replacement, it will sound like a great investment. Think about it again, twenty months from now, how much would your Nokia N97 cell phone worth? Would it be $500? I can surely bet that it could be lesser than that. So, is that a good investment to purchase insurance for your cell phone?

As far as I am concerned, it might be a good investment in the case that your cell phone is a really extreme and expensive one. Please read between the lines, it might. Remember, the contract that you signed might say that they will replace the cell phone you lost with a comparable one. You might not get the same model and there are also possibilities that you will get a cell phone that is not as good as the one you had. There are many things can be disputed when we say that a cell phone is “good” or “bad”. There are also cases reported that the insurance company replaced the lost cell phones with refurbished cell phones. Oh yes, if that is the case and if it ever happens to me, I will be the first one to sue the insurance company LOL.

Have you thought about the cell phone accessories? As far as I am concerned, the insurance company is going to replace the cell phone only and not the whole set. Would the replaced cell phone compatible with the old accessories such as the headsets, the cell phone charger, and so on? If it is the same model, you would not have much trouble. If it is not (which is true in most cases), you may then have to shop for those accessories that are going to be compatible with the new cell phone. You might then end up paying more than what your previous cell phone worth.

Based on what I have read so far, there are many cons to buying insurance for your cell phone. However, I don’t really oppose the idea. There are times when it is good to get one especially you really are one of those who keep on forgetting where they put the cell phone or that you keep on dropping your things at a daily basis. You might be those who need to get the insurance for your cell phone. If you don’t, then I will the first to be mad at you when you lost your cell phone. If you know yourself, and you know that the possibility that you would lose your cell phone is pretty high, then you should cover your cell phone.

The insurance for the cell phone may also be a good idea for those who travel a lot and most of the time the cell phone sits in the baggage. You know how those guys work in the airport, and there are 90% chances that the cell phone might got damaged. Traveling abroad is another thing; there are possibilities that the insurance would not cover out-of-the-country-scenarios. So you have to check with the insurance company about this.

There are also companies that are decent about insurance for cell phones. T-Mobile insurance for the cell phones are quite good and reasonable enough to be paid for. Third-party companies such as TalkCover and CUSC UK are specialists in offering cell phone insurance for many years. From what I heard, these cell phone insurance companies have exceptional track records and so far there are only few complaints against them.

As I said earlier, there are few factors to be determined before you can decide whether you do need cell phone insurance or not. The only person who can decide on this is only YOU. You know yourself a lot better than any other persons in this world. You know better whether you would drop your cell phone a lot or not in a month. If you are buying the cell phone for your child, then it might be a good idea to insure the cell phone as the child has more potentials to damage the cell phone or lose it.

For prepaid cell phone users, I don’t think that you should get insurance for the cell phones. Why? You don’t have to worry much about the stolen cell phones’ airtimes to be used without your consent since once they are used, the poor thief can’t make fraud calls anymore. You should consider another way to insure your cell phone which is what I am going to discuss down here.

Rather than paying for the insurance to cover your cell phone, you can always put aside the money every month. Say that the insurance costs you $10 a month. In a year, you can save up to $120. If you put that money into a high interest savings account, you will get more. If something happens to your cell phone, the money can be used to buy a new cell phone that is worth it. If you prefer to buy the same cell phone, I am certain that by that time the cell phone’s price has dropped a lot and you might end up paying less than $120 to get the cell phone.

Let’s just sum up a few things if you still want to get insurance for your cell phones;

Read the policy and ensure that the company will replace the cell phone in a reasonable timeframe.

If the market price for the cell phone is still high, would the company consider giving you cash.
In the case that the cell phone is stolen, would the insurance company covers the losses if the cell phone is used to make fraudulent calls.

Compare your cell phone’s price and its market price as well as the cost to pay for the insurance.
From what I have understood, again this is all about your preferences. However, preferences should be based on logical explanation and you should be rational enough when purchasing insurance for your cell phones.

Mobile Phones Around The World

Mobile phones have been used by people all over the world simply for its capability to let us communicate easily anytime and anywhere. The rapid technology advancement has let the usage of mobile phones to be something that you shall not miss at all. Landline phones are becoming obsolete these days though they are still widely used for business purposes and mainly in offices and workplaces.

The trend these days is to have a good-looking mobile phone and also what are special features added to the mobile phone. It is very common these days to see a mobile phone that has integrated auto-focus camera into it as well as the capability to play music and songs. From polyphonic ringtones to MP3 ringtones, mobile phones have been massively integrated all trendy features and therefore it is hard not to miss the opportunities to have a mobile phone and enjoy all these entertainment.

This blog is dedicated to provide you all information that is relevant to mobile phones. If you take some time to read the blog, you may find articles on these categories:

- Prepaid mobile phones plans - "prepaid plan" is a term that is widely used to describe mobile phone plan that needs you to pay for the service and the mobile phone first before you can use it. Other terms are pay-as-you-go mobile phone plan and also flexpay mobile plan.

- Post-paid mobile phone plans - "post-paid" is a term used to describe contract-based mobile plan where you are bonded to a contract for at least a year whenever you subscribe to the mobile plan.

- Business mobile phones - communication amongst employees are important as well as among your business partners. There are many benefits to be gained when you choose the right busines mobile phone plan.

- Smart mobile phones - fondly known as "smartphones", these type of mobile phone are usually integrated with a lot of tech features that allow you to have a computer-like mobile phone in your hand.

- Camera mobile phones

- Music mobile phones

- 3G mobile phones - the term "3G" is used to simply identify the mobile phone capability in various type of communication. The first time mobile phone was introduced, it can only receive inbound calls and make outbound calls. Later the 2G mobile phones has the ability to send and receive short message service (SMS) as well as picture messages. 3G mobile phones can be used to receive and send video messages as well as video calls.

- International phone cards - whenever you travel abroad, it is a good move to get yourself to get an international prepaid phone card where it can be used with your current mobile phone so you won't have problem to contact your business colleagues or your family.

- International mobile phones - Can you still use your mobile phone outside of your home country? I've discovered a lot of information on this question and I will try to explain about it in my own way.

- Satellite mobile phones - these type of mobile phones are just the excellent choice where you don't have to worry at all about the network coverage. You can get reception from almost anywhere with satellite mobile phones no matter where your location is. If you travel abroad, then maybe you should rent one of these mobile phones.

- Comparison between mobile phone plans - reviews are given on various mobile phone plans available. If possible, I will also try to include personal reviews given by the mobile plan users.

-"How to" information on your mobile phone - I will try my level best to share my knowledge on mobile phones. Tips and tricks to be used to tweak your mobile phones are given here. Yes, the information provided here are for free.

The Least Extreme Group of Mymode That Make Money Online

I feel obliged to inform you that we are neither Mymode favourite team nor the best agents too. We are part of the so-called extreme group PrepaidForYou. Our strive for success in making money online with mobile prepaid Mymode is the only reason we plunged ourselves into the fierceful world of internet marketing.

Marketing your products online is a tough job.

Making money out of them is even tougher.

Here we are, dedicated to guide you in achieving your target and dreams to successfully make money online selling prepaid phone cards and top up cards.

Please take some time to learn more about the business and from this blog, you will learn;

how to make residual income simply by using your prepaid phone

how to earn massive amount of income from Mymode business

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What is Mymode And How to Make Money from It Unbiased Short Review

Mymode is a solution to your quest to save more money while using your prepaid phone service in Malaysia. Major telecommunication providers in Malaysia are TM, Maxis Malaysia, Digi Telecommunication, and also Celcom Malaysia. Engaging itself into this lucrative prepaid business, Mymode has managed to properly established itself and able to receive recognition from Maybank and CIMB.

Many have claimed that the only purpose of joining Mymode is to save your money while using your prepaid service daily. Honestly that is only the rough idea and perhaps the first reason why you look for answers to save your money. Joining Mymode is truly the first step to open the path to earn residual income and perhaps one day you will be able to make silly amount of money like five to six figures a month.

I would like to apologize to any of my visitors if you fail to find any useful information about Mymode mobile phone and prepaid business. This blog is meant to guide you, not to teach or preach you what you must do to earn money online with Mymode. We learnt the hard way to put ourselves visible on the internet. You on the other hand have the advantage to override the time taken by following our guidelines. If you have the crave to learn how to make money online during recession time, then Mymode could be your first choice until you are ready enough to learn other paths to make money.

Can you make money from using Maxis Hotlink prepaid?

If you are a long time user of Hotlink, then I believe you have more than the knowledge on how Maxis charges you for anything and everything. Why waste the money for things you do not really need when you can actually earn money from it? You may not be as rich as Ananda Krishnan, the owner of Maxis Malaysia, but at least you can earn some money from all the telcos though you stick with Maxis Hotlink.

What if I use Celcom Xpax?

I know that sometimes you don't have the courage to try switching from one service to another. You might say that you are not sure about the advantages of other phone plans or network. Frankly say, that unsure feeling is just something you developed inside you due to successful marketing strategy from Celcom. Either using Celcom Xpax or Blue, it won't matter and you don't have to worry much if you plan to switch to Hotlink or Digi. Remember, at this time the cost to change or transfer is still free and therefore take advantage of that. Change and try it for a month and then you can always change back to your original provider. However, as far as money is concern, go for package that offers you lower call rates and that will absolutely help you to earn more money when you join Mymode.

Senarai Nombor Telefon Ejen Mymode Prepaid|Mymode Agents Cell Phone Numbers

Primary Contact Number:
Area Selangor|KL|Negeri Sembilan
012-241-5054 - Maxis Hotlink - Johari

Negeri Sembilan|KL
017-358-3658 - Maxis Hotlink - Khai

014-808-4051 - Maxis/Digi - Nor Ashikin

Johor Bahru
017-781-8114 - Maxis Hotlink - Aqib

012-651-5113 - Maxis Hotlink - Irfan

012-709-4914 - Maxis Hotlink - Baby

013-388-1572 - Celcom - Azizi

Johor Bahru
012-640-0955 - Maxis - Qila

Johor Bahru
017-769-5277 - Maxis Hotlink - Rozy

Maxis Hotlink SMS Instructions

How to topup your Maxis Hotlink Prepaid Mobile Phones

Dialing command : *111*Topup Pin Code#

How to Share your Prepaid Maxis Hotlink Credit TopUp

How to Check Your Credit Balance for Maxis Hotlink

Dialing command : *122#

How to access Hotlink Easy Menu

Dialing command : *100#

How to check Maxis Hotlink Rewards Points

Access Hotlink Easy Menu and choose options 7-7-1

How to activate Hotlink Super Savers Talk and SMS

How to activate Maxis Hotlink Activ10

Find Your T-Mobile phone coverage using this Superb Checker

Digi Prepaid I Like SMS Instructions

How to access DiGi Talktime Services menu

Dialling command : *128#

How to Reload or topup your DiGi Prepaid FuYoh

Dialling command : *123*(16-digit reload number)#

How to Share Your Prepaid Digi Credits Talktime Transfer

How to get advance credit for your Digi Prepaid Plus

Celcom Prepaid SMS Instructions

How to topup your Celcom Xpax Prepaid Account Using Code

Dial *122* 16-digit topup code#

How to reload Celcom Blue Prepaid Using SMS

Sms command : rec 16-digit topup code

Send to : 2888

How to check your Celcom Prepaid Credit Balance

Dial command : *124#

Sms command code: just type "bal" and send to 2888

Call center : dial 1990

How to share your Celcom Airtime

How to activate Celcom Blue Teman 20

Five simple reasons why and how you should transfer from Maxis Hotlink to Celcom Xpax

Bonus Hello Sunday

With Celcom Xpax, you will get free calls on all your Sundays!

Birthday Bonus Celcom

You can get free calls and SMS for seven days!

Two years airtime expiry date

You can choose either one or two years!

Fastest prepaid mobile phones network

Celcom 3G and HSDPA speeds can go as high as 3.6Mbps

Best customer service ever

Celcom has received two years back to back champion for 2006 and 2007