Monday, March 16, 2009

Cell Phone Chargers

The days are running at a very high speed and I am under the impression that the days are changing faster and faster day after day. I don’t know why. Could it be due to the fact that I’m getting older and older? Or could it be due to everyone seems to be walking fast all the time? Are they all running from something or are they trying to catch up something? If they are running from something, what could it be? If they are catching up something, what could that be anyways? Are they scared that they would get caught up in the traffic? Are they all running away from the city’s hectic and hassles? Seriously, I have no idea.

Seeing everyone moving and charging towards their respective destinations are not anymore something that is uncommon to me. It used to be when I was still young and live somewhere far in the suburban area. Hardly saw more than twenty people on the street around seven or eight in the evening. It’s even harder to see someone walking in the street in the middle of the nights. Frankly, all these businesses are making me dizzy all the time. However, I’m here for something. For survival. To take care of myself now and forever. To take care of my family too. I’m here for work. Yes, for work and survival.

So do the rest of those who live here in the city. We are all looking for ways to survive. Some would be working in companies and patiently wait for the paydays. Paydays are the days that we all love so much. Some prefer not to be employed by anyone else, so they have their own businesses. Some have groceries stores, cell phone stores, or maybe own a nightclub. All of us are trying to make ends meet at least. All of us know that if we don’t work hard, we are going nowhere. However, if we keep on doing the same routine every day, we tend to get bored easily. There are things that we need to do charge back the desire to work harder. We need the motivation to keep moving forward.

Yes I know it sounds funny to express my feelings about life in a cell phone blog. But I have to let it out. I don’t care where I should let it out. I don’t go to shrink since I found other ways to let out all of my feelings. Since my blog here is part of my world, I think that there’s nothing wrong if I want to let it out here.

Ok, let’s get back to work. Today we are going to take a look at one of the most important accessories that a cell phone can’t live without. We can’t live without the cell phone and the cell phone can’t live without it. We sleep every night to rejuvenate our body and heart. Cell phones do the same – they sleep every night to recharge its “heart”; the battery. So we need our bed, and the cell phone needs its charger. Without our bed, we’ll be sleeping either on couch or somewhere uncomfortable and will wake up feeling uneasy. If the cell phone’s battery is not charged properly, it will then have a short lifespan.

A cell phone charger is used to charge the cell phone (or the battery lol) and normally it takes less than three hours to charge the phone. Few years ago a charger has a different way to charge the cell phone and it was not like how we always see today where we just connect the jack on the cell phone to the charger and let it there for a while. Last time, the charger has its own holder where we have to place the cell phone on it. Some chargers did not have that facility so we have the take out the battery from the cell phone.

That is not the case these days. These days the cell phone chargers are more advanced and I will list down few cell phone chargers on the market. Most chargers are original chargers which are manufactured by the same cell phone manufacturers. For example, Samsung cell phones have its own cell phone chargers, Motorola cell phones have their own chargers, LG phones have their own chargers, and so on. Each one of the brands usually comes with the whole package where the standard package has a cell phone, a cell phone charger, and a headset. Some would include the Bluetooth accessories as well as part of the standard package.

Taking care of the cell phone’s batteries is as important as taking care of the cell phone itself. You can’t take it for granted. Never. There are many reasons why we have to take a really good care of the cell phone. I have explained one of the reasons above where the battery is the heart of the cell phone. Without the battery, the cell phone just can’t work. Therefore you have to keep the cell phone battery’s contacts clean all the time.

How many times do you recharge your cell phone battery in a day? Two? Three? Do you know that you can’t simply charge the cell phone? Yes, you can’t. That is wrong because if you do, the battery won’t last as long as what is stated in the cell phone manuals. To maximize the life of the cell phone battery, you should only recharge the cell phone when you are not using it or when it is about time to recharge it. Usually the battery’s life is indicated by a bar displayed in the cell phone’s screen so it is best to wait till there is only a bar left or wait till the cell phone automatically alerts you by popping out the message “Battery is low”.

Charging the cell phone is another thing. You can’t just use any cell phone chargers. There are possibilities that the cell phone can explode if you use unapproved cell phone chargers. Unapproved cell phone chargers are usually sold at lower price tag and that could be the reason that they are popular. Well for your information, there are already many cases reported when the cell phone exploded during recharge session and after deep investigation, most of the time it is due to the cell phone charger where it was an unapproved charger. Remember, using an unapproved cell phone charger is dangerous and can cost you your own life if you are nearby. Sometimes the chargers are not made up to the standard and it could also cause power trip which eventually could cause fire.

These days, cell phone chargers are using USB port where you can just connect it to the cell phone. They are easily retractable and thanks to technology, these days it only takes a while to recharge the cell phone with these chargers. The whole thing has been made a little bit more interesting where some companies have specialized into producing cell phone chargers and therefore you will have more choices.

Modern cell phone chargers can cost you around $7 up to $40. There are many types of chargers.

Home Cell Phone Chargers

Home cell phone chargers are standard chargers and the reason why you will be looking for one is usually because the original cell phone charger is no longer working or you have lost it. Don’t worry, there are a lot of these chargers on the market and you can just let the worries go away since most of them are certified and approved. Certified home cell phone chargers usually are 120V or 240V. Depending on your cell phone models, you have to state your model first before you will be given choices of cell phone chargers that are suitable for your cell phone. Never ever simply buy any cell phone charger or you might damage your cell phone.

I keep three home cell phone chargers for various reasons. One for my bedroom, one to be kept in the living room and another one is just the spare. I love the idea of keeping of spare of anything and keeping a spare of your home cell phone charger is a good idea. We never know when we will be using it but I’m certain enough that some time some day it will prove to be a good investment. My wife hates that idea though about keeping a spare of the home cell phone charger since she prefers me to buy her something else for her lol.

Car Cell Phone Chargers

Car cell phone chargers are the ones we use in our cars or our vehicles. Usually we plug the charger to the car cigarette lighter socket (modern cars have a different socket and some even have built-in USB port). If your car is the old one, or if you are worried about recharging your cell phone using the car’s own power connector, you can buy a different set of device which is called the inverter. The inverter is used to convert the current to alternating current and it can transform the current up to 120V or 240V AC.

Using a car cell phone charger is dangerous though if you are a careless person. Do not make it a habit to recharge your cell phone while your vehicle is switched off. It may drain out the power and it may cause damages to the car’s battery. So be careful if you want to recharge your cell phone using the car cell phone charger. Furthermore, if you have more than one car or vehicle, it is also a good practice to keep more than one car cell phone charger. Keep one for each car and if you have the budget, you can also keep a spare of the car cell phone charger in one of the cars for emergency purposes.

Other Cell Phone Chargers

There are other types of cell phone chargers available these days. There are charger stand, AC/DC adapter, DC power splitter which can turn one jack to two, and also the emergency cell phone charger.

Emergency Hand Crank Cell Phone Charger

The emergency hand crank charger is a device that is universal where it works with your car charger plug. The charger is designed to work different types of cell phones. This type of charger is absolutely a handy one since you can recharge your cell phone almost anywhere. In other word, the emergency cell phone charger is certainly the charger during “emergency” times when you really need to charge your cell phone and there are no sockets available anywhere. Most businessmen use the emergency cell charger since they are mobile and they don’t spend much time at one place. They don’t have the time to recharge the cell phone at the office and wait till it is done. So they use this charger to keep them as mobile as usual.

Another thing that is good about the emergency cell phone charger is it can be used to generate power anytime anywhere without a power source. If let say that you need to recharge the charger and at the same time you want to listen to your favorite MP3 songs in your cell phone, you can just plug it in and then crank it to recharge your cell phone. However, as I have mentioned it earlier, it is best to recharge your cell phone during the times when you are not using it to keep the lifespan of the cell phone batteries.

You can have as many cell phone chargers as you want but one thing that you should always keep in mind is to switch off or plug off the charger after each use. Keep that as a habit as we never know what could happen next. We can’t predict what happen but we can always prevent bad things from happening by disciplining ourselves. Think about it, if you left the cell phone charger on without a cell phone attached to it, and then your kids play with it and try to “imitate” your action of connecting it to the cell phone by “connecting” it to something else. Imagine what could happen next.

There are certainly many manufacturers out there producing cell phone chargers. Some produced approved chargers and certified cell phone chargers. Always use the approved ones. Better to be safe than sorry.

That’s all for now. Oh yes, I would like to remind some about my offer in my last post. I have made it sticky by pasting the offer in the sidebar of this blog. If you are wondering what I’m talking about, you can read about Prepaid Cell Phone Owners or Prepaid Cell Phone Stores.

Happy shopping!

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