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Site Build It Scam Reviews-Reviews Collection

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Have you ever heard of Site Build It? Do you know that the site has helped many people to earn money online? I am not posting this to provide you with either positive or negative reviews about the site but rather to help “balancing the reviews”. There are just too many of Site Build It reviews out there that are not contributing to the online world at all. People search the net for information and it is just unethical to mislead people through false information.

Site Build It has built its reputation for many years but throughout all that time, none of the members were given a chance to voice out their negative opinions. If they failed, they have nowhere to go. If they voice out their bad thoughts about Site Built It in forums or blogs, they will be bombarded with "Site Build It Special Teams" vicious responses. Retaliation is a wrong way to defend your product. If your product is good, you should be calm and react rationally to any comments or suggestions and eventually people will know that your product is a great one. Another thing that the Site Build It members should take note is suggestions from others. Listen to them. If they are good suggestions, don’t you think you can implement it to your product to make it better? The more features you put into your product, the more valuable the product becomes. When the product becomes a great one, then many would simply flock to the site and join. There is no need to retaliate and acted like scumbags.

Like Griz have said in his post Site Build It Review, there is no point being a bully simply because someone criticized your product. Listen to these people to improve your product. Don’t find ways to topple them down. We are not here to sink another Titanic (if you know what I mean). We are here as a team to help beginners making money online the right way the honest way.

Note: I am in no position to say that Site Build It is a waste-of-money product as I have never tried the product before. If you have tried it and it works for you, then that is good for you and I congratulate you for that. However, to SBI members, don't try to say that the product is the only product that can help you to make money online. Don't be so fanatic about it. What is so wrong with listening to others? If you can't take the heat, then leave the place and reanalyze the product. See where it goes wrong and how you can improve it.

If you are looking for honest reviews about Site Build It and SiteSell, below are some places that you could go to get a different set of reviews about Site Build It.

Vic from BloggerUnleashed has posted a great review on Site Build It at Site Build It Noobs are Funny.

Steve did a superb unbiased review too at Is Site Build It a Scam?

Splork from LostBallInHighWeeds said that Site Build It is a waste of money. See Another Online Scam from Site Build It.

AdTracker poked me in the stomach and made me laugh with his witty and humorous review at Site Build It Reviews.

Fiar from RadioActiveLiberty did an excellent post on why is this campaign a successful one at Site Build It Scam Trolls.

Bruce has his own opinion about Site Build It at What Constitutes a Scam?

Vic did the review on video! Check out Site Build It Scam - Exposed Video.

Lastly, the one who triggered this war, Lissie's post about Site Build It scam at Site Build It Review.

This special campaign is another proven method by the Niche Support that if you know the right technique ( and of course, the right community), then you can easily make money online. If you really want to make money onine using the right techniques, then join the network for FREE. Yes, it is FREE.

The community that we have is not about taking down others. We don't do that. We don't go and slap others. We don't humiliate people. However, the way that the so-called "SBI Rapid Response Team" responded to the article wrote by Lissie is unacceptable. That is not how professionals work. Only a troll works like that. We hate trolls and bullies. Hope that they have learned a good lesson from this exercise that retaliation and intimidation are not the way to let people trust your product, SBI. Remember, Site Build It is not a thaumaturgy and Evoy is not a thaumaturge in "make money online" world.

If let say for instance Griz's method to make money online is no longer working and someone pointed about it, then I am sure enough that Griz would nod to that and quickly embrace newer methods. An Internet Marketer like Griz will always do that. Read his "make money online encyclopedia" and you will see and learn many techniques he preached to make money online; some still work and some don't work anymore.

P/S- If you are looking information about prepaid cell phone plans, I am sorry that this post does not help you. Please feel free to roam around in this blog. Thanks for visiting.

Updated on March 30 2009 - Update: It seems like everything goes well with the campaign. However, there are few notes to be taken and they are the reasons why this is a "war". No one had ever intended (at least not from our side) to turn it into a battle. Unfortunately, there are pyshophantics in SBI who couldn't help but came to Lissie site and put up vicious and threatening statements in the site.

At least from that post, beginners who want to make money online who found out about SBI will learn something about SBI. At least, a fraction from the truth. We can't deny that. It is hard to find other reviews about SBI out there that are giving unbiased review of the product. Of course, it will take hours to read all of the comments there but hey, if you are going to spend USD$300 or more on something, would you mind wasting a few hours to study about it first? I don't think so. I believe that most of us are now more educated and well-informed about the scams in this world and we hate to be cheated by others.

I am not sure why were the SBI'ers so angry when Lissie wrote the scam review. Why didn't they jump when they google "site buid it scam" before and we see their Google sponsored affiliate links titled Site Build It Scam? or Site Build It Exposed?. Because those are how they "lure" you into reading their sites and instead of being told that the program is useless, they told you how the great the product is and they ask you click their affiliate link.

We notified about this in the discussion, and according to some sources, the company owner's had instructed that those advertisements with that sort of titles to be taken down from Google Adwords.

The campaign works. At least to avoid people from falling into booby traps.

Today I have tried to googel for site build it scam and I still see few of these titles.

"Don't Buy Site Build It" - The Good, Bad and Ugly? Any alternatives? Read More... - from SiteBuldIt-Review.com/special.

"Site Build It Exposed" - Check out my site build it review and read my important message first! - from revealingreview.com/sitebuldit

"Site Build It Revealed" - How true are their claims? Find out secret today - from www.federalreveiws.com

All these are "excellent" reviews to get you into joining SiteBuildIt without thinking twice. Yes, without thinking twice. They won't tell you anything negative about the product.

Is that what you call a review?

A review goes about telling you the pros and cons of a product. Therefore Lissie's review is the best reference for that purpose. You will become confuse sometimes but eventually you will learn about the product from both SBI users and ex-users. I tell you what, this is what you can do to properly interpret the discussion; Open your Excel make two columns. One column for whatever good things about Sitebuildit you have read and another column is for any negative things about the product. It doesn't matter if the points are more at one side. What is more importat is to gather relevant points. The more relevant points you have, the more wiseful your decision will become. Good luck!


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