Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Better Find Another Way to Make Money Online or Stick with Mymode

Many have disputed on how I find it essential for us to correct the current way of promoting mymode prepaid mobile phones online. A few have even marked me and spread words around telling people how crazy I am and how fake I am. Well, if you do take some time reading all of my posts, then you may find the real truth about me. How I almost fall into the pit of darkness and then returned with shiny armor. LOL maybe that line is a fake but the reality is not. I fell and I raise. I make money. Period.

Perhaps this is the best time to tell you guys how lucky I am right now since I have found the right way to expand my own network in the mymode prepaid phones business and at the same time I know the right way on how to make money online using other methods apart from mymode. Sure, mymode is still my main income but hey, do you mine your gold from only one place? I'm sure enough you don't. I don't think you are now concentrating 100% in mymode, do you? Most of the time you are just another employee doing your daily boring job and take instructions from your boss.

Now what's with my topic today...;-) I'm challenging you guys to start earning easy money from mymode or if you can't do it in the next 3 months from now, then you should start looking for other ways. But that is almost impossible, unless you don't do anything except registering with mymode by paying rm65 and then reload your prepaid mobile phones rm10 each time you receive your pay salary. If you do make enough effort by reading and reading especially on how important it is to think like an internet marketer, then trust me, you will start making money from mymode and furthermore, you will know how to earn money online in so many different ways.

If you have studied long enough about internet marketing, you may have figured out on your own how deceitful it could be most of the time. You find it hard to follow certain advice and at the same time you tend to follow dirty tactics as you find it easier to perform. Frankly say, that includes me too. I read so many sites and so many blogs that adviced you on how to earn money online and so on but still until now, it is hard to find the right one that is honestly telling you the right thing to do. Out of a thousand, only one does. And that one person is unfortunately has only few posts in his blog. It's normal I must say, coz he must be a real internet marketer, working on his way up to rank well in SERP for his selected niches. To search and dig another thousand sites or blogs is not an easy thing to do and you have to spend hours and hours to look for the right one.

Let's take a look into how some people in Malaysia buat duit online and also their claims on how they made thousands and thousands in a month....;-)

Kayu2u blog
This fella is ranking first in G serp if you type "buat duit online" which means make money online. He did a great job and he deserves the rank. He made quite a handsome money. But somehow his squidoo blog ranked better than his own blog. We will discuss about that later.

Ariff Online
He is one of those gurus that teach you easy ways to earn dollars online. He discussed mostly on his experiences and just like other gurus, he managed to earn quite a lot from the net.

Jason Tan OnlyinMalaysiamah
This guy lives in Damansara and he exposed how he made about rm38k from the net each month. From what I heard, he made money from selling his ebooks.

Meet Gobala Krishnan
He is one of the famous gurus in Malaysia and he does earn around 9-10k dollars a month. His famous product is wordpress adsense system. He has a lot of followers. I don't, but I have nothing against him LOL...

Many of those I mentioned above did rank well in google serp for their specific keywords but somehow their pr is zero. Not quite sure why that is, or perhaps some of them got slapped by google last time when G changed its algorithm. Hey, don't ask me much on technical terms as I only know one thing when I come online; I want to make money. Mymode prepaid mobile phones is the first legitimate money making service that I had the courage to join and it turns out to be a great way of increasing my earnings.

In my last post, I talked about how to manipulate offers and rewards by maxis hotlink prepaid to make money online using mymode. I'm not talking about how to apply for the maxis hotlink caller ringtones and so on. Do take sometime to read it if you are still new and have some interest to earn some money from mymode prepaid service. Just to let you know that tmnet prepaid is also another service that is part of mymode products and later in future I will certainly talk about the benefits of using tmnet prepaid and subsequently earn handsome ringgit from it.

Back to work...I have a plan for my network here at Mymode Network J&N where I want all of my downlines to have his/her own blog and I will personally assist him/her to optimize the blog accordingly. Maybe I don't have enough credibility at this point but I will soon and I know for fact that once I start boasting about it, many would come and take the chance and you will be left out and regret is a no-no at that time hahaha just kidding guys. My real intention here is to share my knowledge and to let my friends and colleagues to try the easier path than what I took. Maybe by now your question is what's the catch bro? Well, to be able to assist you, you should first register as mymode agent under my wings. I'm not asking much but rm50 will do and I'll pay the rest. I know..I know...that by now you already know what's the reason I can accept rm50 not the usual amount to register in mymode which is rm65. There's still a small profit I can get from there and I need it, and I'm going to use it to expand the business accordingly and for the benefits of all of my downlines, and that includes you.

Perhaps you have read a lot about mymode business and I am confident I can survive in this business. I have reached the chief mobile rank and therefore I don't need more people to be registered directly under me. In other words, if you are new here and you have the interest to join buat duit dengan mymode, then once you have registered, I will put you under one of my present downlines. This is my sole objective and it is important so as to expand my network in a proper way in terms of seo optimized and so on. I want all my direct downlines to achieve the same level as me. Once any of them become chief mobile too, I will then transfer the next generation that register him/herself under him or her. This method will be applied all the way to the end and you don't have to worry about being left out. I won't leave you out because every single cent and ringgit counts. I know how hard it is to earn money and I won't try to steal any from you guys. I'll make sure you guys earn as much as I do.

More will be explained in my future post on how I can assist you to earn a better rank to start earning potential money from business or perniagaan mymode. As I said earlier, this will help you not just to earn residual income from prepaid cards and reload cards, but also from a lot of other things. My advice is, stick with Mymode Malaysia by joining me and I'll show you both the good side and the dark side.

May the for$e be with you...;-)

Mymode is a mobile solution service brought to you by Advances Mobile Services & Solutions Sdn Bhd (AMOSS). With Mymode, you will have the chance to earn hard cash through selling of prepaid cards for various prepaid mobile phones plans such as Maxis Hotlink Prepaid, Celcom Blue, OneComm, Tmnet Prepaid Streamyx, UMobile, and lot other cellphones plans.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Using Maxis Hotlink Prepaid Service Review

Maxis Hotlink

Perhaps it is best for me to first explain what is maxis hotlink as there might be few of you who never heard of what it is. Hotlink is another communication service provided by maxis malaysia which is a telco service in Malaysia; specifically Hotlink is a prepaid service. You may as well go to www hotlink com my to get more information on it. Hotlink prepaid is considered as one of the most popular services in Malaysia as a lot of teenagers and new generations use maxis hotlink.

I'm going to list down here their great services and later on I will elaborate more on why using maxis malaysia hotlink has a lot of advantage when you want to promote your Mymode business and eventually earn money online easily.

My Maxis Hotlink Activ5 & Hotlink Activ10

Hotlink activ5 and hotlink activ10 is a great tool and bonus for prepaid hotlink user where you may choose up to 5 or 10 maxis or hotlink numbers, and whenever you call them, you will only be charged 15 cents per minute which is about half time lower than normal rate. If you text or maxis sms, the charge is extremely low which is only 1 cent per hotlink message. There's no charge if you want to activate it. You can do it online at www hotlink com my hotlink or if you have already registered as a maxis hotlink user and you don't have access to computer, you may just dial *100# and choose from the options.

Signing Up For My Hotlink

It is quite important as well for you to register yourself at my hotlink as a means to grab all the great maxis rewards and maxis specials. Signing up is very simple where you must first enter your desired username (but it depends on availability) and then you must enter your registered phone number either 012 or 017. Once submitted, your temporary system generated password will be sent to your phone and you may use it to login into your my hotlink account. The system will prompt you to change your password and then setup your security question.

The reason here is as for now activ10 numbers can be setup online using my hotlink. You can easily make changes as well and this is very convenience since you now have the ability to view all those numbers that you have registered before using *100# services.

Hotlink Super Savers Plan

I must say that the super savers here are really great as their names since the rewards are simply great. If you choose maxis SMS Super Savers plan which cost you only rm2, you will get to send 200 maxis sms to 200 maxis numbers! The cost here is just like the maxis activ10 where it is only 1 cent per sms. But then there is limitation where it is only valid from 6am to 6pm. Still, 12 hours is more than enough for you to take the advantage! The other super saver is Talk Super Saver where you can start to purchase it from 12 midnite daily. Just like maxis sms super saver, this plan is valid from 6am to 6pm and you will save around 85% from normal call cost!

Hotlink 365

You may also choose to activate hotlink 365 where you don't have to worry anymore about being cut off though you still have credit. For some who may not know, whenever you purchase maxis reload, say for example rm30, the credit is valid for use for only 30 days. After that the service is blocked and you can only receive incoming calls. With hotlink 365, that limit is lifted up for a one time fee which is rm33 and you may just topup at least rm30 in the first 6 months.

Hotlink Rewards (Loyalty rewards)

Whenever you topup, you will get 2 points for every ringgit you spend when you maxis reload your phone. The longer you stay with maxis, the more points will be given. The points can be redeemed where 100 points is equivalent to 50 sms or rm1 airtime. It's not hard to accumulate about 300-600 points in a month and redeeming is another bless from Maxis hotlink!

Now why all these? These are all the rewards and bonus given by maxis hotlink that you can manipulate as a weapon and strategy to strengthen your mymode prepaid business. With sms super saver plan, you can launch your sms campaign. Get a list of all your friends and colleagues as well as foe (if you have one LOL) and make sure that there are maxis numbers. Create a sales pitch message and broadcast it by texting to all the numbers. There are numerous promotion lines you can use and I don't personally think that you need my help on that one hahaha guess you all have your own style and the most important thing is you know your friends. You know how best to approach and influence them.

Selling your mymode buat duit prepaid business using SMS may not be so effective unless you are willing to sacrifice a bit more by calling your prospect. You can do this if after sending the text, one or two of them started to reply to gain more information about mymode business. You may take extra mile here by calling them and you may also invite them to meet you so you can can explain more on about prepaid mymode. That is why it important for you to utilize the maxis rewards point by requesting for the talk super savers.

When your mymode business have expanded, there might be time where you may have forgotten that you forgot to topup your phone (cause you thought you had it done since now your myecash account was almost full LOL). Sadly, maxis have to block its service just to remind you that they are very concern about their customers hahaha and that's where the hotlink 365 comes in. Activate it and you don't have to think about this collateral damage anymore.

If you are my usual reader, perhaps you may find this article is not something that you can learn a lot from it. However, this article served its purpose for those who needs the most from both maxis hotlink and buat duit dengan mymode.


More updates : I have noticed a slight increase where I got readers coming from other countries. Some did ask about prepaid mobile phones available here but some also wanted to have more information about international mobile phones. I have taken some time to do some research and I will keep on coming up with more posts on prepaid business in other countries such as T-Mobile prepaid mobile phones.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Make Money Guidelines

panduan buat duit untuk ahli baru Mymode

Mymode Sebagai Peluang Buat Duit Online Dan Offline
Saya amat pasti yang kini anda sudah mempunyai sekurang-kurangnya sedikit pengetahuan tentang apa itu bisnes Mymode dan apakah potensinya dalam angan-angan anda untuk buat duit online dan offline dengan prepaid "Mymode". Walau bagaimanapun, apa yang saya rasa merunsingkan anda sekarang adalah bagaimana pula cara yang terbaik untuk promosi perniagaan Mymode topup? Cukupkah dengan mencipta sebuah laman web atau blog yang menceritakan tentang bisnes Mymode, kemudian sediakan satu ayat yang mengajak orang ramai join Mymode?
Jika anda menyertai Mymode Network pada tahun 2005, mungkin anda kini salah seorang di dalam bisnes Mymode yang sudah kaya dan mewah hasil usaha anda promosi Mymode secara online.
Tapi anda sekarang berada dalam tahun 2008, tiga tahun selepas saudara Nor Adi Jaafar, founder prepaid4u berpangkat 6-star CM dalam perniagaan Mymode yang telah merintis jalan untuk promosi bisnes Mymode secara online. Selepas kejayaan Nor Adi, berpuluh ribu rakyat Malaysia dengan mudahnya dapat mengakses maklumat tentang apa itu Mymode di internet dan menyertainya. Selepas itu jugalah, muncul beribu-ribu, malahan berpuluh ribu laman telah diwujudkan di Internet semata-mata untuk mempromosikan bisnes topup Mymode secara online.
Dengan kata lain, anda mungkin akan gagal sekiranya anda rasa sangat mudah untuk promosi Mymode di Internet. Buktinya jelas, anda boleh cuba untuk search "mymode" di Google dan anda akan menerima lebih kurang 458,000 carian tentang mymode. Jika anda buat sekarang satu laman atau blog tentang bisnes topup mymode, jumlah carian akan meningkat kepada 458,001. Di mana laman anda akan disenaraikan? Satu muka penuh carian di Google cuma ada sepuluh, jadi laman anda tentang perniagaan Mymode akan tersenarai di muka yang ke 45,800. Hahaha bayangkan kalau anda baru nak mengetahui tentang bisnes Mymode, adakah anda akan mulakan carian dengan pergi ke mukasurat yang paling akhir dahulu? Fikirkanlah...;-P
Pada peringkat inilah ramai yang akhirnya kecewa untuk promosi mymode secara online dan cuba pula untuk promosi di luar. Promosi di luar bererti bersaing dengan bisnes sedia ada di luar sana dan anda pula harus bersedia untuk mengeluarkan budget untuk menyediakan alat-alat promosi. Anda harus siapkan belanja untuk poster,banner,flyers, dan sebagainya. Anda juga harus keluar untuk promosi dan meluangkan masa yang banyak untuk promosi.
Pengakuan : Saya mungkin tidak banyak downline, tetapi hakikatnya kebanyakan daripada downline yang saya perolehi datang daripada laman ini dan juga daripada beberapa kempen yang saya jalankan di Internet. Dan untuk pengetahuan anda, laman ini juga bukanlah lama sangat, malahan masih baru. Malahan pada hari ini, saya masih terus berusaha untuk bersaing untuk meletakkan laman atau blog mymode saya ini di muka pertama. Kita lihat sekarang bagaimana Google meletakkan mana-mana laman atau web di Internet berdasarkan carian kata kunci "mymode".
Kajian Intensif Laman Web Atau Blog Bisnes Mymode Di Carian Google
(Nota : hasil kajian di sini cumalah contoh yang anda boleh gunapakai kerana ia merujuk kepada carian yang dilakukan sebelum ini, jadi terdapat kemungkinan hasilnya berubah apabila anda mencuba di masa akan datang. Tidak banyak beza dan tak mustahil anda akan terjumpa blog saya ini juga di muka pertama...;-) )

Berdasarkan gambar di atas, anda dapat melihat sendiri bagaimana Google menyusun hasil carian apabila anda taip mymode. Dua carian yang pertama datang daripada laman mymode sendiri manakala tempat ke-3 jatuh kepada Prepaid4u.Net. Sengaja saya highlight dengan kotak merah di sebelah kanan, iaitu jumlah keseluruhan carian daripada perkataan mymode.
Sekarang lihat pula bagaimana kalau carian dilakukan untuk blog percuma saya ini bila saya taip "mymode network".

Ok, seronok sebenarnya apabila kita lihat website atau laman kita berada di halaman pertama carian Google...kita dapat merasakan hasil usaha kita untuk promosi bisnes mymode berhasil dan mencapai kejayaan. Tak lama lagi ramailah yang akan mendaftar sebagai downline mymode dan berkembanglah perniagaan mymode prepaid anda.
Tapi kenyataan di atas sebenarnya cuma indah khabar dari rupa...
Kenapa? Apa masalahnya? Bukankah berada di tempat pertama memudahkan kerja kita? Hakikatnya berada di tempat pertama untuk kata kunci 'mymode network' bukanlah satu perkara yang luarbiasa. Bahkah hakikatnya anda yang baru memulakan laman blog Mymode anda sendiri pun mampu melakukannya.
Buktinya ialah apabila kita cuba lihat laman promosi bisnes Mymode di bawah:

Laman mymode-sms mendahului carta apabila anda masukkan keyword 'mymode sms'. Ini sudah pasti dan jelas lagi nyata kerana laman tersebut menggunakan keyword tersebut sebagai nama blognya. Jadi tidak hairan kalau ia mendapat tempat pertama. Buat pengetahuan anda, ada juga laman dengan alamat mymode.blogspot.com. Sayangnya ia gagal mendapat tempat pertama di dalam carta kerana ia tidak pernah dikemaskinikan. Ada kemungkinan yang ia telah didaftarkan oleh syarikat sendiri untuk mengelakkan penggunaan promosi mymode yang menyeleweng dan bertujuan mengelirukan. Begitu juga dengan laman prepaid4u.blogspot.com. Wujud tetapi tidak dikemaskinikan. Buat pengetahuan anda, keadaannya sama bila anda cuba mendaftarkan laman dengan nama google.blogspot.com atau yahoo.blogspot.com. Ini melibatkan perundangan pula kerana tiap nama tersebut termasuk nama syarikat mymode merupakan nama yang berdaftar yang tidak boleh digunakan sewenang-wenangnya.
Secara ringkasnya, apabila anda berminat dan cuba untuk promosi mymode secara online dengan mencipta laman web atau blog, adalah penting bagi anda untuk ingat perkara-perkara penting ini:
Blog Anda Bukan Untuk Anda
Ya, kerana anda buat blog untuk tujuan promosi perniagaan mymode anda. Sentiasa ingatkan diri anda untuk berfikir seperti orang awam yang ingin tahu tentang bisnes topup mymode.
Contoh: Adi Nor cuma orang biasa yang tak pernah dengar tentang prepaid Mymode. Satu hari rakannya Jaafar bercerita panjang lebar tentang bisnes reload mymode kepadanya. Adi Nor tertarik untuk mengenali mymode dengan lebih mendalam tetapi cuba untuk mendapatkan maklumat yang lebih mendalam tentang buat duit dengan mymode tanpa bertanya kepada Jaafar. Ini kerana dia ingin tahu pendapat yang tidak berat sebelah ataupun cerita yang hanya menceritakan kebaikan tentang bisnes mymode. Lalu dia cuba untuk selidik di internet. Masuk saja Google, dia terus taip keyword 'mymode'.
Dari contoh di atas, jelas tak kenapa pentingnya anda berfikir sama seperti orang yang baru nak mengenali bisnes mymode? Google mempunyai sistem yang unik di mana ia mengembalikan hasil carian yang relevan dengan apa yang dikehendaki oleh pengguna. Jika pengguna taip 'selipar', ia akan keluarkan hasil carian berkaitan dengan selipar. Ia tidak akan keluarkan hasil carian berkaitan seluar. Begitu juga jika anda taip 'biskut raya', google akan keluarkan carian berkaitan dengan biskut raya.
Google Mahu Website Atau Blog Yang Relevan
Seperti syarikat-syarikat yang lain, Google mempunyai tanggungjawab yang besar terhadap pelanggan-pelanggannya. Pelanggan-pelanggan Google adalah mereka yang menggunakan Google sebagai tempat untuk mereka mengiklankan perniagaan mereka. Oleh sebab itu Google senantiasa berusaha meningkatkan teknologi enjin pencarinya supaya apa yang dicari oleh pengguna akan mengembalikan hasil carian yang relevan. Ini penting supaya produk diiklankan melalui Google sampai kepada orang awam dengan berkesan.
Ini adalah sebab utama kenapa website bisnes mymode merupakan hasil carian yang pertama apabila anda taip 'mymode'. Enjin pencari Google akan berusaha untuk mengembalikan website atau blog yang relevan dengan keyword tersebut. Namun begitu, harus saya ingatkan bahawa Google cumalah robot hasil daripada programming peringkat tinggi. Ia tidak faham apa yang anda benar-benar mahukan. Ia cuma faham keyword yang anda taip. Ia akan cuba cari semua laman yang mempunyai perkataan 'mymode' termasuk laman dengan ejaan yang hampir sama seperti 'my mode'. Tetapi apabila anda tambah keyword supaya lebih terperinci, Google akan mencari laman yang lebih terperinci dan akan menapis kesemuanya lalu menyusunnya mengikut turutan yang diyakininya relevan dengan apa yang dicari oleh pengguna.
Kaji sendiri: Cuba anda cari frasa ini "bisnes prepaid mymode buat duit online". Website mana yang akan keluar dulu?
Perlu juga saya ingatkan di sini tentang penggunaan laman web atau blog percuma atau tidak. Saya akan bincangkannya satu hari nanti apakah kelebihan menggunakan domain sendiri dan apa pula pro jika guna blog percuma. Apa yang pasti, tidak menjadi satu masalah jika anda memilih untuk guna blog percuma, apatah lagi jika anda pilih blogspot kerana ia amat friendly dengan Google.
Sekali Lagi Pentingnya Berfikir Seperti Pengguna
Meletakkan diri anda sebagai pengguna merupakan fakta yang tidak boleh diketepikan sama sekali jika anda betul-betul berminat untuk mempromosikan bisnes prepaid mymode secara online. Pengguna mencari maklumat yang adil dan tidak akan berhenti mencari maklumat yang relevan dengan apa yang bermain di fikiran mereka. Jika boleh, mereka mahukan penjelasan yang padat dan nyata tentang cara untuk buat duit dengan mymode. Mereka tidak mahukan penjelasan yang sekadar mengajak untuk join mymode atau menyertainya secara membuta-tuli. Mereka juga mahu tahu benarkah ada di kalangan mereka (rakyat Malaysia) yang dah pernah buat duit dengan mymode. Mereka juga tidak mahu sekadar membaca testimonial dari website mymode atau dari website prepaid4u. Pendek kata, mereka tidak mahu tertipu atau ditipu untuk menyertai bisnes sms mymode.
Optimasikan Blog Laman Web Anda
Inilah sebenarnya yang harus anda lakukan apabila anda mahu promosi laman web perniagaan mymode anda. Optimasi di sini bermaksud:
  • Menyediakan laman yang lengkap dengan pelbagai maklumat tentang bisnes Mymode
  • Meletakkan pilihan yang pelbagai kepada pengguna seperti link ke website lain yang turut bercerita tentang Mymode supaya anda tidak kelihatan berat sebelah atau sekadar menarik perhatian
  • Mempromosikan laman/blog anda di merata-rata tempat seperti dalam yahoogroup atau di dalam mana-mana forum yang anda sertai
  • Menghubungi pemilik laman/blog yang lain untuk tujuan bertukar-tukar link dan sebagainya.
  • Menghantar laman web/blog anda ke direktori Google dan lain-lain.
  • Memilih keyword yang sesuai untuk anda gunakan di dalam laman web/blog anda
Buat Duit Online Dengan Mymode Promosi Laman Prepaid4U Anda
Jika ini adalah kali pertama anda ke blog Mymode Network dan baru berhasrat menyertai Mymode, jangan segan-segan untuk mengunjungi website Prepaid4u. Prepaid4u mymode menyediakan pelbagai kemudahan yang anda boleh gunakan untuk promosi bisnes prepaid mymode. Antara yang paling menarik ialah prepaid4u menyediakan laman replika yang memiliki id anda sendiri sebagai langkah mudah untuk promosi perniagaan mymode anda. Akan datang saya akan ceritakan bagaimana cara terbaik untuk promosi laman replika prepaid4u anda.
Kata kata akhir dari saya - Buat duit online dengan bisnes Mymode menggunakan handphone prepaid bukanlah satu perkara baru dan bukan juga sesuatu yang perlu anda ragukan keberkesanannya. Jika anda masih belum join Mymode, saya tidak galakkan anda untuk join terus tanpa mengkajinya terlebih dahulu. Selidik kesemuanya tentang bisnes topup mymode kerana tanpa pengetahuan yang mendalam, anda mungkin akan kecewa selepas menyertainya. Anda mungkin hilang kepercayaan terhadap potensi buat duit dengan mymode. Percayalah, hari ini bisnes mymode adalah salah satu bisnes prepaid topup yang terulung di Malaysia tanpa promosi yang ekstrem di kaca tv atau akhbar. Banyak juga yang telah saya rungkaikan di blog ini tentang perniagaan prepaid mymode. Kalau ingin tahu asalnya bagaimana saya sertai mymode, anda boleh ke sini. Kalau anda ingin tahu tentang pendapatan yang boleh anda perolehi bila anda buat duit dengan mymode, anda boleh lawati lamannya di sini.
Tidak menjadi satu masalah pada saya sekiranya anda lebih berminat untuk tahu bagaimana buat duit dengan bisnes prepaid mymode secara terus daripada saya. Anda boleh sms nama anda dan soalan anda kepada saya di 012-241-5054.
Admin Mymode Network J&N
Peluang buat duit online dengan bisnes prepaid mymode topup dan reload Maxis,Hotlink,Celcom,Tmnet prepaid,iTalk,Onecomm.Jana pendapatan impian anda dengan Mymode.

Mymode is a mobile solution service brought to you by Advances Mobile Services & Solutions Sdn Bhd (AMOSS). With Mymode, you will have the chance to earn hard cash through selling of prepaid cards for various prepaid mobile phones plans such as Maxis Hotlink Prepaid, Celcom Blue, OneComm, Tmnet Prepaid Streamyx, UMobile, and lot other cellphones plans.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Privacy Policy

Updated on April 2009 :

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In addition, you may also opt out of advertising companies tracking and tailoring advertisements to your surfing patterns by visiting Network Advertising Initiative. You may opt out any time by clicking the Opt Out button in that site or you can also use the "Opt Out" button on the Ads Preferences Manager.

Apart from Google Adsense, Google also offers display advertising services through DoubleClick to serve more relevant ads across the web and limit the number of times a given ad is shown to you. DoubleClick DART cookie is used to increase ads performance. You may visit DoubleClick site for more details about DART cookie as well as opt out options at Google's Privacy Center.


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Can You Really Make Money from Your Mobile Phone?

Finding the Truth about Making Money From Our Mobile Phone

Making money online from mobile phone is not something new in Malaysia and it is not impossible. Our friend Adi Nor Jaafar from Prepaid4u had proven it that to make money from Mymode is possible and therefore it could be easily promoted online.

Until today Mymode stays as one big company that offers you a chance to make money from just using your mobile phone and a few SMS instructions. Of course, you just can't deny the fact that are few companies out there such as MobileWallet and MobileMoney. Sometimes the fees are even lower to join these companies and from one point of view it seems like Mymode is going down. This is actually the fact why Mymode still remain as your source to make money only with your mobile phone and a few instructions to be sent via SMS.

Registering yourself for Mymode costs you RM65 where RM54 is actually the membership fee. The RM11 balance will be credited back to your Mymode account which is today known as MyEcash.

Whenever you bring new line to Mymode, MyMode will reward you with RM10 per each person that you bring in. That is not a big amount, but believe me, this is all just about volumes. Same thing applies when your downline brought in new lines. He or she will get the RM10 reward, but at the same time, you will get yours as well where you will be rewarded with RM1 per person.

You will start to earn a lot of money with Mymode the moment you have reached at least six downlines. Mymode will at this point give you options to upgrade yourself as a Mobilepreneur (MP). Upgrading to MP will cost you RM30, but later when you bring in new lines, you will be rewarded RM18 per downline. You will get RM9 when your downline then brings you new member. This income is unstoppable until your downline upgrades his or herself to an MP as well.

Mymode prepaid mobile solution is leading the industry since it has an established network. Promotion through websites are mainly done by our friend Nor Adi Jaafar who had founded Prepaid4U. He proved that the business can be expanded quite well online.

If you think that you are interested in making money online with Mymode, I recommend you to first study about the product. Don't you ever be influenced by claims that you can earn thousands from Mymode. Yes you can, but that is only possible through hardwork and perseverance. Believe me, many that have excelled in Mymode these days had been working really hard to earn their financial freedom.

The question is, would you be able to search for people to be your downline and at the same time you can earn money from promoting it online? This is best answered if you have already known some facts about using the web efficiently and the fastest way to promote your product online. Yes, you can easily setup a website or a blog and start to write articles about Mymode.

Believe me, setting it up is an easy task, but promoting it? It will take some time before someone would actually visit your webpage. You should first learn how to make promotion online. You should first learn how to increase your webpages visibility on the net.

If you want to promote your Mymode website or blog online, you should first understand the concept behind putting your site to be ranked by all the search engines. Then only from there you will see significant result and from there only you will start to earn money online from Mymode.

(Malay version)

Buat duit dengan handphone bukanlah satu perkara baru dan bukan lagi sesuatu yang mustahil. Saudara Adi Nor Jaafar dari Prepaid4u telah membuktikan hakikat buat duit melalui Mymode mampu dipromosikan dan disebarkan secara online.

Sehingga ke hari ini Mymode masih utuh sebagai sebuah syarikat yang menawarkan peluang buat duit melalui handphone dan sms. Memang tidak dinafikan banyak syarikat lain di luar sana seperti Mobile Wallet dan Mobile Money. Malah saya berani katakan mereka menawarkan pendaftaran yang lebih murah berbanding Mymode. Dari satu sudut memang akan nampak seolah-olah Mymode akan tewas. Hakikatnya di sinilah terletaknya kehebatan dan kelebihan Mymode sebagai sumber buat duit hanya dengan handphone dan beberapa arahan sms.

Pendaftaran Mymode memerlukan pelaburan sebanyak RM65 di mana RM54 merupakan yuran dan baki RM11 akan dikembalikan ke dalam akaun Mymode anda sebagai Myecash Anda boleh dapatkan maklumat lengkap pendaftaran di sini.

Mymode memberikan anda bonus pendaftaran ahli baru sebanyak RM10. Memang buat duit apabila kita kembangkan network kita tapi pelan-pelan kayuh kata orang...;-P Begitu juga apabila downline anda mendaftarkan ahli baru, anda akan terima RM1.

Memang anda akan jana duit dengan Mymode apabila anda sudah mempunyai 6 orang downline. Mymode memberi pilihan kepada anda untuk upgrade pada peringkat ini di mana anda boleh apply untuk menjadi mobilepreneur (MP). Cuma perlu hantar sms kepada server Mymode dan pastikan anda ada RM30 di dalam akaun Myecash anda. Selepas pengesahan, setiap downline seterusnya anda akan terima RM18 pula. Proses buat duit ini juga berterusan apabila downline anda mendaftarkan ahli baru, di mana anda akan terima RM9. Insentif tambahan RM8 ini berterusan sehinggalah downline anda itu pun mengupgradekan dirinya kepada mobilepreneur juga. Selepas itu anda akan kembali menerima insentif seperti biasa.

Kelebihan mymode prepaid sebagai pendahulu sebagai vendor penjual prepaid card melalui sms ialah networknya yang mantap. Sistem promosi melalui laman web dan juga penggunaan sistem affiliate Mymode yang diperkenalkan oleh saudara Nor Adi Jaafar merupakan hikmah yang istimewa di mana Mymode dibuktikan secara praktikal mampu dipromosikan secara online.

Sekiranya anda rasa anda juga mampu berpeluang buat duit dengan Mymode, pastikan anda mengkaji dahulu dengan terperinci tentang Mymode. Jangan mudah terpengaruh dengan pendapatan beribu-ribu ringgit. Percayalah, kebanyakan mereka yang berjaya di Mymode berusaha keras untuk berjaya dan hari ini telah bebas dari masalah kewangan lantaran kejayaan mereka buat duit di Mymode.

Soalnya adakah mampu untuk anda mencari downline anda dan sekaligus buat duit dengan menggunakan Internet sebagai jalan promosi anda? Ini banyak bergantung kepada bagaimana anda menggunakan Internet dan cara promosi yang berkesan. Betul, anda boleh bina sebuah laman web atau blog dan cakap serba sedikit pasal Mymode. Tapi percayalah, tiada sesiapa yang akan datang ke laman anda melainkan anda mempromosikan laman tersebut. Bagaimana pula cara untuk promosi laman buat duit dengan Mymode anda? Pada peringkat ini, anda akan mula pula tertanya-tanya, kenapa pula perlu promosi laman anda kalau lebih mudah untuk anda promosikan terus projek buat duit anda dengan Mymode?

Banyak sebab kenapa adalah lebih molek untuk anda mempromosikan laman web atau blog anda terlebih dahulu sebelum anda mempromosikan program buat duit Mymode anda. Ibaratnya di sini ialah jika anda mempromosikan Mymode di luar sana. Biasanya anda akan buat flyers atau poster tentang Mymode kan? Selepas penat mereka ayat-ayat yang power, apa yang perlu anda buat? Tentulah pergi print atau fotostat kesemua hasil kerja anda. Selepas itu apa yang perlu anda lakukan? Anda "promosikan" flyers atau poster anda itu dengan menyebarkannya di merata-rata seperti di masjid-masjid, 7-eleven, tempat letak kereta dan sebagainya. Anda mahukan semua tempat yang anda rasa wajar dapat mesej anda itu. Dengan kata lain, apabila anda mempromosikan laman buat duit mymode anda, ia memberi peluang kepada orang ramai untuk memilih masa yang sesuai untuk mengunjungi laman anda. Ingat, orang yang mengeluarkan duit ni sentiasa kita harus beli peluang untuk fikir. Lebih-lebih lagi apabila ini melibatkan masa depan mereka iaitu membebaskan diri mereka daripada belenggu hutang dan sebagainya.

Belajarlah cara untuk promosi yang bersesuaian dengan mesej anda. Pilih untuk belajar cara yang betul dan jangan risau, anda akan berjaya melakukannya. Pada post yang akan datang, saya akan terangkan lebih mendalam lagi bagaimana untuk merealisasikan projek buat duit dengan handphone mymode secara online dengan lebih berkesan. Kesimpulannya buat duit dengan handphone tipu atau tidak bukan lagi satu persoalan atau scam yang harus anda fikirkan sekarang ini.

Admin Mymode Network J&N

Mymode is a mobile solution service brought to you by Advances Mobile Services & Solutions Sdn Bhd (AMOSS). With Mymode, you will have the chance to earn hard cash through selling of prepaid cards for various prepaid mobile phones plans such as Maxis Hotlink Prepaid, Celcom Blue, OneComm, Tmnet Prepaid Streamyx, UMobile, and lot other cellphones plans.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

About Mymode Network J&N|Summary

Mymode Network J&N is a group of Mymode agents that are dedicated to promoting Mymode online. A small team it is, and we have done our best to study the trend in promoting your products to Malaysian via online.

Selling products online to earn money is not as simple as setting up a small stall on the street at the sideways and within a few hours people start to buy from you. Honestly speaking, it's hard to earn money on the internet; if you don't know the right way of doing it. The introducing of Mymode at Malaysia is one of the greatest opportunities where we all now have the chance to sell prepaid items from various telco companies using only SMS and your very phone; thanks to Mymode for the technology.

Our objective is to dominate the market through careful study of the available search engines. For us, understanding how the search engines work is essential to ensure Mymode can easily be promoted online.

We don't believe in blatantly promoting your affiliate page as people are getting smarter nowadays. It's not that we wanted to cheat people, but people tend to have little trust when it comes to shopping online. That's why our focus is to create a community that can be trusted by the people where then it can lead us to other ventures in the future.


Malay version
Mymode Network J&N merupakan sekumpulan ejen Mymode yang amat dedikasi dalam mempromosikan Mymode secara online. Sungguhpun ia sebuah kumpulan yang kecil, kami bertungkus-lumus mengkaji secara mendalam budaya dan teknik yang diamalkan untuk mempromosikan produk anda kepada rakyat Malaysia secara online.

Menjual produk online untuk buat duit bukanlah semudah memasang gerai di tepi jalan di mana dalam masa beberapa jam sahaja sudah ramai yang membeli barangan anda. Buat duit online bukan perkara 'enteng', dan secara jujur saya katakan agak susah untuk berniaga dan buat duit online; melainkan kita tahu taktik dan teknik yang betul untuk memperolehi pendapatan lumayan di Internet. Pengenalan Mymode merupakan suatu peluang keemasan untuk buat duit di Internet kerana sekarang kita semua berpeluang untuk menjual barangan prepaid dari pelbagai syarikat telekomunikasi hanya dengan menggunakan SMS dan handphone anda; hasil teknologi yang dibawa oleh Mymode.

Matlamat kami adalah untuk mendominasi pasaran online dengan kajian mendalam ditumpukan kepada enjin pencari. Bagi kami, memahami bagaimana enjin pencari berfungsi merupakan tulang belakang dalam menjamin Mymode dengan mudahnya dapat dipromosi online.

Kami tidak percaya kepada semata-mata mempromosikan laman 'affiliate' anda kerana awam secara umumnya semakin lama semakin bijak. Bukan bermaksud kita ingin menipu mereka, tetapi awam rata-ratanya agak ragu dan was-was apabila ingin berbelanja online. Lebih-lebih lagi apabila sampai kepada matlamat cuba buat duit online dengan Mymode. Di sinilah fokus kami di mana kami akan berusaha untuk mewujudkan komuniti yang boleh dipercayai dan punya kredibiliti supaya nanti di masa akan datang kita akan lebih mudah untuk menceburi bidang-bidang lain dalam mencapai misi kita untuk buat duit online dengan Mymode.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Make Money Online with Mymode Prepaid

Discovering the Truth : Warning and Explanation About Mymode

English version here
Bukan lagi satu keraguan Mymode kini merupakan antara sebuah syarikat perniagaan prepaid mobil yang terulung di Malaysia dan dikenali ramai. Ini juga merupakan salah satu fakta yang diperakui oleh mereka yang saban waktu mencari jalan bagaimana untuk menambah pendapatan dan memperbanyakkan cabang pendapatan. Memandangkan Mymode adalah yang pertama seumpamanya di Malaysia yang menawarkan peluang buat duit daripada jualan prepaid hanya dengan SMS, tidak hairan kalau Mymode mampu menjadi gergasi di dalam industri ini.

Buat duit daripada penjualan kad prepaid mobil merupakan produk utama dalam Mymode. Apa yang paling menarik ialah anda boleh menjual kad prepaid dan kad reload pada pelanggan anda tanpa perlu membawa apa-apa keperluan selain handphone anda. Cuma perlu hantar arahan SMS dan Mymode akan mengirimkan nombor siri dan kod reload kepada anda atau pelanggan anda terus.

Bagaimana ini boleh terjadi?

Di sinilah keistimewaan Mymode; apabila anda mendaftar dengan prepaid Mymode, anda akan menerima pin kod 4-digit melalui SMS. Kod ini merupakan nadi perniagaan anda, kerana ia berfungsi sebagai pengenalan unik anda tiap kali berurusan dengan syarikat/server. Untuk tujuan contoh, andaikan anda telah mendaftar dan menerima pin kod 2468.

Katakanlah ada seseorang yang menggunakan prabayar Hotlink dan mahukan tambah nilai sebanyak RM30. Masalah yang dihadapinya ialah waktu itu jam 2 pagi dan dia tidak rasa perlu untuk keluar. Sebagai ejen Mymode, anda boleh memesan produk pada bila-bila masa sahaja. Mymode menawarkan perkhidmatannya 24 jam. Hanya dengan satu arahan SMS sahaja pesanan boleh dibuat. Sekarang, masih ingat contoh kita tadi iaitu pin kod 2468? Di bawah ialah bagaimana anda menghantar arahan SMS kepada MyMode Network:

"Nombor pin 4 digit anda" "kod produk" "nilai" "to" "nombor telefon pengguna"
Contoh : 2468 m 30 to 012xxxxxxx

Sangat mudah kan?

Soalnya sekarang, apa yang bermain di fikiran anda bukanlah betapa mudah untuk buat duit dengan Mymode, tapi berapa banyak duit dan pendapatan yang anda boleh perolehi daripadanya bukan? Secara jujur saya katakan, Mymode tidak akan membuatkan anda kaya sekelip mata.

Amaran : Pada sesiapa yang merasakan Mymode boleh menjanjikan peluang buat duit dalam masa singkat dan cepat, sila tinggalkan laman ini sekarang juga kerana di sini bukan tempatnya yang anda cari. Ya, anda boleh buat duit jana pendapatan dengan Mymode, tapi Mymode merupakan perniagaan sah yang menghormati etika perniagaan. Maaf, mungkin anda perlu mencari peluang buat duit yang lain yang selalunya scam sekiranya anda tidak punya kesabaran yang diperlukan untuk buat duit dengan Mymode.

Sekarang saya mesti katakan bahawa terdapat banyak di luar sana yang mempromosikan Mymode tetapi tidak benar-benar memberitahu anda perkara sebenar tentang Mymode. Semuanya indah khabar dari rupa & sekadar menanam tebu di tepi bibir.

Jadi adakah Mymode ini satu penipuan?

Jika anda bercakap tentang skim piramid dan seumpamanya, maka Mymode bukanlah sebahagian daripadanya.

Jika anda bercakap tentang skim cepat kaya dan seumpamanya, maka Mymode bukanlah juga tergolong dalam kelompok itu.

Mymode merupakan sebuah perniagaan yang sah dan halal yang bertapak di Malaysia. Ini bukan perniagaan 'atas angin' memandangkan Mymode telah berjaya menjadi yang pertama di dalam bidangnya yang menerima pengiktirafan dan kepercayaan daripada Maybank. Inilah sebabnya mengapa Mymode kelihatan memiliki lebih banyak ahli berbanding MobileWallet.

Jadi kenapa saya kata ia penipuan? Mengapa saya harus memberi amaran kepada orang ramai?

Jawapannya terletak pada bagaimana caranya kebanyakan daripada ejen Mymode mempromosikan Mymode dan kebaikannya. Terdapat banyak yang mencanangkan bahawa Mymode boleh membuatkan anda kaya raya. Banyak juga yang mengatakan Mymode boleh menjimatkan penggunaan wang anda waktu membeli tambah nilai untuk prabayar Maxis, Celcom, Tm, dan juga iTalk.

Lalu dengan dukacitanya saya umumkan berita buruk buat anda;

Anda tidak akan menjimatkan wang anda apabila menjadi ejen Mymode. Ia mungkin akan menyelamatkan beberapa sen tetapi sebagai gantinya and juga harus membelanjakan beberapa sen atau mungkin lebih seringgit. Terkejut? Anda tidak patut terkejut, tetapi harap dapat terus luangkan masa membaca lebih lengkap tentang Mymode. Sekali lagi, sekiranya rancangan anda adalah untuk buat duit dengan Mymode sekelip mata, saya menggalakkan anda mencuba di tempat lain atau pelan perniagaan lain.

Apa yang akan saya beritahu merupakan sesuaatu yang anda mungkin tidak akan tahu sekalipun anda telah menyertainya selama berbulan-bulan. Anda boleh anggap ini sebagai suatu maklumat yang berguna untuk memastikan anda mampu berjaya dengan Mymode sekiranya anda merancang untuk buat duit dengan Mymode.

Mungkin pada peringkat ini anda sudah pun tahu berapakah yang diperlukan untuk pendaftaran Mymode. Untuk pendatang baru, pendaftaran ialah RM65. Jumlah ini merupakan kombinasi yuran pendaftaran bernilai RM54 dan bakinya iaitu sebanyak RM11 akan dikembalikan ke dalam akaun Mymode, yakni bertindak sebagai modal pertama anda. Mymode memanggil modal ini sebagai MyEcash (sebelum ini dikenali sebagai mypoints). 1 Myecash bersamaan dengan RM1.

Selalunya ejen Mymode yang baru akan menggunakan modal pertama ini untuk percubaan dengan menambahnilaikan prabayar mobil mereka. Sekarang, apabila anda hantar arahan SMS kepada server Mymode, anda menggunakan kredit anda sendiri bukan? Jika anda guna Maxis hotlink, mungkin anda tak rasa banyak sangat kerana anda cuma akan dicaj 1 sen untuk satu sms, dengan syarat anda telah menjadikan nombor server Mymode sebagai salah satu daripada Activ10 anda. Apabila permintaan dibuat, anda akan dicaj pula oleh syarikat beberapa sen, di mana ia akan ditolak daripada akaun Myecash anda. Dengan kata lain, jika anda reload RM10, modal pertama anda kini akan tinggal kurang daripada seringgit.

Faham kan?

Satu lagi yang menarik tentang Mymode ialah anda boleh tambah nilai akaun Myecash anda terus melalui mesin ATM Maybank. Terdapat pilihan menu di mana anda boleh tambah nilai pada minimum RM30. Katakanlah anda mahu tambah nilai akaun Myecash anda RM30, anda akan terima slip yang mempunyai nombor kod tambah nilai, dan anda hanya perlu hantar arahan SMS kepada server Mymode. Sekiranya permintaan anda berjaya, anda akan menerima jumlah ditambahkan kepada akaun Myecash anda kurang seringgit. Ya, seringgit akan ditolak daripada nilai apabila anda menggunakan ATM Maybank untuk tambah nilai akaun Myecash anda.

Dapatkah anda gambarkan sekarang situasinya? Tahukah anda sekarang kenapa anda tak mungkin akan perolehi pendapatan buat duit sekelip mata turun dari langit dengan Mymode?

Jadi kenapa pula terlalu banyak dakwaan anda boleh buat duit yang banyak dengan Mymode?

Tahukah anda, anda juga akan menerima SMS daripada Mymode sekali seminggu untuk makluman tentang baki akaun Myecash anda? Tahukah anda makluman itu tidak percuma?

Jadi sekarang siapa yang kata anda boleh jimat duit (kredit) anda dengan Mymode?

Ada caranya jika anda benar-benar merasakan Mymode adalah produk yang anda percaya mampu buat duit untuk anda. Itupun jika anda ingin tahu bagaimana untuk buat duit dengan Mymode.

Belajar bagaimana:

--menggunakan tips dan helah menyelamatkan beberapa sen dan ringgit bila guna Mymode.
--meluas dan mengembangkan rangkaian perniagaan anda pada masa yang sesuai.
--menguruskan waktu untuk anda mendalami Mymode dari A hingga Z.

Di Mymode Network J&N, kami membantu anda untuk mempelajari dan menguasai semua perkara ini. Kami mungkin bukan pakar, tetapi kami mempunyai alat yang sesuai untuk anda. Saya akan menerangkan lebih lanjut nanti bagaimana untuk menggunakan kaedah rangkaian yang efektif termasuk menggunakan internet sebagai sebahagian daripada strategi pemasaran dalam Mymode.

Sehingga ketemu lagi.


Versi English di sini

Mymode is a mobile solution service brought to you by Advances Mobile Services & Solutions Sdn Bhd (AMOSS). With Mymode, you will have the chance to earn hard cash through selling of prepaid cards for various prepaid mobile phones plans such as Maxis Hotlink Prepaid, Celcom Blue, OneComm, Tmnet Prepaid Streamyx, UMobile, and lot other cellphones plans.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mymode Review Scam And Warning

Malay version here

Without doubt MyMode is now a well known and established company in the Malaysia mobile prepaid industry. This fact may also be true to those who have been seeking for ways to diversify streams of their personal income. Since MyMode is the first in Malaysia that offers money making from mobile prepaid, then it is no surprise when MyMode becomes one of the giants in this industry.

Mymode has been making money primarily from selling prepaid mobile phone cards. It is the main product in MyMode. The best part is when you can sell prepaid cards and reload cards to your clients without bringing any tools apart from your own mobile phone. Send an SMS and MyMode will send you the reload serial number and codes to either you or the clients.

How is that possible?

This is where the "magic" begins. Whenever you register yourself as a Mymode prepaid card dealer, you will receive a 4-digit pin code from Mymode Gateway Server. The code serves as a unique identification whenever you deal with the company. You will be using it for almost any transactions. For the purpose of our discussion here, let say that you have received a pin-code which is 2468.

Now let say that there's a person who is using Hotlink prepaid and he wants to get a RM30 reload for his Maxis Hotlink account. The problem is he is at home at 2 o'clock in the morning and has no intention to go out. Well now as a MyMode agent, you can make the request anytime anywhere. MyMode offers its service around the clock 24-7. A simple SMS instruction will do the magic. Now, remember your code is 2468? So below is how you send the SMS to MyMode Gateway Number:

"Your 4-digit pin code" "product code" "amount" "to" "phone number"
(Example : 2468 m 30 to 012xxxxxxx)

That is so damn simple, right?

Now the questions that I keep on getting are not how simple it is to send SMS to Mymode Gateway number, but how much can you earn from it, rite? Honestly speaking, MyMode will not make you rich overnight.

Warning : Those who think that MyMode can let you to earn money in minutes or overnight please leave the page immediately as this is not the right thing you are looking for. Yes, you can earn a lot from MyMode, but MyMode is a legitimate business that respect business etiquette. Sorry guys, maybe you should look for something else if you don't have the patient to do this business.

Now I must say that there are a lot of those that are promoting MyMode didn't actually tell you the truth about MyMode. I am not going to that here. No sugar coating here, you can take my word on that.

Then is Mymode a scam?

If you are talking about pyramid scheme and all, then MyMode is not it.

If you are talking about quick-rich scheme and all, then Mymode is not it too.

MyMode is a legitimate company that is based in Malaysia. It's not a monkey business, as MyMode has managed to become the first in the industry that is recognized and trusted by Maybank. This is why Mymode tends to have more participants than other mobile phone solution providers such as MobileWallet.

Then why would I say it’s a scam? Why should I warn people about it?

Well the answer lies in how those that are promoting Mymode promote the benefits of using Mymode. There are those who claimed that Mymode can make you a rich person. There are also people saying that Mymode is how you save money while buying prepaid reload for your Maxis, Celcom, Tm, and also iTalk.

Here is the bad news for you people;

You don’t save your money when you become a Mymode agent. It may saves a few cents but in return you also have to spend a few cents or maybe a ringgit more. Surprised? You shouldn’t, but please take some time to read in details about Mymode. Again, if you plan to get rich within a few months or less than a year with Mymode, then I recommend you to look for other kind of plans.

What I am going to tell you about is something that you may not know about Mymode. You can regard this as something that you MUST know in order for you to survive if you plan to try Mymode.

Perhaps by now you have already known how much the registration fee is. For newcomers, registration for a new member is RM65. This amount is actually a combination of both the membership fee which is RM54 and the balance of RM11 will be credited back to your new Mymode account, serves as your first capital. Mymode calls this as your Myecash (formerly known as mypoints). 1 Myecash is equivalent to RM1. Most of the time, new Mymode agent will use this first capital to try and reload his/her own prepaid account. When you send an SMS instruction to the Mymode server, you are using your own credit, right? If you are using Maxis hotlink, then it won’t hurt you much since it’s going to charge you only one cent per SMS, provided you have made the Mymode server’s number as one of your Active10. When a request was made for a reload, you will also be charged few cents by the company, which will be deducted from your Mymode Myecash account. In other words, if you reload RM10, your first capital which was RM11 has now become less than a ringgit.

Got it?

One of the benefits of Mymode is you can top up your Mymode Myecash account straight from the Maybank ATM machine. There’s an option where you can reload a minimum of RM30. Say for example you want to reload RM30. You will receive a slip with the reload number, and you need to send an instruction to the Mymode server to reload your Myecash. If the request is successful, then you will receive the amount back in your account, which is a ringgit less. Yes, a ringgit will be deducted if you top up your Myecash account using Maybank ATM.

Did you get the picture now? Now do you know why you are not going to earn a fortune overnight with Mymode?

So why there are so many claims around saying that you can earn a lot of money from using Mymode?

Here is another bad news for you;

Do you know that every week you will get an SMS alert from Mymode informing you the latest balance of your Myecash account? Do you know that you will be charged for the service? Does anyone ever tell you that?

Now who said you can save money while using Mymode as an alternative to reload your prepaid phone?

There is a way though if you think that Mymode is the product that you believe will make you money. And that line is only true if you know how-to.

Learn how to:

--Use tips and tricks to save your cents and ringgit while using Mymode.

--Expand your networking at the right time and earn more.

--Manage your time to study everything about Mymode from A to Z.

At Mymode J&N, we do help you to learn and master all these things. We are not the expert, but we have the right tools for you. I will explain more on how to apply effective networking skills including using the internet as part of your marketing strategies.

Until then, cheers!

Joe - MyMode Network J&N administrator
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Mymode is a mobile solution service brought to you by Advances Mobile Services & Solutions Sdn Bhd (AMOSS). With Mymode, you will have the chance to earn hard cash through selling of prepaid cards for various prepaid mobile phones plans such as Maxis Hotlink Prepaid, Celcom Blue, OneComm, Tmnet Prepaid Streamyx, UMobile, and lot other cellphones plans.

Mobile Phones Around The World

Mobile phones have been used by people all over the world simply for its capability to let us communicate easily anytime and anywhere. The rapid technology advancement has let the usage of mobile phones to be something that you shall not miss at all. Landline phones are becoming obsolete these days though they are still widely used for business purposes and mainly in offices and workplaces.

The trend these days is to have a good-looking mobile phone and also what are special features added to the mobile phone. It is very common these days to see a mobile phone that has integrated auto-focus camera into it as well as the capability to play music and songs. From polyphonic ringtones to MP3 ringtones, mobile phones have been massively integrated all trendy features and therefore it is hard not to miss the opportunities to have a mobile phone and enjoy all these entertainment.

This blog is dedicated to provide you all information that is relevant to mobile phones. If you take some time to read the blog, you may find articles on these categories:

- Prepaid mobile phones plans - "prepaid plan" is a term that is widely used to describe mobile phone plan that needs you to pay for the service and the mobile phone first before you can use it. Other terms are pay-as-you-go mobile phone plan and also flexpay mobile plan.

- Post-paid mobile phone plans - "post-paid" is a term used to describe contract-based mobile plan where you are bonded to a contract for at least a year whenever you subscribe to the mobile plan.

- Business mobile phones - communication amongst employees are important as well as among your business partners. There are many benefits to be gained when you choose the right busines mobile phone plan.

- Smart mobile phones - fondly known as "smartphones", these type of mobile phone are usually integrated with a lot of tech features that allow you to have a computer-like mobile phone in your hand.

- Camera mobile phones

- Music mobile phones

- 3G mobile phones - the term "3G" is used to simply identify the mobile phone capability in various type of communication. The first time mobile phone was introduced, it can only receive inbound calls and make outbound calls. Later the 2G mobile phones has the ability to send and receive short message service (SMS) as well as picture messages. 3G mobile phones can be used to receive and send video messages as well as video calls.

- International phone cards - whenever you travel abroad, it is a good move to get yourself to get an international prepaid phone card where it can be used with your current mobile phone so you won't have problem to contact your business colleagues or your family.

- International mobile phones - Can you still use your mobile phone outside of your home country? I've discovered a lot of information on this question and I will try to explain about it in my own way.

- Satellite mobile phones - these type of mobile phones are just the excellent choice where you don't have to worry at all about the network coverage. You can get reception from almost anywhere with satellite mobile phones no matter where your location is. If you travel abroad, then maybe you should rent one of these mobile phones.

- Comparison between mobile phone plans - reviews are given on various mobile phone plans available. If possible, I will also try to include personal reviews given by the mobile plan users.

-"How to" information on your mobile phone - I will try my level best to share my knowledge on mobile phones. Tips and tricks to be used to tweak your mobile phones are given here. Yes, the information provided here are for free.

The Least Extreme Group of Mymode That Make Money Online

I feel obliged to inform you that we are neither Mymode favourite team nor the best agents too. We are part of the so-called extreme group PrepaidForYou. Our strive for success in making money online with mobile prepaid Mymode is the only reason we plunged ourselves into the fierceful world of internet marketing.

Marketing your products online is a tough job.

Making money out of them is even tougher.

Here we are, dedicated to guide you in achieving your target and dreams to successfully make money online selling prepaid phone cards and top up cards.

Please take some time to learn more about the business and from this blog, you will learn;

how to make residual income simply by using your prepaid phone

how to earn massive amount of income from Mymode business

how to target your audience either locally or internationally and eventually from there you will receive the sweetest reward (money of course lol)

What is Mymode And How to Make Money from It Unbiased Short Review

Mymode is a solution to your quest to save more money while using your prepaid phone service in Malaysia. Major telecommunication providers in Malaysia are TM, Maxis Malaysia, Digi Telecommunication, and also Celcom Malaysia. Engaging itself into this lucrative prepaid business, Mymode has managed to properly established itself and able to receive recognition from Maybank and CIMB.

Many have claimed that the only purpose of joining Mymode is to save your money while using your prepaid service daily. Honestly that is only the rough idea and perhaps the first reason why you look for answers to save your money. Joining Mymode is truly the first step to open the path to earn residual income and perhaps one day you will be able to make silly amount of money like five to six figures a month.

I would like to apologize to any of my visitors if you fail to find any useful information about Mymode mobile phone and prepaid business. This blog is meant to guide you, not to teach or preach you what you must do to earn money online with Mymode. We learnt the hard way to put ourselves visible on the internet. You on the other hand have the advantage to override the time taken by following our guidelines. If you have the crave to learn how to make money online during recession time, then Mymode could be your first choice until you are ready enough to learn other paths to make money.

Can you make money from using Maxis Hotlink prepaid?

If you are a long time user of Hotlink, then I believe you have more than the knowledge on how Maxis charges you for anything and everything. Why waste the money for things you do not really need when you can actually earn money from it? You may not be as rich as Ananda Krishnan, the owner of Maxis Malaysia, but at least you can earn some money from all the telcos though you stick with Maxis Hotlink.

What if I use Celcom Xpax?

I know that sometimes you don't have the courage to try switching from one service to another. You might say that you are not sure about the advantages of other phone plans or network. Frankly say, that unsure feeling is just something you developed inside you due to successful marketing strategy from Celcom. Either using Celcom Xpax or Blue, it won't matter and you don't have to worry much if you plan to switch to Hotlink or Digi. Remember, at this time the cost to change or transfer is still free and therefore take advantage of that. Change and try it for a month and then you can always change back to your original provider. However, as far as money is concern, go for package that offers you lower call rates and that will absolutely help you to earn more money when you join Mymode.

Senarai Nombor Telefon Ejen Mymode Prepaid|Mymode Agents Cell Phone Numbers

Primary Contact Number:
Area Selangor|KL|Negeri Sembilan
012-241-5054 - Maxis Hotlink - Johari

Negeri Sembilan|KL
017-358-3658 - Maxis Hotlink - Khai

014-808-4051 - Maxis/Digi - Nor Ashikin

Johor Bahru
017-781-8114 - Maxis Hotlink - Aqib

012-651-5113 - Maxis Hotlink - Irfan

012-709-4914 - Maxis Hotlink - Baby

013-388-1572 - Celcom - Azizi

Johor Bahru
012-640-0955 - Maxis - Qila

Johor Bahru
017-769-5277 - Maxis Hotlink - Rozy

Maxis Hotlink SMS Instructions

How to topup your Maxis Hotlink Prepaid Mobile Phones

Dialing command : *111*Topup Pin Code#

How to Share your Prepaid Maxis Hotlink Credit TopUp

How to Check Your Credit Balance for Maxis Hotlink

Dialing command : *122#

How to access Hotlink Easy Menu

Dialing command : *100#

How to check Maxis Hotlink Rewards Points

Access Hotlink Easy Menu and choose options 7-7-1

How to activate Hotlink Super Savers Talk and SMS

How to activate Maxis Hotlink Activ10

Find Your T-Mobile phone coverage using this Superb Checker

Digi Prepaid I Like SMS Instructions

How to access DiGi Talktime Services menu

Dialling command : *128#

How to Reload or topup your DiGi Prepaid FuYoh

Dialling command : *123*(16-digit reload number)#

How to Share Your Prepaid Digi Credits Talktime Transfer

How to get advance credit for your Digi Prepaid Plus

Celcom Prepaid SMS Instructions

How to topup your Celcom Xpax Prepaid Account Using Code

Dial *122* 16-digit topup code#

How to reload Celcom Blue Prepaid Using SMS

Sms command : rec 16-digit topup code

Send to : 2888

How to check your Celcom Prepaid Credit Balance

Dial command : *124#

Sms command code: just type "bal" and send to 2888

Call center : dial 1990

How to share your Celcom Airtime

How to activate Celcom Blue Teman 20

Five simple reasons why and how you should transfer from Maxis Hotlink to Celcom Xpax

Bonus Hello Sunday

With Celcom Xpax, you will get free calls on all your Sundays!

Birthday Bonus Celcom

You can get free calls and SMS for seven days!

Two years airtime expiry date

You can choose either one or two years!

Fastest prepaid mobile phones network

Celcom 3G and HSDPA speeds can go as high as 3.6Mbps

Best customer service ever

Celcom has received two years back to back champion for 2006 and 2007