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Make Money From Adsense

Adsense is how you make money from blogging : Unbiased Review

Before you guys start to wonder why suddenly I switched from promoting my pay-as-you-go mobile business to making money from Adsense, allow me to clarify what my intentions are and why I find it more profitable to earn decent money from Google Adsense. My journey has finally come to an end when I found the right way and possibly the only true path for me to make money online. I chose Selangor and also Penang since I believe that most of Malaysians that are seeking for useful information about making money online come from these two states. For those who haven't had a chance to know how I started, you might want to check out my history at How I Make Money from Selling Prepaid Cards for Maxis and Celcom. Along my journey to fulfill my dreams to make money, I have encountered numerous ways to earn some dollars from the internet and from my own experience, I can conclude here that there are only two major ways to make money online; from affiliate schemes and the other one is from pay-per-click programmes or PPC. I have also made another conclusion and that's why I decided to share my experience on how to make money from Adsense.

Without knowing what the heck does it mean by "affiliate", I joined this so-called auto-pilot program only to find myself to be scammed, back in 2004. At that particular time, I have lost hundreds of dollars from it and I really did not know what to do next. Desperate to make money, I joined another so-called rich-quick scheme called high yield investment program or HYIP. Again, I failed and lost even more. The company ceased its operation just before I was about to claim my profit. I was too frustrated to continue to find another way to make money online, so I decided to quit and focused back onto my career. I heard someone talking about making money from Google Adsense, but since it was not that popular at the time in Malaysia, I didn't give much horsesh*t about it. Furthermore, I lived in Negeri Sembilan at that time. About 18 months later I moved to Petaling Jaya Selangor. I regret that I didn't move to Selangor sooner than that because if I did, maybe I could have learned more about the truth in making money online. After some time, I had regained the courage to try again when I found out about Mymode business. Of course by that time I already had knowledge what an affiliate is and since Mymode is all about selling prepaid cards and furthermore it won't bring any harm to my existing income flow, I decided to be part of the game. Read on my fellow friends in Bayan Lepas Penang, I hope you can learn something from this site.

Since day one I had joined Mymode, I managed to make few bucks from it. Yes, selling prepaid cards for Maxis Hotlink users is a sure fun job. Whenever someone ask for ten malaysian ringgit reload, you just have to send an sms instruction to the Mymode gateway and within 30 seconds, you will receive an SMS notification informing that he or she has been topped up and you will then receive the incentive through your MyEcash account. It's also fun selling to those using Celcom prepaid. One sure thing about selling prepaid cards is it's a fun job and technically speaking you don't have to worry much about not having any customers. Almost everyone use mobile phones and almost 90% of them are using prepaid cards. Though you can't sell to digi users, those who subscribed to Maxis Hotlink and Celcom are more than enough and you might find yourself (sometimes) not having much credit in your Mymode MyEcash account to supply the demand needed by those around you no matter where they came from; Selangor or Penang. You can also sell to those using iTalk and once in a while you will receive request from those who want to top up their tmnet streamyx prepaid account. Trust me, money gained from being a Mymode agent is good and until the day I found out the truth about how to make money from Adsense, Mymode has contributed a lot to my mobile income.

After some time though, I mean for everyone, you may reach a stage where you begin to think that what you have now is not enough and you want more than that. I believe that is normal for anybody that is "normal". What I'm trying to say is Google Adsense is somehow the perfect solution to that needs. The desire to make more and more money wherever you live in Penang or Selangor. However, I assume most of you have already learned that there is no easy way to make money online. You should already know by now that there's no fast or quick way to make money.

Adsense would be the perfect program for you since you can't make any money from it unless you have the perseverance to provide good and quality content to the public. That's the first rule about making money from Adsense; good content means good money. The more you write wonderful articles and contents, the higher the possibility is to make money from Adsense. Forget all about the dirty tricks in cheating Google taught by some so-called gurus on the net. Google is now a giant in the industry and cheating them is almost as the same with cheating the whole world. Be honest to yourself and one day I can assure you that you can make money from Adsense.

So let say that now you have posted a good content at your blog or website and you decided to use Google Adsense to monetize it and eventually make millions of cash from it. Is it that simple? No, the first thing you should ask yourself is how good your content is to the public. How useful the article is and how do people find your blog. How important the article would be for those in your local area in Penang. Or how would the article serve the needs of those in Selangor. If you have no idea about all these information, then you will never know how you can utilize all these information to optimize your content so that people can find it and eventually appreciate it.

I assume most of you are bloggers, and perhaps you could write better than me, and therefore I assume that you know exactly what does it mean by "niche". When you first start your blog, you have to choose your target audience. For the purpose of this article, let say that you are so fond about baking cakes and muffins. You also know that there are a lot of sites talking about it but none are giving information on how to sell the muffins online. Later, you started the blog and began telling people how to sell and make money selling muffins online. After a few weeks, you started to receive visitors and you found out that most of them are experts in making muffins but they have no idea on how to sell them. Since you have the right information, they found your article.

That is called niche, where you targeted smaller group out of the bigger audience so at least you gain some readership or visitors. What you did is also called creating your own niche. From there onwards, you begin to target bigger groups and eventually target the whole big group. Here is the biggest secret; you can make more money from Adsense when you have managed to gain lots of visitors from organic traffic. Again, the bigger your target audience is, the more bucks and dollars coming in.

I know that some may immediately turn their heads away from this site as they don't believe I can earn money from using Adsense on this blog. Yes, I have to admit that I don't really earn much from this site and above all, I have not earned much from Google yet. But I have learned one thing for sure. I have learned how to truly make money from Adsense. I have learned the right way to earn from it. I have learned how to earn it if I live in Selangor.

I know how to still earn some money online even when I'm travelling elsewhere or to Penang. I have gone through a lot of things and therefore I think you have the right to learn the easier way. Sharing is my priority and I don't think that I would lose anything from sharing my knowledge. The most important reason why I want to share my knowledge of how to make money online using Adsense is I'm going to stop you guys from buying craps and books that don't really tell you how and most of the time they suck. Honestly, many had approached me and provided me copies of these bs and I just couldn't finished reading them.

Tell me, how can you read something crap when you have paid an unreasonable amount of money to buy it? If you can, then maybe you don't have the time to read up to this paragraph since you are now busying yourselves trying all the crap techniques taught in the those ebooks. Friends, tell me how can anyone possibly mastered all about making money with Adsense in just 7 days? A genius? Maybe, but I doubt any of us here is and even if you are a genius, simply knowing how-to is not good enough. Beating the whole system is another story here.

I am not here to preach you everything about making money from Adsense but rather a harder way to earn it. Yes, what I am going to share is the harder way to make money from adsense. The harder way which I am going to talk about is to highly optimized your blog or site with your targeted keywords. This is the first thing you should always do whenever you begin to write your article. For example, if you are writing about how to buy a good bulgarian rose water in Penang, maximize all the related keywords in your article. Try to use it in possibly each paragraph but don't ever overdo it. You won't get anything by doing things excessively. Put your targeted keywords here and there so that it looks natural enough. Another thing to keep in mind is to always provide relevant information to your visitors. Relevant means how relevant the article is to your audience even when the audience came from Selangor.

Again, I would like to remind you all that I am no guru and earning few dollars a day from Adsense only does not make me one even though I know few things about how to earn money from Adsense. Some people had managed to earn 40000 dollars a month just from Adsense. The problem with all of us who has just started is we don't really know how the game is played. We thought that the world is different here in the internet. No, it is not. It is the same cruel world here. We have liars and scammers everywhere. You can get scammed in just a few seconds. You can lose hundreds if not thousands for following steps thought by liars who claimed themselves as gurus.

Allow me to tell this straight to your face (excuse my bad breath); the only group that make money online is internet marketers. They are the main players and what they do is they manipulated and exploited anything and everything on the net. They know how to make you believe and they know how to use that trust so you will buy their products. I'm not selling you anything here (except if you are more interested to join Mymode lol) and I have no intention to trick anyone here. I'm going to share few tips and tricks performed by internet marketers so we can be at least 2% like them. No, we can't be 100% like them, at least at this time. One day maybe, and we are counting days to reach that stage if we carefully choose our first step here to make money online.

Some may enquire why is it we must optimized our keywords in our article. Well, this is by far from what I have read elsewhere and everywhere on the net is the first ever thing that we must do in making sure our intention to make money from Adsense is achieved. For example, if our site talks about controversial song from Hazwan Cinta Tiga Segi, then we must tell the search engines that we are talking about the song. Simply putting the lyric or just the link where people can download the "Cinta Tiga Segi" mp3 song will not work at all. Let the search engines know what your keyword is by putting it naturally in your content.

In short, don't mislead the search engines by writing nonsense. Another simpler example is say that you want to write about where to buy ebook jana duit dari adsense and how to earn quickly from it. Make sure your site or blog mentioned the title twice or more in your article. Let the search engines understand that your main keyword is online book jana duit or duit dari adsense.

Choosing your audience is another first thing you must do. To whom you want your articles to be read? To those in Selangor? Or do you prefer the whole world to read it? If you target those in Penang, then make sure you put as much as information as possible for those who came from that area. If you aim for the whole world, then get yourself ready to compete with millions and millions of website or webpages. For example, if you search for how to make money online, you will get maybe ten to fifteen millions search results. Do you think you can compete to rank in the first page in that particular topic? This is what internet marketers call "niche". If you are new, look for smaller audience. From there you can start competing for bigger and bigger audience.

Please understand that there might be those who are not satisfied when I tell you these so-called secrets on how you can earn money online. These people wanted you to buy their products blindly without knowing the basics. Well, I think everyone should have social responsibility. Be responsible of what I do is my principle. I won't let you buy crap things simply to earn money. Yeah, I admit I did that long time ago when I first learn how to make money online. I was naive, but not anymore since I discovered the truth and how powerful Adsense is. As for now, I am telling you the truth and what I'm telling here in this very blog is only the truth and how I did it.

This is the first article I want to share (no teaching here!) with all of my friends out there who seek the best and cheapest way to make money online. Adsense can be your best choice since it is the simplest way so far (not that simple though). My current business is Mymode mobile prepaid solution but along the way I will share my experience in making money from Adsense. I'm hoping that one day we can all prosper and able to earn money online the right way and possibly one day we can reduce or perhaps eliminate all scams and lies about making money online. If you are keen enough to learn how to make money online, then you better stay with me and I'll share everything I know about making money online.


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The trend these days is to have a good-looking mobile phone and also what are special features added to the mobile phone. It is very common these days to see a mobile phone that has integrated auto-focus camera into it as well as the capability to play music and songs. From polyphonic ringtones to MP3 ringtones, mobile phones have been massively integrated all trendy features and therefore it is hard not to miss the opportunities to have a mobile phone and enjoy all these entertainment.

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What is Mymode And How to Make Money from It Unbiased Short Review

Mymode is a solution to your quest to save more money while using your prepaid phone service in Malaysia. Major telecommunication providers in Malaysia are TM, Maxis Malaysia, Digi Telecommunication, and also Celcom Malaysia. Engaging itself into this lucrative prepaid business, Mymode has managed to properly established itself and able to receive recognition from Maybank and CIMB.

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What if I use Celcom Xpax?

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Senarai Nombor Telefon Ejen Mymode Prepaid|Mymode Agents Cell Phone Numbers

Primary Contact Number:
Area Selangor|KL|Negeri Sembilan
012-241-5054 - Maxis Hotlink - Johari

Negeri Sembilan|KL
017-358-3658 - Maxis Hotlink - Khai

014-808-4051 - Maxis/Digi - Nor Ashikin

Johor Bahru
017-781-8114 - Maxis Hotlink - Aqib

012-651-5113 - Maxis Hotlink - Irfan

012-709-4914 - Maxis Hotlink - Baby

013-388-1572 - Celcom - Azizi

Johor Bahru
012-640-0955 - Maxis - Qila

Johor Bahru
017-769-5277 - Maxis Hotlink - Rozy

Maxis Hotlink SMS Instructions

How to topup your Maxis Hotlink Prepaid Mobile Phones

Dialing command : *111*Topup Pin Code#

How to Share your Prepaid Maxis Hotlink Credit TopUp

How to Check Your Credit Balance for Maxis Hotlink

Dialing command : *122#

How to access Hotlink Easy Menu

Dialing command : *100#

How to check Maxis Hotlink Rewards Points

Access Hotlink Easy Menu and choose options 7-7-1

How to activate Hotlink Super Savers Talk and SMS

How to activate Maxis Hotlink Activ10

Find Your T-Mobile phone coverage using this Superb Checker

Digi Prepaid I Like SMS Instructions

How to access DiGi Talktime Services menu

Dialling command : *128#

How to Reload or topup your DiGi Prepaid FuYoh

Dialling command : *123*(16-digit reload number)#

How to Share Your Prepaid Digi Credits Talktime Transfer

How to get advance credit for your Digi Prepaid Plus

Celcom Prepaid SMS Instructions

How to topup your Celcom Xpax Prepaid Account Using Code

Dial *122* 16-digit topup code#

How to reload Celcom Blue Prepaid Using SMS

Sms command : rec 16-digit topup code

Send to : 2888

How to check your Celcom Prepaid Credit Balance

Dial command : *124#

Sms command code: just type "bal" and send to 2888

Call center : dial 1990

How to share your Celcom Airtime

How to activate Celcom Blue Teman 20

Five simple reasons why and how you should transfer from Maxis Hotlink to Celcom Xpax

Bonus Hello Sunday

With Celcom Xpax, you will get free calls on all your Sundays!

Birthday Bonus Celcom

You can get free calls and SMS for seven days!

Two years airtime expiry date

You can choose either one or two years!

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Celcom 3G and HSDPA speeds can go as high as 3.6Mbps

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