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Stop Using Maxis Caller Ringtone if You Want to Make Money with Mymode

Yes, maybe I sound stupid up there but one of the reasons why some Mymode agents that are using Maxis Hotlink prepaid can't make money is because they are using the so-called Maxis caller ringtone in an effort to entertain their callers. Why entertain your callers when you can instead entertain the callers' needs? Why bother putting the music when what they want is to hear your voice and know that you are not just another apek looking for his next prey? I know, I can see a lot of hands raise in the air acknowledging the right to use caller ringtone but if you are serious about making money online using Mymode, then perhaps you should start thinking about deactivating that irresistable service. Stop thinking about entertaining your customer that way. Stop thinking you have better taste in music than them. And stop looking for more and more ringtones as I don't really think you can impress your clients with your music.

Long time ago when Maxis Malaysia first started their prepaid business, they had been trying to influence the market to buy their products by associating them with entertainment industry. Celebrities were used excessively on any possible marketing strategies; ranging from one-page brochures up to giant sized colourful billboards. Apart from that, they spent millions to sponsor live concerts as well as any music-based programmes on TV. Sure, their breakthrough was when the Akademi Fantasia (AF) reality show came in and attracted millions of Malaysians. You may find it quite funny when people especially youngsters and teenagers prefer to buy caller ringtones from Maxis that is sang by the new artist to those sang by the original artist.

The reality show had absolutely changed the music industry in Malaysia, but Maxis Malaysia derived most benefits from it. People started to switch to maxis from using Digi or Celcom. They begin to listen to music regularly and they love it when Maxis introduced its caller ringtones service. Maxis has been telling us why use the normal boring tones when you can switch it with better music. Wide range of ringtones were provided either from local artiste or international artist. When they first introduce the ringtone service, few are free to be subscribed simply another strategy to attract the customers where then they gradually love the feature and start to ask for more. From only a short clip of anonymous singer singing Adam Af's songs to the real one. From only the sound of barking dogs to the sound of light sabers from Star Wars.

Thousands have flocked into Maxis site looking for their preferred caller ringtones. Apart from that, they also look for wallpapers for their phones as well as some videos. Profit is also made by Maxis from MMS service as people look for nice and cute colorful pictures. Oh yes talking about MMS, there is no such thing as downloading mms from http://www.maxis.com.my/mms and that means you can stop looking multimedia download from that place. That place is for something else and I will explain it later. Seems like the strategy used by the company is really working and ultimately turned Maxis into a major player in mobile phone industry. It's a rare view if you walk around the city without finding Maxis advertisements at least once at each street. The company has evolved tremendously to the extend that now they are now concentrating on broadband service. Thanks to Malaysians for being so generous and so into glamorous world, Maxis has become phenomenal and perhaps at one time had monopolized the industry.

Mobile phone industry is a big market in Malaysia and thanks to Nokia especially for bringing in the technology at a fast drastic rate. New Nokias phones are introduced almost every day and now we can enjoy listening to music only by using our own mobile phone. The sound produced from the phones are in high quality and therefore people feel the urge to buy more and more ringtones from Maxis which are now available in mp3 format. The urge becomes less avoidable to the extend of wanting the people around them to enjoy the same thing. The trend can never be stopped and this is true to the fact too for Mymode agents. Even before hearing your voice, the client might have known your interest and perhaps they can even predict how you will sound like. For example, if they called in and listened to Jinbara rock band songs which you have downloaded from Maxis Hotlink caller ringtone site, they may have predicted that you are a young person (perhaps still having identity crisis) and you don't bother entertain their inquiries. If they heard Tamil ringtone, they may suspect you an Indian.

If you are a Mymode agent and still trying to earn more money from the prepaid business then take my word; deactivate the caller ringtone service right now. I'm not asking you to remove it forever. I'm asking you to think before you do things. You look before you leap simply to avoid from slipping or falling. Don't fall into the Maxis Hotlink world full of celebrities singing their lullaby in the caller ringtone clips. Fantasy is good as that is human's best way to comfort himself, but keep it to the minimum. Don't fantasize about how to spend your millions if you can't even earn a cent. Instead, you can fantasize about how to earn millions or maybe how to multiply your efforts to achieve that dream. You don't have to be too realistic or eccentric as a little bit of fantasy can help you to work harder and smarter.

Making money online with Mymode is not as easy as some agents claimed since thousands of Malaysian have already taken the internet power to promote the business. Therefore it is crucial to leave your contact information and your name on your site to allow people to communicate with you. I still think that Malaysians are a bit sceptical compared to Singaporeans. They rarely spend money online especially using credit card despite the huge advantage of using it online. Most of them that do spend money online are bloggers and those who think they can make money online. However, that claim may not be true when we speak about purchasing caller ringtones from either Maxis site or Digi. Millions have been made by Maxis Malaysia through selling of this service. Of course, the real reason behind it is because they don't realize that they are spending money since the purchase used their credit balance.

A simple tone would be just fine when you do a small business like Mymode. Since millions of Maxis users have chosen to use caller ringtones, simply choosing not to use it would somehow helps you to outshine others. You eliminate the first impression which is not supposed to be there at the first place. You have avoided biased judgement from your prospects. Their mind are not distracted but by all means focus to what you are going to explain to them. For example, say that you used Siti Nurhaliza song clips as your caller ringtone. The client may love the song and wonder how you managed to find the song. During the conversation with you, they still think about the song and there's a big chance that they want to have it too. There might be a slight chance that just before they end the conversation, they will ask where they can find that ringtone. Tell me my fellow friends, are you selling your prepaid Mymode or are you a Maxis representative?

Distraction or diversion is not what you want here if you have the interest to make money from Mymode prepaid. You are selling reload for Maxis Hotlink. You are promoting people to buy your Celcom Blue topup card. What you want is for people to join Mymode so they can enjoy the same benefits from using Mymode. You want people to know the truth behind prepaid business. How you can save your money and how you can earn money from using prepaid phone. Equip yourself with everything and anything about Mymode and be ready to communicate about the business with those callers. Let them know that you are serious about the business, not about what people will be listening to whenever they call you. Not about how your caller ringtone sounds like since the clip you purchased from Maxis is only the first quarter of the song. It's about answering their enquiries accurately and efficiently. Take some time to collect few information from them such as their name and their primary contact number. Listen, answer, and explain.

Another reason why you should not use caller ringtone from Maxis is because you may spend a lot on the subscription fee. The fee is charged every month (if I'm not mistaken it's around 3 to 4 ringgit) and if you are still new in promoting Mymode business, I don't think this is a good deal to go with. Every cent from your Maxis account is worth a SMS particularly if you have activated Maxis Activ10 service, hence if the subscription fee is RM3, then you have practically lost 300 SMS. Imagine how many information you can provide to your prospects with that. Imagine how many times you have lost your clients simply because you have used up all your credits to download your precious caller ringtones from Maxis and now you can't even text your clients. To some, that three dollar is nothing. To me, it is money and I won't spend a single cent on items I don't really need.

I always mentioned about putting your priority correctly so you will not end up losing rather than profiting when you join Mymode. I have mentioned about how some agents misleaded people about saving your money when you become Mymode agent. There are two main reasons why I first join Mymode; to save some money from buying topup and reload card and also to earn some good money when I promote it to other people. I have restrained myself from doing the opposite. And up this point, though I didn't make as much as some 6-star Chief Mobiles, I can still survive and I did get some rebates. I wonder why some people gone into the pitfall of losing money by bending their principles and in return they failed. Only then they realize that they are making money as much as they are losing. They now realize that they don't make money like how Maxis make money from selling caller ringtones.

For those looking to spend more on caller ringtones, I am not stopping you though as my intention is to help those looking to efficient way to make money with Mymode. I am not blaming Maxis either (lol) as their motivation is just like me; to make more and more money. Even if one day I have enough money to kickoff a good business like Maxis, I might provide the same service by asking you to buy my caller ringtones. It's a million dollar business and I won't let my hands slip from it if I do have the chance. As for now, I will stick with my business which is selling prepaid cards for Celcom, Maxis, and iTalk. I will stick with finding more people to join me so they can enjoy the same benefits I gained from Mymode.

If you have questions about Mymode and how to join it, you can always go here to learn more about it. Frequently asked questions about Mymode prepaid topup. If you are not using Maxis and you have no idea about what a caller ringtone is, then I would like to apologize and perhaps I will provide better explanation in my next post. I am currently working on explaining the benefits of joining Mymode and if you are using Celcom prepaid or Digi, then I believe you have come to the right place to open a new path in your life by saving more money and earning more simply by using your mobile phones. Guidelines for new Mymode agents.


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Mymode is a mobile solution service brought to you by Advances Mobile Services & Solutions Sdn Bhd (AMOSS). With Mymode, you will have the chance to earn hard cash through selling of prepaid cards for various prepaid mobile phones plans such as Maxis Hotlink Prepaid, Celcom Blue, OneComm, Tmnet Prepaid Streamyx, UMobile, and lot other cellphones plans.


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  3. how to stop the video caller ringtones of the hotlink?

  4. Any easy way to cancel or stop the caller ringtone


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Mymode is a solution to your quest to save more money while using your prepaid phone service in Malaysia. Major telecommunication providers in Malaysia are TM, Maxis Malaysia, Digi Telecommunication, and also Celcom Malaysia. Engaging itself into this lucrative prepaid business, Mymode has managed to properly established itself and able to receive recognition from Maybank and CIMB.

Many have claimed that the only purpose of joining Mymode is to save your money while using your prepaid service daily. Honestly that is only the rough idea and perhaps the first reason why you look for answers to save your money. Joining Mymode is truly the first step to open the path to earn residual income and perhaps one day you will be able to make silly amount of money like five to six figures a month.

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Can you make money from using Maxis Hotlink prepaid?

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What if I use Celcom Xpax?

I know that sometimes you don't have the courage to try switching from one service to another. You might say that you are not sure about the advantages of other phone plans or network. Frankly say, that unsure feeling is just something you developed inside you due to successful marketing strategy from Celcom. Either using Celcom Xpax or Blue, it won't matter and you don't have to worry much if you plan to switch to Hotlink or Digi. Remember, at this time the cost to change or transfer is still free and therefore take advantage of that. Change and try it for a month and then you can always change back to your original provider. However, as far as money is concern, go for package that offers you lower call rates and that will absolutely help you to earn more money when you join Mymode.

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012-241-5054 - Maxis Hotlink - Johari

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017-358-3658 - Maxis Hotlink - Khai

014-808-4051 - Maxis/Digi - Nor Ashikin

Johor Bahru
017-781-8114 - Maxis Hotlink - Aqib

012-651-5113 - Maxis Hotlink - Irfan

012-709-4914 - Maxis Hotlink - Baby

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017-769-5277 - Maxis Hotlink - Rozy

Maxis Hotlink SMS Instructions

How to topup your Maxis Hotlink Prepaid Mobile Phones

Dialing command : *111*Topup Pin Code#

How to Share your Prepaid Maxis Hotlink Credit TopUp

How to Check Your Credit Balance for Maxis Hotlink

Dialing command : *122#

How to access Hotlink Easy Menu

Dialing command : *100#

How to check Maxis Hotlink Rewards Points

Access Hotlink Easy Menu and choose options 7-7-1

How to activate Hotlink Super Savers Talk and SMS

How to activate Maxis Hotlink Activ10

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Digi Prepaid I Like SMS Instructions

How to access DiGi Talktime Services menu

Dialling command : *128#

How to Reload or topup your DiGi Prepaid FuYoh

Dialling command : *123*(16-digit reload number)#

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How to get advance credit for your Digi Prepaid Plus

Celcom Prepaid SMS Instructions

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Dial *122* 16-digit topup code#

How to reload Celcom Blue Prepaid Using SMS

Sms command : rec 16-digit topup code

Send to : 2888

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Dial command : *124#

Sms command code: just type "bal" and send to 2888

Call center : dial 1990

How to share your Celcom Airtime

How to activate Celcom Blue Teman 20

Five simple reasons why and how you should transfer from Maxis Hotlink to Celcom Xpax

Bonus Hello Sunday

With Celcom Xpax, you will get free calls on all your Sundays!

Birthday Bonus Celcom

You can get free calls and SMS for seven days!

Two years airtime expiry date

You can choose either one or two years!

Fastest prepaid mobile phones network

Celcom 3G and HSDPA speeds can go as high as 3.6Mbps

Best customer service ever

Celcom has received two years back to back champion for 2006 and 2007