Thursday, October 30, 2008

Make Money Online - Fast Way or Hard Way?

FAQ on How to Make Money Online

Since I made the comeback by actively promoting prepaid business online by concentrating more on SEO, I have received a lot of inquiries and calls as well as SMS. All have been asking about how to start the Mymode business. Despite a lot of websites and blogs that preached you about Mymode and its advantages, these poor guys don’t have any idea about Mymode business strategies and how to exploit the prepaid market in Malaysia. Therefore I feel that I have to take this opportunity to write a long post about what Mymode really is and how Mymode can give you financial freedom. I have put in all the frequently asked questions below for your reference.

What is Mymode?

This is the most frequently asked question and there are actually a lot of explanations have been done on this and they are all scattered all over the internet. Anyway, Mymode is a prepaid business designed by some geniuses so that you can generate considerate amount of income from selling its products, ranging from prepaid phone cards from Maxis Hotlink, Celcom Xpax, i-Talk, Tmnet prepaid cards, Jaring prepaid cards, as well as international calling cards. For your information, Mymode does not sell Digi prepaid cards due to Digi’s business rules. However, there is a workaround for that and I will explain that later in our little discussion about prepaid here. Back to what Mymode can do, this unique system is a great alternative for prepaid users in Malaysia to buy prepaid and at the same time gain its benefits by generating streaming income.

How to make money from the prepaid system?

This inquiry is the easiest to be answered by any of Mymode agents and by all means, this is actually the most confused part that have triggered a lot of controversies in the past about how to really make money from Mymode. For the purpose of our discussion, let’s take Maxis Hotlink prepaid card as our example. When you shop for a maxis reload card of RM10 or whatever, you will be given a piece of phone reload card by the shopkeeper. The card is to be scratched and how do you reload your mobile phone? You will enter a special code and within 30 seconds you will receive a notification from the provider saying that your account has been reloaded with that amount.

Got that?

In above situation, the transaction is between you and the shopkeeper. You do not have to deal directly with Maxis. You paid the money to the shopkeeper and not to Hotlink. So who will make the money in this case? The shopkeeper will. Why? When the Maxis distributor came to him, he will be given a set of reload cards ranging from RM10 reload to RM60 reload cards. However, he will not pay the whole amount of what are written on the reload cards. He might be paying only 90% (the cost) and when he sold it to you, the profit is the balance of what he earlier paid.

This transaction has been modified by MyMode where now you don’t have to setup a shop or a kiosk simply to sell prepaid phone cards. You will be given an account with Mymode where then you just use your mobile phone to sell the prepaid cards. The “prepaid cards” are no longer physical, they don’t exist physically but whenever someone buy prepaid card from you, you can just use your mobile phone to send out an SMS instruction to the Mymode server and within seconds the client’s phone will be topped up.

How cool is that huh?

After you registered yourself with the prepaid company, you will be taught on how to utilize few SMS instructions that can be used to order prepaid phone cards. “Prepaid phone cards” in this case are commonly known as “soft pin” where they don’t actually exist physically but rather a set of information including the refill pin number and the serial number of the transaction. After the SMS instruction is sent, you will receive the refill code number or the refill pin number that can be used straight away to refill your cell phone airtime. The same procedure applies when the order is to refill others (customers) cell phones’ airtime. As simple as that. That’s why some refer to this as “pay-to-go”. You don’t have to rush to the cell phone store to buy airtime refills anymore. This is why Maymode became so popular when it was first introduced and advertised in the web. The basics are so simple that no one can resist the temptation to make money simply from the cell phone.

Back to the money you can earn from selling prepaid phone cards or refill phone cards, Mymode has a unique advantage. Mymode is a make-money network where after you registered as the member, you can ask others to join the network and from there, a small commission is given to you as promoting the business to others. When the new member purchase any product from the company especially the phone cards, you will indirectly receive a certain percentage from that transaction. Whenever the new member registers another person to be his network, he will receive the same commission and guess what, you will receive another set of commission as your network has evolved. This will continue up to eight generations of the network and after some levels, the percentage will change and that is when you will receive more incentives from the company and subsequently you will earn more.

As you know, each business that is network-based such as Mymode has various levels and positions; in other words if you are positioned at higher levels, you will earn more and receive more advantages. It is important for you to expand the network to increase your opportunities to make unstoppable stream of income. Contrary to popular belief, making money from Mymode is not as easy as it was told by many of Mymode agents. Don’t trust them, those are merely scams; luring you to join their network. Once you are in the company, you will be as confuse as hell and eventually you will realize that it is quite hard to earn money from selling prepaid authorized by Mymode.

Don’t trust Mymode. Don’t trust the agents. Then who should I trust if I want to make money with selling prepaid phone cards? You should only trust yourself. Take some times to look at the whole organization. Learn the backgrounds of few of those who claimed to have successfully make money with Mymode. Learn the basics of making money selling prepaid phone cards thoroughly before you decide to join. Analyze the market; the supply and demand of prepaid phone cards. Analyze yourself; are you the type of person who can “make money selling prepaid phone cards”? If you don’t have the courage and the willpower to make money doing business, then I recommend you to keep your job. Many have failed along the way; frustrated with how much they can get from the system and eventually bail out from the system and gone back to their previous jobs.

Remember, Thomas Alva Edison, the famous inventor who invented the light bulb, failed thousands of times before he finally found the right way to make a light bulb. Instead of being negative and pessimist, he said that he didn’t fail that 10000 times, he just found 10000 ways not to create the light bulb. Another quote that is also famous is “many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”. That saying is for your motivation to do what you believe and not based on what people said about it. If I say that Mymode is a scam, you shouldn’t simply believe it. If I say that Mymode is the only way to make money selling phone cards, you shouldn’t blindly take my words.

How to Make Money Selling Prepaid Phone Cards

From being just an agent in Mymode, you can actually advance and climb up the ladder to the top to make unstoppable stream of money and dollars. Simply earning from selling the phone cards won’t bring you anywhere that far unless you work hard to expand your own network. Find four more people to be registered as members and automatically you will be promoted as mobile manager (MM). The next level is chief mobile (CM) which is achievable if you have at least eight members in your own mobile network.

The advantage of being a chief mobile in Mymode is in fact the beginning of earning great amount of money from the prepaid phone company. As I have mentioned earlier, the commission percentage received at this point is higher and that means you have to start thinking this way – “money makes money”. Start to spend to promote your business instead of using the conventional ways. Your network will expand at higher rate and later you can reap the lucrative rewards. One of the common strategies performed by Mymode agents is to register their family members and their relatives. It is common these days that each person in the family has a cell phone. If you have five in the family not including you, you can easily register five persons to be in your network. Find three more (your girlfriend, your aunt, and your favorite uncle) and you will become chief mobile in a really short time. They may not be well-informed about Mymode business as you do, so you should be the one to guide them and if possible, you can also manage their Mymode accounts. Portray yourself as a good leader and learn to take responsibilities.

After being a chief mobile in this business of making money from prepaid, you just have to work a bit more to achieve other higher positions. There are no other specific position titles; the next level is called Junior Chief Mobile, and later Senior Chef Mobile, Super, and so on. Stars are added where the stars mean that the more stars you have the higher is your position in Mymode. Just for your information, it is not rare amongst chief mobile agents with four stars to earn rewarding income from Mymode. If you are a 6-star chief mobile, you are considered a great agent since your income will be at least 4-digit per month. This is the level where money is not anymore an issue to you. This is also where you can quit from your daily job and concentrate more to expand your prepaid phone card business.

How Much Can You Earn From Selling Prepaid Phone Cards

If you just want to be a low-level agent, your earnings are actually the retail profit. For instance, if you sell a RM100 worth of maxis refill card, you will receive 50% from the PV provided to Maxis which is 3%; therefore your profit will be RM1.50. If you can sell ten refill phone cards worth RM100 each in a month, you will receive a total of RM15. it may sound like a small amount, but as I said, this is only retail profit. You are earning as good as the shopkeeper we spoke about earlier. This is how you make money in the beginning.

When you sponsor someone to join Mymode to be in your own network, you will receive sponsorship allowance of 10 dollars. You will also receive a dollar allowance when the person you sponsored sponsors another person to be in his own network. The best part about this allowance is Mymode has given a choice for you to promote your own self to be a mobilepreneur (MP) once you have registered 6 persons in your own mobile network. If you chose to upgrade to this position, the next time you sponsor someone to be in your own network, you will receive sponsorship allowance of 18 dollars. If he or she later registers another person to be in his or her own network, you will also receive sponsorship allowance of one dollar. However, as I said, the MP position is optional and you don’t necessarily have to upgrade to it. If you really think that it is worth it, you have to spend thirty dollars to upgrde to be MP.

After you become a mobile manager, the percentage for your commission will increase from 50% to 55%. Instead of RM1.50 of commission when you purchase hotlink refill card worth RM100, you will receive RM1.65. As I said, this is only retail profit. Now let say that one of your sponsored members purchase a RM100 refill for maxsi hotlink. If you remember what I said earlier, he or she will receive 50% from the 3% PV which is RM1.50, right? Since you are his sponsor, you will also receive commission from that purchase. Since the fraction for you 55%, you will 5% from that transaction which is fifteen cents. Can you understand the calculations here? If you purchase it on your own, you will gain RM1.65 of profit. If your sponsored member purchases it, you will receive 5% from the 3%PV, which is 15 cents. Therefore in a month, if you can sell ten set of RM100 maxis refill phone cards and your sponsored member can do the same, your total commission RM16.50.

Of course, at this point you will feel slightly regret since the profit margin is so small. Don’t be. This perception is wrong and absolutely WRONG. Imangine the days before you join Mymode, have you ever profited a single cent when you purchased refill phone cards? I don’t think so. Of course, you can say that once a while you will receive some rewards from maxis or celcom. However, those are just rewards and they are not in monetary value. They are all either extra airtimes or free SMS. The difference with Mymode is the rewards are money and dollars.

Now what if you are a chief mobile in Mymode the business of selling perpaid phone cards? At this level, your commission is 60% from the percentage of PV assigned to that particular product. For instance, if you top your maxis hotlink card of RM100, your commission is RM100 times 3% times 60% equals to RM1.80. The same concept applies when your sponsored member purchased the same product where you will receive 10% from the 3%PV which is thirty cents. If your sponsored member has sponsored another fellow and that fellow purchased the same RM100 maxis refill card, you will receive 5% from the 3%PV which is nine cents. So let say that each person in your network can sell ten RM100 maxis refill cards including you; you will receive a total of RM42.90 of income. Now, can you see how you can make money from selling prepaid phone crads?

When one of your sponsored members managed to climb to higher rank, for instance as a chief mobile, you will no longer the “overriding” bonus as I have mentioned in previous statements. This is due to the fact that he is also receiving 60% from the percentage assigned to the PV. There is nothing to be worried about this as at this point you will be automatically promoted as Junior Chief Mobile where you have the right to receive the CM Club bonus. At this levl, you are qualified to receive five percent commission from the total sales made by your sponsored member’s group who had qualified to be a chief mobile. For instance, if the group he leads purchased 50 RM100 maxis refill phone cards, the total comission you will receive in that month is PV(3%) X 50 X 5% equals to RM7.50.

Higher levels promise better returns and higher commissions. There are also bonuses and other benefits provided such as leadership bonus. All of these incentives are given to you to assist you in expanding your mobile network in running the Mymode business. making money is no longer a big issue to you at least when you have become Junior Chief Mobile. I know few of Mymode agents who are actually college students and they managed to earn a lot of money from selling prepaid phhone cards with Mymode.

How to Be an Agent to Sell Prepaid Phone Cards

At this point you should be prepared to understand that there are few steps that you should fully understand first before you join this prepaid business. Before I elaborate more about the registration fee (official fee is RM65), I feel obliged to tell you what will actually take place once you have made the required payment. Once the payment is made, you will receive an SMS from the company (Mymode) requesting you to confirm that the cell phone number you provided earlier is to be registered for Mymode. In the SMS instruction, there will be another cell phone nubmer given which is supposed to be the phone number of your sponsor; the one who introduced you to Mymode. If you see other numbers, don’t worry much about it is possible that the person who introduced Mymode to you has a greater plan and decided to place you under one of his existing sponsored members. I recommend you to check that with that person first before you proceed with confirming the request.

Once you have replied to that SMS, within a few minutes you will receive another notification from Mymode to inform you that you have been successfully registered as a Mymode agent. You will also be given a 4-digit pin number which is your Mymode ID. This pin number is something that you should remember at all times since you will use it in each of Mymode transactions.

Each member or agent will be given an account which is called MyEcash (formerly known as MyPoint). The initial amount in this account is supposed to be RM11. Why? When you make the payment of RM65 to Mymode, a fraction of it which is RM11 will be reimbursed into this account to be your first capital. This account is the one that you will use later to deal with Mymode in buying top ups and prepaid phone cards. The balance of RM54 is actually the registration fee which is not refundable. Normally you don’t have to pay any renewal fees as long as you are active in making money with this business.

The payment can be made either straight to the agent who sponsored you or you can also pay directly to Mymode. If you are interested to join my group (Mymode Network J&N), you can just pay a discounted amount which is only RM50. You may contact me for further information. If you don’t trust me or you prefer to pay to Mymode, you are most welcome. However, please understand that when paying to Mymode directly, there is no such thing as discount and you have to pay the full amount which is RM65.

Can a Digi User Join Mymode?

Though you are a Digi user, it is not an issue at all if you want to be an agent in Mymode. However, as you may already know, Mymode does not sell refill phone cards for DiGi. You can still sell the phone cards to other people using other networks such as Maxis and Celcom. You can still make money from selling prepaid phone cards though you are using the yellow man network. Oh yes, with the introduction of mobile number portability which has been introduced here in Malaysia, your chances is even higher. You can switch to another mobile network and still keep your number.

What are the SMS instructions

All transactions in Mymode depend on your basics and knowledge about all the SMS instructions to be used. If you don’t know any of the instructions, then you can’t make money from this system. After registration and you have been verified as an agent, I will ensure that you will receive full help from us. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time and I will try my best to assist you. Do the same to your sponsored members. If you are using maxis number and you want to sell prepaid phone cards to celcom users, you should know the right SMS instructions to be sent to properly receive the product. It is essential to keep all these instructions handy.

Can I do this as my part-time job?

The business is a flexible one and it is easy to be performed by anyone. With only a cell phone, you can become a prepaid seller and you are considered as a “mobile store”. You can sell the phone cards and the refill cards anywhere anytime. Apart from registering as an agent, you don’t have to register with any other parties and you are qualified to be a prepaid card dealer. Therefore there shouldn’t be any obstacles for you to treat this business as a part-time job or simply a work from home job. Please bear in mind that it is not easy to make money when your priority is to make monye. Dedication and a lot of concentration is needed to fully understand the business to ensure you will later receive a great and unstoppable income.

Compared to other systems such as mobile wallet or happy, this great system from Mymode ensures unlimited amount of income that is consistent. The company is an established company and has received recognition from the banks. As a matter of fact, the company is the first prepaid mobile solution provider that was given the honor by Maybank to be put as one of the transactions that can be done at Maybank ATM machines. After a few years, Mymode has managed to maintain its reputation and later introduced the usage of Freedom MasterCard credit card. With that kind of status, no one can deny that the company is a firm one and recognizable across the nation. In other words, it doesn’t matter whether you want to make it a part-time job or not as long as you work hard to earn money from this system.

How Can I Promote The Business Online?

Our friend Adi Jafar is the first human in the world that has managed to successfully introduced Mymode business on the web. Since his discovery, the net has been stuffed with all types of advertisements and promotions about Mymode. Yes, you can promote your business online. However, you have to learn the right way to do that. For instance, if you google the word “mymode”, you will get approximately 275 thousands of results. In order to successfully promote your Mymode business, you have to beat that figure to be ranked in the first page of Google. Trust me, I am not trying to scare you or undermine your level of confidence, but rather a reminder that if you don’t know what you are doing, it is best to do it the conventional way. If you know how to do it, then the possibility is there for you to get new members online.

I have never in the place thought that I can actually get prospects from the net. However, after several attempts and after learning some techniques to optimize the site and the blog, I managed to get a lot of sponsored members from the net. If you have any inquiries and interested to learn the techniques, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will teach you how to do it for free. Yes, for free. Furthermore, the techniques I am going to teach you can be used to promote other types of businesses and you can actually make a lot of money online with these techniques.

The biz is for everyone. What you need is your cell phone. Your cell phone is the first asset to be brought into the business. As I have mentioned earlier, registration with my group will cost you only RM50. The discounted amount of RM15 is not a scam. It is actually an incentive from our group and our mobile mymode network. Though you will only be paying RM50, you will still entitle to receive your first capital of RM11. So technically speaking, you are only paying RM39 to join Mymode; the cheapest way to join Mymode. You are welcome to contact me at my cell phone number for further information and assistance.

Below this post, I have provided you a list of cell phone numbers that you can contact in cases where you can’t reach me ( I might be sleeping or doing my offline business). These cell phone numbers belong to my sponsored members and they are all well-prepared to assist you with anything. I will put up other numbers in the future for more options. Please, do not be hesitated to contact us as we are not trying to sell the business to you. If you join, you will become part of us and our job is to ensure that everyone will excel in the business and eventually you will achieve your very dream to be free from financial issues.

Semenjak saya kembali aktif mempromosikan Mymode secara online dengan mengutamakan teknik optimasi enjin pencari (SEO), saya menerima banyak pertanyaan dan panggilan termasuk juga melalui SMS tentang bisnes prepaid phone Mymode. Sungguhpun sudah banyak laman web dan blog yang menceritakan tentang kelebihan perniagaan Mymode, masih banyak rupanya tanda tanya yang bermain di fikiran mereka yang sangat berminat untuk menyertai peluang menjana pendapatan melalui handphone ini. Oleh itu saya mengambil inisiatif ini untuk menulis secara panjang lebar tentang apakah sebenarnya Mymode dan bagaimana ia mampu memberikan anda kebebasan atau freedom dari segi kewangan. Di bawah juga saya sediakan soalan-soalan lazim yang biasa dikemukakan oleh orang ramai dalam usaha mencapai cita-cita untuk buat duit online dengan bisnes Mymode.

1. Apa itu Mymode?

Ini adalah soalan yang paling lazim dan paling banyak diterangkan di merata-rata baik di laman web mahupun di luar sana dalam bentuk pamplet ataupun flyers. Mymode adalah suatu sistem menjana pendapatan melalui penjualan kad prepaid samada Maxis Hotlink, Celcom Xpax, i-Talk, Tmnet prepaid, kad prepaid Jaring dan juga kad panggilan IDD OneComm. Buat pengetahuan anda, kad prepaid 016 Digi tidak lagi dijual melalui sistem Mymode kerana dasar perniagaan Digi yang tidak membenarkan dealer atau pengedar mengedar atau menjual topup Digi sekiranya menjual atau mengedar topup untuk telco lain. Walau bagaimanapun, masih ada jalan penyelesaian untuk pengguna prepaid Digi dan saya akan menerangkannya nanti. Berbalik kepada bisnes topup Mymode, sistem ini merupakan suatu alternatif kepada pengguna prepaid di Malaysia untuk membeli prepaid dan pada masa yang sama membolehkan anda menikmati faedah keuntungan dengan membuat duit daripadanya dan sekaligus menjimatkan penggunaan prepaid. Harus diingatkan bahawa maksud jimat di sini sangat subjektif; bererti anda seharusnya memahami selok-belok bisnes Mymode dengan mendalam untuk pengertian jimat yang betul.

2. Bagaimana buat duit dengan sistem Mymode?

Ini adalah soalan yang paling mudah dijawab oleh mana-mana ejen Mymode dan juga merupakan bahagian yang paling mudah mengelirukan orang ramai tentang bagaimana sebenarnya untuk buat duit dengan Mymode. Untuk tujuan pemahaman, kita ambil prepaid phone Maxis Hotlink sebagai contoh. Selalunya kita akan ke kedai untuk membeli topup hotlink tak kiralah RM10, Rm30, ataupun sekadar RM5. Tauke kedai Ah Fatt akan memberikan kita sekeping kad untuk digores dan bagaimana anda topup maxis anda? Anda akan taip *111*topup code# menggunakan handphone anda (bukan handphone Ah Fatt) dan tak sampai 30 saat anda akan menerima pengesahan bahawa akaun anda telah berjaya ditambah nilai. Dalam erti kata lain, anda bayar RM10 kepada tauke kedai Ah Fatt dan anda akan dapat topup RM10. Mudah untuk faham kan?

Dalam contoh di atas, transaksi adalah di antara anda dengan tauke kedai Ah Fatt dan bukannya dengan Maxis hotlink. Anda bayar pada Ah Fatt bukan pada Hotlink. Sekarang kita akan mendengar lintas langsung seorang wartawan menemuramah Ah Fatt untuk mengetahui apa akan berlaku seterusnya selepas kita membeli topup daripadanya. Wartawan bertanya kepada Ah Fatt, "Encik Ah Fatt, sebentar tadi Encik Adi Nor telah membeli topup daripada kedai awak. Boleh ceritakan macam mana tauke buat duit jual prepaid?" Sambil tersenyum sipu, Ah Fatt menjawab,"Senang saje...wa ambil supply suma kad dari maxis punya dealer. Dia kasi sama wa topup RM10, RM30, RM60, RM100, ada sikit jugak RM5 punya topup. Wa bayar sama maxis dealer dulu la, tapi bukan banyak itu macam. Contoh aaa, wa bayar RM9.50 untuk topup RM10. So dari sana wa suda untung 50 sen la itu macam".

Dari temuramah tersebut, jelas bahawa untung yang diperolehi oleh Ah Fatt merupakan untung runcit di mana tiap kali dia jual topup RM10, dia akan untung 50 sen dari penjualan tersebut. Jika kita ambil contoh ini dalam bisnes Mymode, ini merupakan untung paling asas tiap kali orang membeli topup daripada kita. Bukanlah maksud saya anda akan untung 50 sen dari setiap penjualan topup maxis RM10. Ada peratusnya dan itu akan saya terangkan lebih terperinci nanti. Dengan kata lain, ini adalah cara paling mudah anda buat duit dengan sistem Mymode. Mymode membolehkan anda menjual prepaid dan topup kepada pelanggan tanpa perlu menjadi seperti Ah Fatt. Anda tidak perlu ada kedai runcit atau kedai jual handphone dan prepaid. Anda cuma perlukan seketul handphone tak kira canggih atau tidak. Yang penting handphone anda boleh buat panggilan dan juga boleh menghantar SMS. Titik.

Selepas mendaftar dengan mymode, anda akan belajar tentang penggunaan beberapa bentuk arahan SMS yang boleh digunakan untuk membuat tempahan prepaid. Selepas arahan SMS dihantar, anda akan menerima nombor kod topup yang boleh terus digunakan untuk menambahnilai handphone anda ataupun pelanggan anda. Mudah dan ringkas. Anda tak perlu berkejar ke kedai untuk membeli topup lagi. Inilah puncanya Mymode sangat popular di mana dalam masa yang singkat sahaja selepas diperkenalkan di internet melalui laman prepaid mymode. Memanglah, tersangat mudah untuk buat duit menggunakan hanya telefon bimbit sendiri, siapa tak mahu kan?

Berbalik kepada keuntungan yang diperolehi apabila menjual prepaid atau topup, dengan Mymode anda memiliki kelebihan lain yang tidak ada pada Ah Fatt ataupun tauke kedai lain. Mymode adalah bisnes buat duit secara network di mana setelah mendaftar sebagai ahli, anda boleh mengajak orang lain untuk menjadi ahli dan dari situ komisen akan diberi. Apabila ahli baru tersebut membeli topup menggunakan mymode, anda juga akan menerima beberapa peratus keuntungan daripada pembelian tersebut. Begitu juga apabila ahli tersebut mendaftarkan ahli di bawahnya, anda juga akan menerima komisen dan beberapa peratus daripada keuntungan juga akan diberi kepada anda apabila ahli baru itu membeli reload menggunakan mymode.

Seperti mana yang anda tahu, setiap perniagaan berasaskan network seperti Mymode mempunyai pangkat-pangkat tertentu dengan pelbagai kelebihan. Amat penting untuk anda melebarkan rangkaian atau network anda untuk meluaskan lagi peluang untuk anda untuk buat duit tanpa henti (non-stop). Berbeza dengan pendapat sesetengah orang, bukan mudah sebenarnya untuk buat duit dengan mymode. Jika anda tidak tahu cara dan panduan bagaimana untuk memajukan diri dalam Mymode, anda akan mudah putus asa dan akhirnya kecewa lalu meninggalkan Mymode. Senario ini amat biasa dalam mana-mana bisnes jualan langsung di mana ramai akan tarik diri setelah gagal beberapa kali dan terus mencari kerja lain atau kerja sambilan yang lain. Ingatlah, setiap kali anda gagal, bukan bermakna anda gagal selama-lamanya. Apa yang berlaku adalah sebaliknya iaitu anda telah menemukan jalan yang tak harus ditempuh lagi atau diulang lagi. Anda harus cuba cara lain. Kalau bisnes ini terlalu mudah, semua orang akan buat dan mungkin anda tidak akan berada di sini untuk membaca tulisan saya yang panjang lebar. Anda boleh baca tentang kejayaan atau success di wikipedia.

3. Pangkat dalam Mymode

Bermula daripada cuma seorang ejen mymode (Mobile Agent) biasa, anda boleh memajukan diri anda di dalam perniagaan mymode ke peringkat yang lebih tinggi untuk peluang buat duit tanpa batasan. Di sinilah pentingnya untuk anda mengembangkan network anda. Cari empat orang untuk anda daftarkan sebagai ahli dan secara automatik anda akan dinaiktaraf kepada Pengurus Mobil (Mobile Manager). Selepas peringkat ini, anda akan dinaikkan pangkat sebagai Chief Mobile sebaik sahaja anda mendaftarkan sekurang-kurangnya lapan orang di bawah jaringan atau network anda.

Kelebihan sebagai CM atau Chief Mobile merupakan permulaan kepada menjana duit tanpa perlu buat kerja yang melampau atau keterlaluan. Peratusan komisen yang diterima adalah lebih tinggi pada peringkat ini dan secara tidak langsung memudahkan network anda berkembang. Amat penting bagi anda untuk sampai kepada peringkat ini dengan cepat dan sebenarnya tak sesusah mana untuk sampai ke peringkat ini. Paling biasa dilakukan oleh ejen mymode yang lain ialah selepas mendaftarkan diri mereka sebagai ahli, mereka terus mendaftarkan ahli keluarga mereka sebagai ahli. Emak, ayah, adik, abang, kakak, isteri, sepupu-sepapat, ataupun biras mereka. Hanya dengan menyebut nama-nama itu sajapun dah cukup lapan orang. Mereka mungkin tak berapa aktif dan kurang faham bagaimana untuk berurusan dengan mymode, tetapi itu tidak penting sebenarnya. Yang penting anda sebagai ketua anda harus faham bagaimana untuk buat duit dengan mymode. Anda seorang sajapun sudah cukup untuk menggerakkan jentera perniagaan anda. Pegang kepada kata-kata saya, selepas cukup lapan orang dan anda sudah menjadi Chief Mobile, bisnes anda akan mudah dan cepat berkembang.

Selepas Chief Mobile, pangkat-pangkat seterusnya masih menggunakan panggilan Chief Mobile, cuma variasinya ialah penambahan Junior, Senior, Super dan bintang atau star. Lebih banyak bintang, lebih tinggi pangkat anda dan lebih tinggi juga pendapatan yang anda perolehi. Perkara biasa di kalangan Chief Mobile dengan empat bintang/star untuk memperolehi pendapatan lumayan. Enam star atau bintang adalah peringkat di mana pendapatan anda sudah dikira hebat kerana mencecah empat angka sebulan. Peringkat di mana buat duit bukanlah lagi satu masalah bagi anda. Peringkat di mana anda akan jadi sangat sayang kepada Mymode. Malah di sinilah juga peringkat di mana ramai ahli yang mengambil keputusan untuk berhenti dari kerja tetap mereka dan menumpukan sepenuh perhatian kepada mymode.

4. Komisen dalam Mymode

Sekiranya anda cuma seorang ejen biasa atau dipanggil Mobile Agent, komisen anda secara keseluruhannya lebih kepada untung runcit. Jika anda menjual topup maxis RM100, untung anda ialah 50% daripada jumlah PV yang diperuntukkan iaitu 3% untuk Maxis; jadi untung anda ialah RM100X3% darab 50% = RM1.50. Jika dalam sebulan anda dapat jual 10 topup RM100, bermaksud jumlah untung anda ialah RM15. Mungkin sedikit bunyinya, tapi harus diingatkan bahawa ini adalah untung runcit. Sama situasinya dengan tauke kedai runcit Ah Fatt tadi. Inilah cara pertama anda buat duit apabila menyertai mymode.

Apabila anda menaja seseorang untuk menyertai Mymode, anda akan menerima elaun penajaan sebanyak RM10. Anda akan turut menerima elaun sebanyak RM1 apabila downline anda tersebut menaja orang lain di bawahnya. Apa yang menarik, selepas anda mendaftarkan seramai 6 orang di bawah anda, Mymode memberikan anda pilihan untuk menaiktaraf pangkat anda kepada MobilePreneur (MP). Pangkat MP ini membolehkan anda menerima elaun atau insentif penajaan yang lebih tinggi iaitu kenaikan sebanyak RM8. Bermakna bila anda daftar orang seterusnya di bawah anda, anda akan menerima elaun sebanyak RM18 seorang. Jika downline anda daftar pula ahli di bawahnya, anda akan terima RM9 seorang. Walau bagaimanapun, pangkat MP ini adalah optional atau bebas untuk pilih. Jika anda fikir mahu upgrade, anda perlu membuat tambahan bayaran sebanyak RM30. Banyak nak bayar tu, tapi tahukah anda peluang buat duit ini sesuatu yang sebenarnya akan mendatangkan hasil yang sangat lumayan dan hebat nanti?

Selepas anda naik ke peringkat Mobile Manager, peratus komisen meningkat kepada 55%. Ini bermaksud apabila anda membeli topup Hotlink RM100, anda akan menerima komisen RM1.65. Ini baru untung runcit. Sekarang katakan pula salah seorang downline atau ahli di bawah anda membeli topup maxis hotlink RM100, dia akan terima 50% daripada PV iaitu RM1.50 bukan? Anda pula secara automatik dapat buat duit bila dia beli prepaid kerana peratus komisen anda ialah 55%; anda lebih 5 peratus. Jadi anda akan terima 5% peratus komisen iaitu 15 sen. Nampak kan kira-kiranya? Kalau beli sendiri, anda terima komisen RM1.65, kalau downline yang beli, anda dapat RM1.65-RM1.50 = 15 sen. Jadi kalau dalam sebulan anda dapat jual 10 topup maxis RM100 dan downline anda pula dapat jual 10 reload maxis RM100, jumlah komisen anda ialah RM15 tambah RM1.50 = RM16.50.

Kalau dihitung-hitung pada peringkat ini anda mungkin akan rasa sedikit terkilan kerana margin keuntungan yang agak kecil. Pada saya anggapan ini silap kerana jika anda dapat bayangkan selama ini anda mengguna prepaid pernahkah anda untung walau cuma satu sen? Tidak pernah kan? Ya, mungkin anda boleh kata anda pernah terima dari maxis atau digi beberapa ganjaran. Tapi semua ganjaran tersebut adalah dalam bentuk airtime atau sms percuma. Ganjaran dari mymode adalah dalam bentuk duit atau wang. Sekali lagi di sini Mymode memainkan peranan yang menarik dalam usaha membantu kita mencari duit tambahan untuk menampung hidup. Dengan usaha yang sedikit tapi berterusan, tak mustahil untuk anda buat duit dalam masa yang singkat.

Sekarang bagaimana pula jika anda seorang Chief Mobile? Di tahap ini, peratus komisen anda ialah 60% dari jumlah PV yang diperuntukkan untuk tiap jenis produk Mymode. Jika kita ambil contoh tadi, bila anda topup hotlink RM100, komisen anda ialah RM100X3% darab 60% = RM1.80. Begitu juga bila downline anda beli topup RM100, anda akan terima baki peratus komisen iaitu 10%; dengan kata lain sebanyak 30 sen. Bila ahli di bawah downline anda pula yang beli, anda terima baki lagi 5% iaitu sebanyak 9 sen. Jika dalam sebulan anda dapat jual 10 topup hotlink RM100, tiap orang downline anda (lapan orang) jual 10 topup maxis RM100, dan salah seorang ahli di bawah downline anda dapat jual 10 topup RM100, anda akan terima secara keseluruhannya ialah RM42.90. Nampakkah sekarang bagaimana boleh buat duit bila anda join mymode?

Bila salah seorang downline anda telah upgrade kepada chief mobile, anda tidak lagi akan menerima bonus overriding seperti yang dimaksudkan di atas. Ini kerana dia pun sudah terima 60% daripada jumlah PV yang diperuntukkan. Jangan risau, pada peringkat ini anda sudahpun secara automatik dinaiktaraf kepada Junior Chief Mobile di mana anda berhak pula untuk menerima bonus CM Club. Pada peringkat ini, anda layak untuk menerima 5% komisen daripada jualan kumpulan di bawah downline anda yang sudah naik taraf sebagai Chief Mobile tadi. Contohnya, jika kumpulan tersebut dalam sebulan membeli 50 topup maxis hotlink RM100, jumlah komisen yang anda terima ialah PV(3%) X 50 X 5% = RM 7.50. Masih lagi buat duit walaupun tak nampak besar nilainya di sini.

Peringkat yang lebih atas menjanjikan pulangan dan komisen yang jauh lebih tinggi. Terdapat juga bonus-bonus dan kelebihan lain seperti komisen untuk leadership atau bonus kepimpinan. Ini semua membantu anda untuk terus maju menjalankan perniagaan prepaid mymode. Buat duit bukan lagi satu masalah apabila anda berada pada peringkat sekurang-kurangnya sebagai Junior Chief Mobile. Tak hairan kalau ramai juga di kalangan ahli mymode terdiri daripada pelajar tak kira pelajar sekolah ataupun universiti.

5. Bagaimana hendak menjadi ahli berdaftar dalam Mymode

Pada saat ini anda harus bersiap sedia untuk memahami bahawa terdapat beberapa langkah yang perlu anda faham dengan jelas untuk menyertai bisnes prepaid Mymode. Sebelum saya ceritakan tentang bayaran (bayaran penuh ialah RM65), elok kalau saya ceritakan dulu apa akan berlaku selepas anda membuat pembayaran. Selepas pembayaran dibuat, anda akan menerima SMS daripada Mymode yang meminta anda mengesahkan untuk menyertai Mymode. Di dalam SMS tersebut, akan terdapat nombor telefon orang yang memperkenalkan Mymode kepada anda ataupun berkemungkinan juga nombor telefon lain. Anda tak perlu risau jika anda tidak kenal nombor tersebut, kerana nombor itu yang pastinya berada dalam group atau kumpulan yang sama. Jadi anda takkan terlepas peluang buat duit bersama-sama rakan-rakan anda atau orang yang anda kenali.

Selepas membalas SMS tersebut, anda akan menerima pengesahan yang anda telah berjaya didaftarkan sebagai ahli berdaftar Mymode. Setiap ahli disediakan satu akaun Mymode yang dipanggil MyPoint atau sekarang lebih dikenali sebagai MyeCash. Apabila anda membuat pembayaran RM65 kepada Mymode, RM11 akan dikembalikan kepada anda di dalam bentuk MyeCash ke dalam akaun ini. Akaun inilah yang anda akan gunakan nanti untuk berurusan dengan Mymode dalam pembelian topup dan prepaid. Baki sebanyak RM54 pula adalah yuran penyertaan yang tidak akan dikembalikan. Yuran ini biasanya tak perlu dibayar lagi sekiranya anda aktif buat duit dengan bisnes Mymode.

Pembayaran boleh dibuat samada kepada ejen yang memperkenalkan Mymode kepada anda ataupun boleh terus kepada syarikat Mymode. Jika anda berminat menyertai di bawah group saya iaitu Mymode Network J&N dengan bayaran diskaun RM50, anda boleh hubungi saya di sini. Pendaftaran RM50 promosi Mymode turun harga. Sekiranya anda lebih berminat untuk buat duit tapi tak berapa percaya dengan saya, anda boleh pilih untuk bayar terus kepada syarikat Mymode di sini.Daftar Mymode Dengan Syarikat. Di muka seterusnya nanti ada Link "Register new user" yang menyediakan borang pendaftaran ahli Mymode. Selepas mendaftar, anda boleh mengikut arahan yang disediakan untuk mendepositkan wang pendaftaran RM65 kepada syarikat Mymode.

6. Pengguna Digi pun boleh jadi Ahli Mymode

Sekalipun anda pengguna digi, tidak menjadi satu masalah untuk menjadi ahli Mymode. Sungguhpun Mymode tidak menyediakan tambah nilai atau topup prepaid digi, anda masih boleh menjual topup untuk orang lain dan juga untuk network lain seperti maxis. Anda masih boleh buat duit biarpun anda prepaid kuning digi. Dengan wujudnya sistem mobile number portability yang baru diperkenalkan di Malaysia, peluang anda untuk menyertai mymode menjadi semakin cerah. Anda boleh pilih untuk bertukar atau switch kepada maxis hotlink ataupun celcom dan mengekalkan nombor kegemaran anda.

7. Arahan SMS dalam bisnes topup Mymode

Bisnes dan transaksi dalam perniagaan prepaid mymode bergantung penuh kepada pengetahuan anda tentang arahan-arahan sms yang perlu digunakan. Tanpa pengetahuan tersebut, anda tak mungkin dapat buat duit melalui bisnes ini. Selepas pendaftaran dan pengesahan sebagai ahli dalam Mymode, saya sendiri ataupun melalui ejen-ejen berdaftar di bawah saya akan membantu anda dengan menyediakan senarai arahan SMS yang perlu anda tahu. Penting juga untuk tahu bagaimana untuk topup celcom contohnya walaupun anda pengguna maxis hotlink. Potensi bisnes datang dari semua network, jadi siap-siapkanlah diri dengan ilmu-ilmu am seperti ini. Lagipun, anda tentu bangga bila kawan-kawan menggelarkan anda tauke prepaid kan?kan?

8. Bolehkah saya menjadikan bisnes mymode sebagai kerja sambilan?

Bisnes Mymode adalah bisnes yang sangat fleksibel dan mudah dilaksanakan. Hanya dengan bermodalkan seketul handphone sudah boleh menjadikan anda seorang tauke prepaid dan anda boleh menjaja kad prepaid dan topup di mana-mana sahaja dan pada bila-bila masa saja. Selain mendaftar sebagai ahli, anda tidak perlu berdaftar dengan mana-mana pihak dan anda layak untuk menjadi pengedar kad prepaid. Oleh itu tidak menjadi halangan bagi anda untuk menjadikannya sebagai kerja sambilan atau sekadar mengisi lapang anda. Harus juga diingatkan di sini bahawa bukan mudah untuk buat duit apabila keutamaan anda adalah untuk mendapatkan wang. Dedikasi dan fokus perlu diutamakan kepada mendalami selok-belok bisnes ini untuk memastikan pendapatan yang maksimum.

Berbanding sistem lain seperti mobile wallet ataupun happy, mymode menjanjikan peluang pendapatan tanpa had yang konsisten dan terjamin dari segi keuntungan dan kestabilan syarikat mymode. Sebagai syarikat perkhidmatan mobile prepaid yang pertama diletakkan di dalam mesin ATM Maybank, Mymode sekali lagi membuktikan keunggulannya apabila menawarkan penggunaan credit card MasterCard Freedom. Kalau sesebuah syarikat sudah mampu memberi peluang ini, bukan lagi satu perkara yang boleh dinafikan bahawa syarikat Mymode merupakan syarikat yang stabil dan diiktiraf. Ringkasnya, anda memang boleh buat duit dengan mymode sekiranya anda ada keyakinan dan kesungguhan untuk melakukannya. Soal kerja sambilan ataupun kerja dari rumah bukanlah soal pokok yang perlu dibincangkan di sini.

9. Bolehkah saya promosikan mymode secara online atau di internet

Saudara Adi merupakan manusia pertama di dunia yang berjaya memperkenalkan bisnes prepaid mymode di internet dengan meluas dan semenjak kejayaan beliau, dunia internet telah dipenuhi dengan pelbagai promosi dan iklan berkenaan mymode. Jika anda cuba google perkataan mymode anda akan menerima hasil carian sebanyak 275k. Bayangkan betapa banyaknya maklumat yang anda boleh cari tentang bisnes topup mymode. Bukan saya menakut-nakutkan anda, tetapi sekiranya anda tahu bagaimana cara yang betul untuk promosi mymode, tidak ada masalah untuk anda mendapatkan prospek daripada internet sendiri dan dapat buat duit tanpa perlu risau soal persaingan.

Saya sendiri tidak pernah terfikir saya mampu mencari prospek daripada internet, tetapi setelah saya mengusahakan blog ini dan juga teknik-teknik promosi online yang lain, saya berjaya mendapatkan banyak prospek daripada internet. Sekiranya anda berminat menyertai Mymode, saya galakkan anda untuk menyertainya di bawah naungan saya kerana saya nanti berpeluang untuk berkongsi pengalaman dan teknik-teknik promosi yang betul dan sah untuk digunapakai untuk buat duit online. Bukan saja mymode, malahan bisnes lain juga mampu anda usahakan dengan mengeksploitasikan teknik yang sama.

10. Modal diperlukan untuk menyertai Mymode

Seperti yang saya katakan dari awal, modal yang anda perlu sediakan sendiri ialah handphone anda. Tidak, saya tidak mahu handphone anda...;-) Handphone anda adalah modal utama anda. Penyertaan di bawah kumpulan kecil Mymode Network J&N sentiasa RM50. Diskaun sebanyak RM15 ini bukan olok-olok atau satu penipuan, tetapi suatu insentif daripada kumpulan kami sendiri. Bukan sahaja anda akan dapat diskaun ini, tetapi RM11 juga tetap menjadi milik anda. Dengan kata lain, secara teknikalnya anda cuma mengeluarkan RM39. Anda dialu-alukan untuk menghubungi saya di 012-241-5054 untuk maklumat lanjut mencapai cita-cita anda buat duit online dengan mymode.

Di bawah saya sediakan beberapa nombor telefon yang boleh anda hubungi sekiranya anda gagal menghubungi saya (mungkin saya sedang tidur atau sibuk layan anak). Mereka adalah ahli-ahli yang termasuk di bawah naungan Mymode Network J&N dan mereka juga bersedia untuk membantu anda untuk buat duit dengan bisnes topup mymode. Saya akan tambah lagi nombor-nombor lain sekiranya perlu dan keadaan mengizinkan. Jangan segan-segan untuk hubungi kami kerana kami mengutamakan kejayaan kita semua bersama, bukan setakat individu tertentu. Berjaya buat duit dengan prepaid mymode untuk penuhi impian bebas dari masalah kewangan.

Admin Mymode Network J&N

Mymode is a mobile solution service brought to you by Advances Mobile Services & Solutions Sdn Bhd (AMOSS). With Mymode, you will have the chance to earn hard cash through selling of prepaid cards for various prepaid mobile phones plans such as Maxis Hotlink Prepaid, Celcom Blue, OneComm, Tmnet Prepaid Streamyx, UMobile, dual sim card mobile phone, and lot other prepaid wireless phones plans.

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Senarai Nombor Telefon Ejen Mymode Prepaid|Mymode Agents Cell Phone Numbers

Primary Contact Number:
Area Selangor|KL|Negeri Sembilan
012-241-5054 - Maxis Hotlink - Johari

Negeri Sembilan|KL
017-358-3658 - Maxis Hotlink - Khai

014-808-4051 - Maxis/Digi - Nor Ashikin

Johor Bahru
017-781-8114 - Maxis Hotlink - Aqib

012-651-5113 - Maxis Hotlink - Irfan

012-709-4914 - Maxis Hotlink - Baby

013-388-1572 - Celcom - Azizi

Johor Bahru
012-640-0955 - Maxis - Qila

Johor Bahru
017-769-5277 - Maxis Hotlink - Rozy

Maxis Hotlink SMS Instructions

How to topup your Maxis Hotlink Prepaid Mobile Phones

Dialing command : *111*Topup Pin Code#

How to Share your Prepaid Maxis Hotlink Credit TopUp

How to Check Your Credit Balance for Maxis Hotlink

Dialing command : *122#

How to access Hotlink Easy Menu

Dialing command : *100#

How to check Maxis Hotlink Rewards Points

Access Hotlink Easy Menu and choose options 7-7-1

How to activate Hotlink Super Savers Talk and SMS

How to activate Maxis Hotlink Activ10

Find Your T-Mobile phone coverage using this Superb Checker

Digi Prepaid I Like SMS Instructions

How to access DiGi Talktime Services menu

Dialling command : *128#

How to Reload or topup your DiGi Prepaid FuYoh

Dialling command : *123*(16-digit reload number)#

How to Share Your Prepaid Digi Credits Talktime Transfer

How to get advance credit for your Digi Prepaid Plus

Celcom Prepaid SMS Instructions

How to topup your Celcom Xpax Prepaid Account Using Code

Dial *122* 16-digit topup code#

How to reload Celcom Blue Prepaid Using SMS

Sms command : rec 16-digit topup code

Send to : 2888

How to check your Celcom Prepaid Credit Balance

Dial command : *124#

Sms command code: just type "bal" and send to 2888

Call center : dial 1990

How to share your Celcom Airtime

How to activate Celcom Blue Teman 20

Five simple reasons why and how you should transfer from Maxis Hotlink to Celcom Xpax

Bonus Hello Sunday

With Celcom Xpax, you will get free calls on all your Sundays!

Birthday Bonus Celcom

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You can choose either one or two years!

Fastest prepaid mobile phones network

Celcom 3G and HSDPA speeds can go as high as 3.6Mbps

Best customer service ever

Celcom has received two years back to back champion for 2006 and 2007