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Motorola Prepaid Mobile Phones

Before I changed my mobile phone to Nokia recently, I was one of those who really fond of Motorola mobile phones. In fact, I used to own one of Motorola’s mobile phones, Motorola V3x. The mobile is a flip version and I was impressed with its stylish looks. That was the main reason why I decided to purchase the phone. Since I was using prepaid plan at the time, I have no problem switching the sim card from my previous Nokia prepaid mobile to the Motorola mobile phone. The phone that I bought at the time was in shiny dark blue color and I just couldn’t resist looking at the phone all the time.

That was about two years ago. I was using a Nokia prepaid prior to the Motorola mobile and therefore I could easily felt the coolness of using the mobile. I was looking for a flip phone and I had put much consideration on other phones before I finally found that Motorola phone. I tested the built-in camera and found out that the images taken were quite impressive (though these days other phones have superseded it). The Motorola V3x mobile phone has a 2.0 mega pixel camera and to me, the clarity of the pictures taken by this mobile is sharp enough as long as you pause briefly for about 2 seconds after snapping the picture. The image resolution can be configured up to 1600 by 1200 pixel and the phone is just excellent at taking the pictures anytime anywhere. If you are in dark places, you don’t have to worry since the mobile has its own LED flash and to me at that time that was really convenience.

Since the day I used the Motorola V3x, I didn’t encounter much trouble with it except for one thing. Once a while when I flipped the phone up or down, the mobile went blank for a few seconds and then restarted on its own. I have read somewhere on the net complaining similar issue but apart from that annoying circumstance, I had no other issues with the phone. Oh yes I did have some problem with setting up the 3G for the Motorola phone earlier but after I made few calls to my mobile service provider, the issue was resolved and I finally got to use the 3G feature. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough opportunities to review the phone’s 3G capabilities since only few of my friends had 3G enabled mobile phones back that time.

However, I found out that the mobile does a good job when it comes to 3G. The speed is acceptable and the lag is only around one or two seconds. That might be due to the coverage and therefore I couldn’t really comment on that. Another thing that I loved about the Motorola prepaid phone was its external display. It is 96 by 80 pixels and it can display 65K colors. Once you have setup your wallpaper (Hillary Fisher’s wallpaper perhaps lol), you could just close the phone and your wallpaper would be shown on the external display. How cool is that huh?

The Motorola phone supports external memory card where you can slot in microSD memory card up to 2GB. I’m not sure whether you could actually put a 4GB memory card in it because I heard rumors among the phone sellers that that is possible. I rather not take the chance if I were you because all the capabilities that the mobile has is great enough that you don’t have to worry much about the memory.

When I had the phone, I managed to download few applications from the net to be used with the phone. The mobile supports Java-based mobile games but if the gaming experience might not be that good with this phone. Though the keypad is well-placed ( I have chubby fingers so if I say the keypad is good, it means it is good), you might experience a lot of lagging while playing. This assumption might vary from phone to phone but as far as I am concerned, the particular Motorola mobile is not dedicated for mobile gaming.

After I got married, I gave the Motorola V3x prepaid mobile phone to my wife and I used hers which was a typical candy-bar mobile phone. The phone could only be used for two main things; make and receive calls, and send or receive text messages (SMS). I was quite busy at that time, settling down at a new city and the new job, so I wasn’t paying much attention to what phone I was using. I only began to think of changing the mobile after a few months of using it.

So I did change the phone. I purchased a local made phone called i-Mobile. Not that impressive since the prepaid phone can’t be used for 3G though it has a camera. The camera can only take VGA format picture and therefore the pictures taken by the phone’s camera are not that good. However, I was satisfied with other capabilities. The phone can play MP3 songs and it can hold external memory up to 2GB. I can also listen to local radios and other functions are just moderate. Can’t say much about it since I only paid about two hundreds for the phone, if you know what I mean.

Deep in my heart, I still think that I am still in love with Motorola phone. So I spent some time lurking around in the city and stop virtually at all phone stores to find out more about latest Motorola mobile phones. I found one which is called Motorola MotoRazr VE20. I was told that the phone was introduced back in August last year. Yet, the Motorola phone is certainly a fine tune mobile. I can’t see any flaws and after trying out the phone (at the store of course), I once again fall in love with Motorola phone. too cliché for you to hear that, isn’t it?

Anyway I tried out all the mobile’s functions from the camera down to its calls quality. I called up my wife just to check the audio and it turned out that the audio is convincing enough. The coverage meter (bar) on the screen jumped from one to two and backwards but even with that, the phone still excels in delivering high quality calls. As usual, I have no trouble using the classic metallic keypad on the shiny Motorola mobile phone. The display screen is quite big and the phone is slim enough that you could easily hold in your hand with comfort grip.

Unfortunately Motorola has not changed much in some of its phone designs. The slot for the external memory card is still located underneath the phone’s battery which is not that user-friendly. I know, I hate it too when you have to take the battery out first and slot in the memory card carefully (if you place it wrongly, you have to repeat the same tedious task) and then put the battery back. If you are not that lucky or if you are not that fast, you might have to configure the time and date again on the mobile.

I went back and showed the phone’s brochure to my wife and she loved it. The phone has a feminine look and it is just so obvious why a lady will automatically falls in love with the phone at first sight. Ok, I admit I fell in love with the phone too at first sight, but perhaps that was triggered by my feminine side lol. Anyway I think that the Motorola prepaid is a smart investment and I don’t think that the phone would disappoint me much in the future.

If you are a Motorola fan, you might notice one of its RAZR’s phones, V3i. The V3i phone was announced years ago yet the phone is still one of Motorola’s great mobile phones. The phone weighs about 100 grams as usual it has almost all Motorola phone’s identities and trademarks. Shiny metallic keypad is one of the trademarks. What I love about this phone is its ability to keep up to 1000 entries in the Phonebook and that is cool. It’s silver quartz color is stunning and stylish that I always try to compare the prepaid mobile with mine (when I still owned the V3x).

The Motorola V3i’s camera is not that great since it is a 1.23 mega pixel camera but you may take pictures with resolution up to 1280 by 960 pixels. However, the mobile phone could not be used for video calls. I have no objection if you would want to have this phone now, but in the future when 3G coverage becomes ubiquitous, I suggest you to switch to another prepaid phone. Try Nokia prepaid phone because in my humble opinion, Nokia has produced a lot of 3G enabled mobile phones that are great in terms of its reception quality as well as its mobile’s video quality.

What is so great about Motorola phones then? To me, Motorola has gradually improved its array of mobile phones and at the same time ensuring that all of its phones still share the same design, at least at one of the parts or the body. Not like some other brands where their mobiles differ from one to another and the only thing that they have in common is the brand’s name printed on the back of the phone. apart from that, I think Motorola is a reliable mobile manufacturer since it has been producing telecommunication products for almost 75 years. What’s more, I bought a USA version of Monopoly and there must be a reason why they choose Motorola mobile phone as one of the avatars.

If you are looking for prepaid plans that come with Motorola phones, you can check out Alltel offers. You can get a Motorola V710 prepaid for less than $20 at Alltel. You can also get a Motorola C139 from Omni Prepaid, a prepaid company based in Georgia. We will talk more about this prepaid service provider in the future and in fact, I will be talk about all the prepaid companies in the Unites States.

Back to our discussion, if you prefer to get prepaid plan from Tracfone, you can look out for this unique Motorola phone called C139-4. The Motorola phone is just a simple phone but if you are looking for unlocked phone, than this phone can be grabbed at Amazon. However the only color available is Black for an unlocked Motorola phone, so if you are interested to have another color for the phone, for instance pink color, you can get the normal phone from Amazon too.

Friends, if you are light users and you rarely depend on mobile phones, then I recommend you to subscribe with less popular prepaid companies. Don’t go for the giants as their plans might sound perfect in the short term but they are not in the long time. If you spend less than half an hour every single day on the phone, then you are a light user. Check for other prepaid companies that are small yet recognized by many. Avoid the giants as much as possible, if you know what I mean.

One funny thing about mobile usage in America is the phone is considered as a necessity and not a lifestyle. Perhaps the coming of iPhone has changed that perception but the change towards that is climbing at a slow rate. Compared to those in Europe countries or in Asia countries, the mobile phone users are more concerned about what type of phone that they are using what are extra features available on the phone. To them, the mobile phone is a lifestyle.

I love to talk about mobile phones and I would never stop from discussing about them. I’m not really into Samsung mobile but I will try my best to find helpful reviews about the Samsung phones. As for now, no one can actually deny my love for Motorola prepaid mobile phone. Remember, the more you know about the phone, the more accurate your decision is when you want to buy a new mobile phone in the future.

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