Monday, April 20, 2009

Is Net10 Prepaid Plan a Good Phone Plan

For the past few months a lot of fantastic news and things had happened in the country. Some of those reports are just news and some could be used for our future references. We do need to learn from history so that we won’t be repeating the same mistake again and again. Unless you think that you are a genius person and you have your own instincts and senses not to try stupid things, you need to remember mistakes done by others so that you won’t be doing the same thing. Unfortunately, people tend to forget things easily as time passes by and therefore the history is repeated endlessly.

We see all these things everyday in our life. For instance, we have learned that we have to ensure that there is no coming traffic prior to crossing the street. Yet, accidents where pedestrians hit by motorists still happened. People are just ignorant. Yes, ignorance is bliss but miseries do happened because of it. We disregard few little things in our life so that we can catch up with the big ones. Regrettably, little things are like small pixels; accumulated to millions to pull together an image. They are of great importance as the big things.

Why am I so serious this time? Well, I have read on news here and there and to be honest, I am really disappointed at how people take things for granted. You were told to pay your due taxes before time, yet you decided to postpone the payment till the very last day. And when the time comes, you just don’t have the time to rush and make the payments. Later, when problem arises, you would claim that you have been discriminated by the authorities and start to blame other people. Dumb.

These scenarios are not something new to me. People created chaos not because they really are in trouble. It is because they asked for it. Let’s recall one of the biggest mistakes in history and see whether we can learn something from it. The Japanese attacked the Pearl Harbor in 1941 by surprise and killed thousands. The defenders at Pearl Harbor were unprepared, ammunition locks were locked, and aircrafts were parked wingtip to wingtip in the open. It was actually an evitable disaster if only everyone were prepared. The attack was a lesson to the US Army to be ready at all times.

Ok, I know that this post seemingly becoming a history lesson. I have no intention to do so actually. My intention was to let you know that there are many things about prepaid cell plans that are yet to be discovered by us. If we only look closely at each of the prepaid plans, we will be able to identify which plans have the most advantages so that you can subscribe to the best prepaid plan.

Today we are going to take a really long walk and this time Net10 has grabbed my attention. I lurked around in net10 cell phone forums only to find out some interesting information about net10. Now be very careful when I say “interesting phone plan” because I don’t mean that the cell phone plan is a great one neither a worst one. I also went to some other mobile forums to gather relevant information about net10 prepaid phone plans. Guess what, I found out many undiscovered things before about Net10 and this time around I will not let this great information buried just in threads in net10 forums or net10 blogs.

First of all I would like to remind you all once again that this discussion is not a promotional one neither a boycott one. My only intention is only to get you all to understand that people deserve to have good information and useful knowledge. Knowledge enriches your mind and once your mind is enriched with this net10 prpaid information, you will be a wiser person to decide on your own; would you buy net10 prepaid cell phone plan or would you start looking for other networks. In other words, it is all up to you and I am here just to show you few doors that could be leading to the right destination.

Relax yourself and move on to the next line.

Let’s get into the preliminary first on who is Net10. Net10 is actually owned by Tracfone, a reputable cell phone service provider in the United States and the company is based in Miami Florida. Now what actually amused me is the fact that net10 is offering a very cheap charge for minutes; all net10 minutes are net ten cents. That is why the company is delicately named Net10 in the first place and that is so wicked in my opinion. When Net10 was first introduced, it was simply evident that no other prepaid phone plans can beat that remarkable price and it didn’t take long for Net10 to penetrate the prepaid cell phone plan market in the United States.

As we all know, there are two different set of phone plans; contract-based phone plans and prepaid phone plans. As for Net10, it solely markets the benefits of using prepaid phone plans compared to using regular phone plans. One of the best things about using net10 prepaid phone plan is the easiness to buy the net10 prepaid refill phone cards. You can buy the net10 prepaid refill either via online or through the phone or you can also get the cards from any authorized net10 dealers. You can buy the prepaid phone cards as many as you want and you can keep them as the expiration date for the prepaid cards are only counted from the very first day you refill your net10 prepaid minutes.

"How to Check Your Prepaid Cell Phone Minutes"

I know that the most frequently asked question about prepaid cell phone plan is how to check the cell phone minutes. There are few ways to help you to check your net10 prepaid cell phone minutes apart from dialing a certain code. One of them is by visiting net10 website where you can login into your prepaid plan account and from there you are able to check many prepaid information about your phone. You can also check net10 prepaid minutes from there at the webpage. Having an online account to check your prepaid minuts is a bless and no one should have any trouble finding the information in the online prepaid account.

However there are few arguments on the net about the coverage provided by net10. I have seen many net10 complaints and almost all of those complaints are about net10 cell phone coverage and it seems like the company does not have a very good reputation in that area. As for me, that is a shame since when someone is thinking about getting a cell phone from a prepaid company, one of the first questions would be to know whether the cell phone company has the best coverage or not. If you are in Louisiana, you expect to be able to reach someone Texas or New York. You don’t want to have a good net10 coverage just in Louisiana and only be able to call someone in Louisiana only. You want the net10 prepaid coverage to be available at all states across the country. In this case, I believe that one of the most effective ways to know whether there are net10 coverage in particular areas is to have to be able check the net10 coverage map. With the net10 coverage map, you should be able to check out which areas have good coverage and which areas don’t.

Despite not having a good reputation in serving the best prepaid phone coverage all over the country, Net10 however has a great and sound reputation on its ability to serve the best call service. Many have agreed especially those who had change from another prepaid service to Net10 that they have never so far faced dropped calls issues. I see this as something good despite net10 is only a MNVO company and they bought prepaid minutes as a wholesale so that they can provide their own services to the people. I hope that net10 would keep up the good work in this and perhaps strive more to improve themselves in other critical areas.

Net10 Airtime

If you are just trying your luck to find on the net about net10 airtime codes, then I recommend you to forget that silly quest. What’s the point of looking for the net10 airtime codes when you can easily purchase the airtime refill prepaid cards at any authorized cell phone stores? You can either buy the net10 airtime cards at $30, $45, $60, or even a $100 net10 airtime code. As I have mentioned earlier, you can buy a few set of airtime refill cards and keep them till you really need it without having to rush to the prepaid stores whenever you run out of the prepaid minutes. The net10 airtime pin is on the prepaid refill card and you just have to enter the airtime pin on your cell phone and voila! Your cell phone airtime is refilled.

I am not sure about any discount on buying the net10 airtime because I have never encountered such information so far. There are few souls looking for the net10 airtime discount and they have emailed to me to give them some heads up but unfortunately, that kind of thing is out of my hands. However, I suggest that you check out the site regularly as sometimes there are some new announcements made from time to time and if there is any net10 airtime discount, the news should first be announce at their prepaid website.

Do you know why I really hate regular phone plan? Because I hate the idea that you have to pay a certain amount of fee to activate the plan before you can start using it. Think about it, the phone company is the one offering the service. They can easily activate your plan and vice versa. Why would you pay for activation fee then? Well, my only opinion is that the phone company is just going to steal away more money from you. That is not the case with net10. There is no net10 activation fee and once you subscribe to net10 service, you can just take the net10 sim card and install it to your cell phone (do I need to teach you how to install your sim card to your cell phone?) and then you are good to go. You can use the net10 service without paying any activation fee and till the day you feel that the net10 is not any good and you can just let the service expires on its own.

Another good thing about Net10 airtime is how you keep your cell phone minutes from not expiring on its own. As we all know, when you refill your prepaid phone with a $30 refill, the expiration date would be usually around 30 days from the day you activated the refill code. After that period, your service will be suspended and you won’t be able to make any calls though you still have some prepaid minutes left. If this happens, you can just refill your prepaid phone minutes with another net10 refill code and the previous net10 minutes balance will be rolled over to the new expiry date. This way you can keep the minutes from expiring for up to a year! Isn’t that fantastic?

Of course any company would always give some kind of rewards to their valued customers to ensure that the customers are loyal to their products. So does Net10 where it offers a lot of regular bonuses and rewards. Whenever you refill your net10 airtime, you will be rewarded with some points. These special points can be redeemed at the end of the day when they have reached certain levels. You can either redeem this points for an exchange in more free net10 bonus minutes or can you also exchange it with other net10 bonus codes. You can also use the points to download net10 free ringtones or other net10 multimedia downloads. If you are not that concern about net01 downloads, you can just stick with the basic redemptions by exchanging the points to have net10 easy minutes promo code.

Net10 International

What I like about net10 is its generosity when it comes to roaming your net10 prepaid cell phone. There will be no charges or fees on activating roaming service for your net10 phone whenever you want to go international. In short, net10 international callings will have no roaming activation and you will only be charged the normal rate for net10 international calls. Same goes to sending SMS from abroad to your family or to anyone using the net10 prepaid phone.

Net10 SMS Text Message

If a net10 call will cost you 10 cent per minute, what would you think about the SMS? It’s even lower than that haha. It’s only 5 cents per SMS sent. However, I still don’t condone to the idea of paying for the SMS received. I don’t find it logical since if some annoying people got your cell phone number, and decide to spam you with some text messages, you will be paying more than what you actually used which is just not fair. In my humble opinions, you should only be paying for net10 SMS whenever you are the sender, not someone else. If that is possible and Net10 eliminates that cost of receiving the SMS, then I am happy to promote net ten all the time in this blog lol.

Net10 Compatible Cell Phones

There are many cell phones offered by Net10 and they are Net10 LG 300, Net10 LG 600, Net10 600g, net10 lg300g, net10 motorola w375, Motorola V176, Motorola W370, W377, and few more other mobile phones. Those I have named are just amongst the cell phones from Net10 but I think you can easily see from that that there are no really stylish cell phones amongst them. But if you are not that savvy and your main concern is you can easily make and receive phone calls without much hassle and at a very low rate, then Net10 cell phone is really for you.

I guess it is about time for me to stop for now talking about Net10 prepaid cell phone plan. I will continue in the next post more about Net10 especially their cell phones and which cell phones from net10 are the best options for you and which cell phone has the best web browser. We will talk more on Net10 unlimited text plan as well as other net10 plans. Don’t worry, I will try my best to touch every single thing about Net10 in my next post. Note: be my guest to read my complaint at Tracfone Prepaid Phone Plan Review.

Have a good one guys!


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  2. Have a look at the cell defense videos
    cell defense shows the evil side of contracts and how to break the contract hold to join the great deals of Net10.

  3. i have had my net 10 for only 60 days but i am very pleased with it and the price per minute is so great. i bought a small lg but now i will be able to try a motorola that i feel i will be staying with . at this offer i can also buy one for my son and we can both enjoy the minutes. if money gets tight we can drop to the $15 caed each.. the motorolas are refurbished which i have found from experience are ever but as good in fact had one that was better than new.hope your sale on the minutes last for awhile..thanks

  4. Net10 International has a rate of 15cents per minute to 100 contries.
    Thats a brilliant with no contract.
    This makes being in touch so easy with all the extended family.
    If you are interested have a look at

  5. great phone, just can't understand the live help when you have to call in,

  6. WOW your blog is out of date! you can now go to Wally World and buy a card that doubles the minutes you buy for the life of your phone for $25 and a lot of new phones are now available on the net10 site check them out folks! best prepaid service around!

  7. Love Net10 except for the customer service issues, which I believe are well documented. It's pretty much got the best reception of any phone service that I've ever used. Also their phones are kind of constantly out of date. But it's all about the value and you won't get a plan with that type of power for any less.

  8. Yeah my one complaint is the internet service, it is really slow sometimes and somewhat fast at other times. I miss iPhone for this. But I can't afford it, and the signal on my calls is actually BETTERthan it used to be.

  9. For me, not too concerned about the internet service since I use my phone for talking and sometimes a text or two. I have to agree that the signal is definitely as good as and sometimes better than my contract phone was. For me, though, that is more important. They also have a much better selection of phones and heard they're adding a touch screen with 3G sometime in April. That is going to be a real game changer!

  10. @Dina - I thought I would miss my iPhone too, but I also think the actual cell service is better than I had before. I went with a simple phone for now, I have heard that NET10 may be coming out with a great 3G touch screen in the near future.

  11. I wanted to buy office phone for my small business. Please suggest me

  12. Good info. Sometimes a prepaid plan can be a good value.


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